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    Re: Please Help the Kids in Oaxaca

    I donated a little. Thanks for doing this, and let us know how it helped.
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    Re: burgess insect fogger repair

    Maybe some Canadian here can buy it for you and mail it down to you.

    Or use an international buying service like this

    p.s. I have never used this particular...
  3. Mayan Stingless Beekeeping in Clay Pots by the Nahuas indigenous people

    Documentary in Spanish. The beekeeping and honey extraction is in the first 15 minutes.

    From Wikipedia: "The Nahua comprise the largest...
  4. Re: I'm looking for advice on planting around my hives

    So what density of flowering plants of the same species will attract the attention of honeybees?
  5. Skep Beekeeping In The Heathland - 1978 Documentaries

    It seems strange not to have a link in this node to this classic 1978 documentary series about skep beekeeping in Germany.

    Narrated in English.

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