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    Re: removing nuisance bees from water source

    Set up a more attractive source:
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    Re: Queen flew off

    For next time:
  3. Re: Adding a ripe cell to the mother colony.

    Making them queenless will not set off swarming.
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    Re: Recommendation on Robbing

    A robbing frenzy is difficult to deal with. Robber screens will help. But often it's too late to fix it once they are in a frenzy. I would close all the entrances of any hive being robbed with a...
  5. Re: Laying Workers-They don't read the same books we do!

    Your problem is that most books don't have anything about laying workers in them that is true...

    All of the bees know their way back.

    Half of...
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    Re: Mann Lake Alert

    I ordered a few items from Mann Lake (online) a few days ago and got them yesterday. They arrived just fine.
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    Re: Foundation-less frames

    >1. Wedge frames. These had the design such that you broke off the wedge put in a piece of foundation and nailed/stapled it in tight using the wedge.
    The alternative was to turn the wedge sideways,...
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    Re: Caging a Queen

    >How long could she survive in the cage, if I kept giving her bees to take care of her?

    Definitely months. Probably indefinitely. I've banked queens for seven months before and they were still...
  9. Re: Burr comb on queen cells..are they viable?

    Burr on the cells doesn't mean they are or are not viable.
  10. Re: How long will a cut queen cell be viable

    >... Things I've read have said a couple hours.
    How far along was the cell? If it was just capped it will be eight days and then only if you keep it 93F. If it was capped eight days ago, then it...
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    Re: Laying Worker(s) and Queen Cells

    Speaking of females laying male eggs alone, I have already expressed my surprise that bees bestow, on those deposited in royal cells,...
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    Re: Question on readings

    Here are all the foundations of other queen rearing methods:

    Hopkins, Alley, Smith's Better Queens and Miller are all graftless methods. Doolittle,...
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    Re: chilled brood

    Chilled brood doesn't cause disease other than sometimes if it's only a little chilled it can cause chalkbrood. If they die they just get removed. But they will probably emerge.
  14. Re: Can my Queen Rearing Timeline be wrong?

    I've seen bees that don't have any color when they emerge... At 12 days the queens are already emerging. At 10 days in really hot weather sometimes they are emerging. In hot weather I put them in...
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    Re: Is this Sacbrood?

    I can't tell from the picture. Sacbrood looks like the larva is actually in a sac. It's actually the skin of the larva that has separated from the larva. Try a search for images:...
  16. Re: Does dong a bunch of walk away Nuc splits count as queen rearing?

    Take the queen out of the hive with her on a frame of brood and a frame of honey and put it in your two frame nuc. Ten days later take every frame of brood that has a queen cell and put it with a...
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    Re: What do you feed your bees?

    >How much asorbic acid do you add?

    Currently I'm using a heaping tablespoon in five gallons of 5:3 syrup. Add the ascorbic acid to the water before the sugar so it will dissolve.
  18. New Book: The Practical Queen Breeder by Michael Bush

    The Practical Queen Breeder: Beekeeping Naturally, by Michael Bush

    Details: $20 Paperback 6 x 9 in. B&W 210 pages 114 illustrations.
  19. New Book: Beekeeping Naturally: A Simple Recipe, by Michael Bush
    Beekeeping Naturally: A Simple Recipe, by Michael Bush

    Details: $20 Paperback 6 x 9 in. B&W 214 pages 75 illustrations.

    This book is a...
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    Re: Bees attacking neighborhood

    I think there is a lesson here for anyone with bees in town. Have a plan in case they turn mean. That would mean an alternate location where mean bees won't be a threat to anyone. As soon as there...
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    Re: What do you feed your bees?

    I never add anything that has smell as it exacerbates robbing. I do add ascorbic acid to lower the pH and to make it keep better and because it's good for the bees. I feed 5:3 in the spring if they...
  22. Re: Cross comb in newly installed package, foundation less frames

    Cut the wires and pull them out of the comb (in line with the direction of the wire to minimize damage). Cut the combs out and rubber band them into the frames. Once you have straight combs, you...
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    Re: Hive entrance size.

    >I was interested whether Micheal Bush has any lower entrances - summer or winter.

    None. Unless I need to use an excluder (for queen rearing etc.) then I have no entrance except at the very top....
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    Re: Upper vs Lower Ventilation (again).

    The belief that air with water vapor in it is heavier is common. It is also not true. It's easy enough to find all the reasons it's wrong if you google anything in the lines of "moist air is...
  25. New Book: The Practical Queen Breeder by Michael Bush

    The Practical Queen Breeder by Michael Bush

    Details: Paperback 6 x 9 in. B&W 210 pages 114 illustrations. $20.

    This is my current method of queen breeding and rearing after many years of trying...
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