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    Combined Two Hives. Now what?

    Hi everyone from the western suburbs of Chicago where it's FINALLY summer! We have two hives in our back yard, one of which was struggling and most likely queenless. Last week we decided to combine...
  2. Re: OK to Leave Empty Brood Boxes & Supers Outside This Winter?

    Excellent points - I will get them in as soon as I can! Regarding our experience with hive loss...our first year we were total newbies and despite having gone through classes, reading books, etc. we...
  3. OK to Leave Empty Brood Boxes & Supers Outside This Winter?

    Sadly this is the third fall in a row losing both our back yard hives (for various reasons) :( Past two years I brought the boxes inside to harvest what I could and then stored them in my basement. ...
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    Re: 80% of new Beekeepers call it quits?

    We had a very successful first year then lost both hives in the fall. Obviously a disappointment but that did not deter us from giving it another try and we're so glad we did. Very successful first...
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    Bees Digging In Dirt

    My first post on this forum and hoping someone can shed some light on some rather odd bee behavior. Last week we extracted some honey and left the supers out on our back patio for a bit. The bees...
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