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    Re: Getting my first batch

    Personally I would consider adding the super chamber when the outside frames are occupied by the bees and not fully expanded. Our apis Mellifera will swarm if they get crowded and I assume Cerana...
  2. Re: High certainty swarm prevention in dense suburb

    At the beginning of your local swarm season, locate your queen and remove her and the frame of brood she is on from the parent hive. Select another frame of brood to go with her. Place those frames...
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    Re: recommendations for winter wrap

    In your southern winter, I might recommend wrapping in black tar paper to get a little solar gain. I would think moisture is your greatest problem. Some mountain camp sugar on the top bars would...
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    Wintering in Montana

    Well here in sunny Great Falls it is -5 F this Monday morning. We have a couple inches of powder on the ground and the ski slopes are opening record early. Supposed to be back in the forties in a...
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    Re: Wintering in Montana

    What you say is true as far as it goes. If the skunk has to stand up his soft nearly hairless belly is open to attack. I still eliminate every skunk I can. they are not native to this prairie and...
  6. Re: It was the best of times, it was the worst of times- wisdom and folly from 2019

    Not much of the best of times thing here in Montana hobbyist land. Counting our cold fall, 22 F high today!, we have had the coldest year in local recorded history. Spring came late and was cold,...
  7. Re: Can Palmer Style Double Nucs be used to produce Honey?

    When I started dividing deep boxes to run double nucs, Being cheap I used 1/8"tempered Masonite and easily ran five frames in them. I got the idea from a now disappeared site in Manitoba "French bee...
  8. Re: When do you add fondant/mountain camp sugar?

    Mostly for my convenience, I wait to put on MC sugar until the bees are firmly clustered. A morning in teens or single digits. That way, No bees fly up and get in the dry sugar. when I lay my...
  9. Thread: Weighing Hives

    by Vance G

    Re: Weighing Hives

    What your doing is indeed useful for determining approximate weights but I question the accuracy. Are you weighing the front or the back? In the far north, the back is usually much heavier than the...
  10. Re: Why the heck won't they gain weight (after ALOT of feeding).

    You say short time between refills. How long after they are empty are refills? Keep piling it on as best you can.
  11. Re: DON'T Smoke 'um if you got 'um OR How I Ditched My Smoker

    Practical means it works as intended with no known harm to the bees unless you are an ox headed moron over doing it. Feel free to pass rutabaga gas on your colony if it works for you. But it is...
  12. Re: DON'T Smoke 'um if you got 'um OR How I Ditched My Smoker

    Smoking hives has been the standard for at least eight thousand years. Glad to see that you have evolved or something. Smoking bees is a harmless part of rational beekeeping.
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    Re: Mountain Camp - proactive or reactive?

    Every hive is fed up to 125-140 lbs before cold weather (next week or so here is 30's day time high) so glad I am done. Every colony or double deep double nuc gets ten pounds on the top bars around...
  14. Thread: Miller Feeders

    by Vance G

    Re: Miller Feeders

    I built miller feeders cutting down old bee boxes and that was a mistake. Too many points for leaks and seepage thru old wood. I put the bee entrance in the middle. In cold country having a single...
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    Re: Wintering Bees In Alaska

    You have a sound plan. Not exactly as I do it, but if it works, it works.
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    Re: Regarding honey stores for winter...

    Sugar is cheap. Early while the bees have time to cure the syrup, feed until your double deep or triple medium colonies weigh 125-140 and be done with it. Put some mountain camp sugar on if you...
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    Re: Is fall treatment for varroa obligatory?

    Unless you want to be a biennial bee colony customer, I would say fall effective varroa treatment is mandatory.
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    Re: Getting comb drawn 'on demand'.

    Where is the like button when you need one!
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    Re: Xentari Questions

    I have used aiazawa strain bt zentari for years. I freshly mix small quantities to spray frames before long term storage. I spray frames as they come out of the extractor for storage and Deadouts...
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    Re: When to start feeding for winter?

    I feed colonies needing to grow as soon as the flow ends, which it largely has here where my dryland colonies sit. My mite treatments will begin within a week as healthy non parasitized winter bees...
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    Re: Arid dry really hot areas and hives...?

    Give the bees a water drip onto a pan of rocks and the bees will take care of their hydration needs.
  22. Re: best way to apply Bt-k to frames (that could have moth-maggot potential)?

    One does not get it in liquid form. It is readily dissolvable in water at time of use. Wetting it speeds degradation/growth of the spores. The spores need to wake up on ingestion by the moth...
  23. Re: best way to apply Bt-k to frames (that could have moth-maggot potential)?

    Mix some BT A in volume of water you will use that day spraying combs. As the wet frames come out of the extractor, I spray both sides and fill the super which is then stored. Deadouts or other...
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    Re: Drones being attacked/killed

    The bees are no longer bringing in a surplus and are preparing for winter. The first act is killing off the no longer needed drone population. Happens every year and tells you it is time to treat...
  25. Thread: 2 nucs feeder

    by Vance G

    Re: 2 nucs feeder

    What you describe is my common procedure. I winter side by side five frame nucs double deep with an excluder and mountain camp supplemental feed on top. It causes no problems at all for the bees.
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