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  1. Re: Planning for my first bee's come spring

    I would say the best bees are local bees, from a beekeeping buddy or from your bee club. By June, someone there will have too many bees, I promise. One day, you'll have that problem too. ...
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    Re: Think I messed up big time

    The boxes typically don't kill bees. ;) still there does seem like a lot to worry about!

    I would recommend sanding the tops/bottoms of the boxes. When they sit edge-to-edge, the dry/cured paint...
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    Re: I need to move my hives. When is best?

    So... the bees who fly right now, and through the early spring, are oriented to the hive location. And there are enough to be a problem for any penned in critters, or people, so try to picture a...
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    Re: MAQS failure

    Another take on the situation here.... Up the road from me, a buddy had mite counts at 0/300 in July. He decided to do MAQS anyways in Sept, then again in mid Oct. Before the Oct treatment, his...
  5. Re: Down with Double Deeps! Fess up, you alternative hive-style followers!!!!

    I use 2 mediums glued together as the brood chamber. The frames are 12 3/4" side bars. They fit in the two mediums with the same clearance as a deep frame would fit into a Langstroth deep - so about...
  6. Down with Double Deeps! Fess up, you alternative hive-style followers!!!!

    I'm not really that militant; but I do want to confess that I use Dadant deep hive bodies, 10 frames. The frames are 12.5 inches deep, but otherwise identical in dimension to a Langstroth deep...
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    Sticky: Re: 8 frame vs. 10 frame equipment

    Using a Langstroth hive is different from using a 2-hive body, 10-deep configuration. Really, we ought to call them "tower hives", as you can make towers with the boxes.

    You can use Langstroth......
  8. Re: weird thing,.. curious if there's an explanation

    I can only tell you about my experience; in 2018, I had 8 queens, all sisters. All born in June or so. 6 of them swarmed (or tried to) in fall 2018. Come spring 2019, 1 of the fall swarmers was a...
  9. Re: Hands off Beekeeping.....for the most part.

    Wouldn't it be nice if we could glean all of the info we need about a hive from watching the entrance? Here is a book about that:
  10. Re: weird thing,.. curious if there's an explanation

    If there were queen cells, there was a queen replacement. I have found that if the bees put up queen cells, then it is very difficult to change their mind. It could have been a swarm - if the queen...
  11. Re: Re-orientation if moved in the winter?

    Some winter bees are oriented to their current location. I have moved bees in the winter, about 20 feet move. A tale of 2 hives....

    The first hive was facing north (it had a tremendous...
  12. Re: Why the heck won't they gain weight (after ALOT of feeding).

    Long story short, I'm feeding hive A, and Hive B. Both are about 10lbs underweight. Using 1/2 gallon feeders, one right after another, without more than a couple of hours between refills. ...
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    Sticky: Re: Treatment-Free Bungling 2018 - ?

    I think of the bees' thinking as more like rule-followers; and it's my job to figure out the rules. As well as the exceptions.

    So robbing isn't "naughty" or anything value-laden, just a...
  14. Re: Is it feasible to control swarming without performing a spring split?

    go here - you can select the state of interest, years of interest, method of mite treatment of interest...or lack of treatment. Listed as "used any management...
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    Re: Should I pull this super?

    Hmmm... I can say that I don't see good comb construction unless outside temps are lows in the 50s at the lowest. We in OH have moved out of those temps for some days, not for others... so I would...
  16. Re: Is it feasible to control swarming without performing a spring split?

    The Steppler method (run the bees in 1 deep brood chamber until mid spring, add a deep with drawn comb, once the bees hatch out, remove second deep) has a lot in common with the Oh Henry method (see...
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    Re: Beekeeping Technique Question

    If the bees are building up enough population to cover 2 deeps and honey supers, then they are strong and healthy

    My third year, after starting beekeeping with a swarm the June prior, I split, and...
  18. Re: Is it feasible to control swarming without performing a spring split?

    And then there is Ian Steppler's method.

    also his website: ...
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    Re: Saskatraz queens

    Hmmm, some thoughts come to mind - but a few questions.
    What month did you see the 4 become queenless?

    How strong were the hives in June and July? were they at least 2 deeps full of bees, and 2...
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    Re: Queen issues?

    So there is a difference between rearing your own queens, and seeing poor mating success and poor queen survival in the short term... and buying queens, and seeing poor queen survival in the short...
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    Re: Upper deep full. Lower, not so much

    So.... WINTER is coming. If the queen has capped brood in the top box.... what nectar source will replace the capped brood, to become honey? Nothing. Right? that's where the bees will overwinter,...
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    Re: Cant' Reduce Moisture

    I have found that honey in the 19% range will take quite a while to ferment, on the order of months. In a jar on a shelf in my basement. ;) Keep trying to dehydrate - smaller space? It can wait...
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    Re: Africanized Bees

    Curiously, the Africanized bees in Puerto Rico are now reported to be gentle. Apparently people there were effective at finding and destroying all the defensive hives, leaving gentle genetics... and...
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    Re: Queen cells not torn down

    Isn't there concern with using formic pro with a new queen? It stresses queens and damages young brood? I don't use formic pro for that reason...
  25. Re: Fedor Lazutin - where exactly did he live?

    yes, and us northerners won't appreciate you rubbing it in!!! It's a long winter with no bee action up north. :( I still have a few more weeks tho.
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