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    Re: Bee Hive Stand Question

    Simplest stand you can buy is a restaurant dunnage can see hundreds of images of them on Google....they are made of welded aluminum tube, can hold over 1000lbs, come in different lengths,...
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    Re: Uses for non working chest freezer

    If you need a big de-crystallizing cabinet for honey you could convert it to that.
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    Re: Bucket feeder

    Typically that only happens when the feeder pail is empty for an extended period of time....
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    Re: hive autopsy photos

    Its hard to tell exactly what happened from the handful of appears the population was small...why that is could be for a variety of reasons some of which others have already mentioned....
  5. Aug and Sept 2019 Beekeeping Classes in Columbus WI

    Capital Bee Supply is offering a number of beekeeping class/seminars for new and current beekeepers. The updated list for August and September 2019 follows

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    Re: Brushy Mountain Closing?

    May not be Hadley's list of companies anymore, but they still have a page header with an image of Brushy Mountain.44331
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    Re: Sweet Clover and Buckwheat

    All depends. Sweet clover is an every other year bloomer, so one year it will do well, the next you won't see it. An acre might push out 250-500lbs of honey in a terrific year. Buckwheat will also...
  8. Honey Wars - Beekeeping Card Game - Year End Sale

    Honey Wars is a relatively easy to learn beekeeping oriented card game for 2 to 4 players (ages 9 and up). Developed with input from Dr. James Ellis, the goal of the game is to be the first player to...
  9. Capital's Black Friday - Cyber Monday Deals

    Capital Bee Supply - Columbus, WI
    *****Black Friday thru Cyber Monday Deals*****

    By Phone: 608-444-1493

    8am Friday Nov 24 thru 8pm Monday Nov 27
  10. Re: I did the Sugar Shake mite test and... Help!

    You could run a half dose of MAQs to knock the mites back followed by another half dose 7 days later if your up against temperature issues. The lower dose can knock the mites back and would be a...
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    Re: Whats wrong with this honey

    Give us some background details on this bottle, when extracted, how extracted, when bottled after extracting, is hard to tell whether it is air bubbles, wax particles, crystals, etc....
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    Re: Equipment For Making Bee packages

    Are you looking for bulk box cages for shaking bulk bees into prior to loading package cages or are you looking for package cages? There are many different approaches package producers use so often...
  13. Re: Holst Milk Test results -- Need experienced input ASAP please

    My understanding from discussions with one of our former bee inspectors has been that antibiotics will not prevent AFB from infecting non-infected hives, that it will only suppress it....once you...
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    Re: Is it true

    We use it just to feed bees. We harvest typically end of July, so we use the buckwheat to infill the dearth which hits late July, early August to hives keep going and for helping get hives up to...
  15. Re: Looking for some New Wood Frame assembly advice?

    We assemble thousands of frames a year with our own custom built frame assembly machines. The issue that could be happening in what you are seeing with ML frames is that they are running them through...
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    Re: Permanent Three Box Hive

    Hello Ian, I have been curious about AZ hives and I don't know of many on the Beesource forums that run them. I have followed the AZ Hivers facebook page for the last year plus and that might be a...
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    Re: Is it true

    We plant about 40-50 acres of buckwheat each year specifically for bee forage. While the bees forage in it heavily as we time the bloom to hit in our dearth period (end of July, beginning of August...
  18. Re: Small Hive Beetles in Package Bees

    One should also point out that not only southern packages, but also those from CA have the potential to have SHB.
  19. Re: Small Hive Beetles in Package Bees

    Yes, on occasion there can be SHB in packages. The Bee Busses have openings large enough for them to fall through but they can still travel with the cluster of bees in the Busses. The old wood cages...
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    Re: Complete Loss in SE Michigan

    It's a bummer loosing hives. So, some things to look or investigate in the deadouts; 1) what do you estimate the cluster population/size to have been?, 2) were the bees attempting to raise brood post...
  21. Keeping Bees, The Second Year and Beyond Class - Beaver Dam, WI

    This class is focused toward beekeepers who have kept bees for at least one year and who are looking to gain a deeper understanding of the honey bee and the management of them.

    Class Date:
  22. Learn to Keep Bees - Beaver Dam, WI

    Learn to Keep Bees
    4 Part Class That Takes You Through the Beekeeping Season in Wisconsin

    Ever thought about keeping bees? Like the idea of learning as you go throughout the season? Then this...
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    Re: Tractor supply

    Yes nearly all hive body makers use standard dimensions for 10-frame equipment (4, 5, 8 vary in width by makers but length is standard) so standard Lang one-piece frames, such as Acorn, Pierco, will...
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    Re: Flow Hive Knockoffs

    A few items yes. The reality is we manufacture what we can (and more precisely it is getting to be what we can afford to manufacture here). What we don't manufacture ourselves we source or contract...
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    Re: Flow Hive Knockoffs

    Where are the "genuine" flow hive frames made? As soon as the "genuine" ones started production we were receiving offers from various asian manufacturers and resellers who were making/reselling them...
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