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  1. Re: Do you use any beekeeping software? Why?

    I used to use Hive Tracks, but I like to use a pen and paper. I like the ritual and I find it easier than logging onto some device to take notes. In fact, I designed a notebook template for taking...
  2. Re: Swarm traps and unspoken code of ethics

    I always have better luck attracting swarms in old equipment vs. hanging up traps. Plus, then you don't have to transfer them. Is this a local phenomenon?
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    Re: Some fighting

    I've had two swarms move in right next to each other like that and there was some fighting at first while they were getting organized.
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    Re: Honey Separated in Jar

    Interesting! I was starting to wonder if there was somehow two distinct nectar sources that would not blend, but this makes more sense. The liquid part does seem pretty thin.
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    Honey Separated in Jar

    Occasionally, I get a harvest where the honey will crystallize only halfway. The lower half of the jar is solid and the upper half is liquid. It's not just a temporary state while the whole jar...
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    Re: Can I Make a Living from Bees???

    I'm doing it! You might like to read my article on the subject. I think there's lots of way to make a living as a beekeeper. The problem is beeks don't charge for their work. ...
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    Re: She's alive!

    Agree, just look for eggs. You don't have to go through the whole hive looking for her on every inspection. However, it is exciting and useful to find and recognize the queen when you can. I recently...
  8. Does the queen always have orange legs?

    I have noticed that queens have orange legs while workers will have black legs. Are there any queen breeds with black legs or is it pretty universal that queens will have orange legs?
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    How To Teach About Honey Bees

    Hey everyone,

    I do a ton of beekeeping classes, community talks and children's presentations on bees. I wrote an article for on this subject. I hope it helps you improve...
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    Poisoned Beehive

    Have you dealt with pesticide poisoning in your hives? I manage many of my hives in urban/suburban settings and have seen this more than I would like to. I wrote an article about recognizing...
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    Beekeeper Gift Guide 2016

    Hey, I wrote a gift guide for beekeepers for Keeping Backyard Bees. Thought I'd share here. :)
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    Fun festooning photo

    This weekend I had an amusing elderly man in my beekeeping classes in San Diego, CA. He said, "If you don't learn something new every day, you may as well not get out of bed". I snapped this great...
  13. Re: Red Honey at the San Diego Zoo

    Oh I didn't think of that. Haha I wonder why they only liked the red!
  14. Re: Can bees be lured out of their home in a tree?

    I've gotten colonies out of trees using the trap out cone method, but I don't think its good for the bees so, I only do it unless I absolutely have to. Its also a pain in the butt. If you are just...
  15. Re: Cross comb on foundationless frames -- what do I do??!

    Sarahsbees this article I wrote may help you avoid future messes and fix the one you have:

    Once you get your...
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    Re: New beginner from Alabama

    I my beekeeping students to learn everything they can about how bees live without a beekeeper. Pick up a book on honey bee biology, check out the book Honey Bee Democracy etc. You might find my blog...
  17. Red Honey at the San Diego Zoo

    I did a bee removal at the zoo last week. The honey was bright red! The bees were foraging in the trash cans and bringing back melted icee. :lpf: It tasted like cherry cough syrup.:no: Thought you...
  18. Re: Cross comb on foundationless frames -- what do I do??!

    You might find this helpful.

    Sometimes when it is a full box of cross comb, I just leave it. I add another box...
  19. Re: Will brood fowl up a ‘flow hive’

    I left the excluder off mine and they didn't lay in it. I have heard of it happening though. Bees will be bees.

    On another note, I think all Flowhive setups should have two deeps before the flow...
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    Re: Am I queenless?

    You might find this article helpful
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    Re: worst hive inspection ever

    Even though this article is about Africanized bees there are some explanations for general bee dissatisfaction that might be useful to you....
  22. Re: One Massive Swarm, Over 20 Queens!

    I had a feeling they did that so I didn't really bother trying to save the queens. Although, once I rescued a queen from a balling situation, caged her and put her in another hive where she was...
  23. Re: One Massive Swarm, Over 20 Queens!

    I think it's an Africanized thing. I've seen them do it in a swarming colony and also when making emergency queen cells.

    Given the hugeness of the swarm, I am liking your theory about multiple...
  24. Re: One Massive Swarm, Over 20 Queens!

    Are you saying you were able to time it yourself or are you just speculating?
  25. Re: One Massive Swarm, Over 20 Queens!

    Yeah, just to be clear, I wasn't there looking for answers lol I came here for that. I was just sharing the story and people were putting in their two cents.
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