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    Re: Beekeeping and property taxes

    Mike - My Assessor in Allegany County NY said they can tax a doghouse if they wanted (but unlikely they would). My shed is listed on the tax roll as a taxable improvement to my was my...
  2. Re: Welch's frozen concentrate grape juice discontinued

    I doubt the amount of sulfite found in store bought grape juice or concentrate is higher than what winemakers put in the grape "must" to kill any wild yeast & bacteria before adding their desired...
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    Re: Black Friday Sales

    Mann Lake just announced this morning their Black Friday/Cyber monday sale starts tomorrow (Thanksgiving day).
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    Re: First Frost Thread.

    Our first frost was early this morning in SW New York State area. It's about two weeks later than usual this year.
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    Re: Check Your Bear Fences

    That's what I do too. It will always work on dry, frozen or snow/ice covered ground. The bear could be standing on a thick rubber mat and will still get shocked. Also my ground wires are jumpered...
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    Re: Swarm imminent, other problem?

    Maybe they were dragging out drone brood?
  7. Re: Fall hive inspections - what should I be looking for?

    A fellow local beekeeper had two swarms leave his hives on Saturday 9/14/19. They ran out of room because available cells were plugged with fresh nectar.
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    Re: A new honey color

    We don't have any Buckwheat (makes a very dark honey) growing in my area, but the last two years we've suddenly gotten very dark honey in late August.
    It's from a local explosion of Japanese...
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    Re: Honey Supers full, again.. what to do?

    My hives are in SW NY State & we share a similar climate. This is what I did last 2 years with great results and am doing the same again this year:

    I always move the capped supers to on top of the...
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    Re: A cove cutting jig for making bee box handles

    Nice job Paul!

    I made Pip Storm's jig about 1-1/2 years ago and also had great results. Sometimes I cut the handle into the pieces before I assemble them.
  11. Can freshly extracted frames get diseases from cleanup bees?

    As I watched area bees cleaning up the honey residue from my freshly extracted frames, I wondered if this is risking disease introduction to the comb, carried in by the clean-up crew?

    The clean-up...
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    Re: Xentari Questions

    Contact Valent Biosciences (maker of Xentari) directly, to have them decipher their date code. They did it for a friend a few years ago.
  13. Re: Bear fence question - Can I use the same ground for multiple fences?

    I seem to remember there was another restriction on how close ground beds / systems could be from each other, along with the ground rods spacing in each system. They wanted them spaced out for the...
  14. Re: Bear fence question - Can I use the same ground for multiple fences?

    "Do not connect two or more energizers to the same ground system", according to this company's installation page:
  15. Re: Preventing small hive beetle infestation in fresh extracted combs?

    Thanks Mike! I did have an issue last year at this time where beetle larvae took hold on one frame 4 days after extraction, while sitting outside & not on the hive.
  16. Preventing small hive beetle infestation in fresh extracted combs?

    I expect to have many boxes full of freshly extracted combs next weekend. I don't want to store the boxes & combs with moth flakes until they get back on the hives for refilling (boxes to be added as...
  17. Thread: New York

    by NY14804

    Re: New York

    Watched (and hived) one of mine swarm yesterday at 11 am. This the first actual swarm that I know of this year from my remote apiary. Found 2 capped swarm cells in the hive they left.

    The 2 swarm...
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    Re: Adding Supers, which is better

    I put undrawn foundation directly on top of the excluder, with mostly capped or mostly nectar filled & already drawn foundation above it. I've also put a few drawn empty frames near the center of the...
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    Re: Adding Supers, which is better

    I've done it both ways and I seem to have my best results when I put the empty super directly on top of the brood boxes and any filled or mostly filled supers on top of the empty.
  20. Re: what size filter do you use to strain your honey?

    Food Grade #2 HDPE is made from all virgin material, so the plastic making the buckets is "clean" (its first use from raw materials). Extra points are given if also labeled "BPA Free".

    If it is...
  21. Re: Moved hives 150 yards, resulted in failed reorientation or unintended fly back sp

    Nancy - Thanks for your comments! I have enjoyed your previous insightful postings (especially about upstate NY beekeeping issues) and no offense was taken at all to your comments, so no problems...
  22. Re: Moved hives 150 yards, resulted in failed reorientation or unintended fly back sp

    That was my plan...inspect them in about a week from now, looking for eggs to verify if a mated queen had traveled with them.

    Thank you RayMarler & Riverderwent for your quick responses!
  23. Moved hives 150 yards, resulted in failed reorientation or unintended fly back split?

    Each of my overwintered hives are my usual setup of 4 eight frame medium boxes, used as their permanent brood nest space. Above them I install a queen excluder, and above that the honey supers, as...
  24. Re: Cutting Out Queen Cells from Plastic Foundation

    A few months ago I saw (on YouTube?) where a guy used a Dremel tool with the 1/8" diameter spiral cutting bit that is normally used for cutting out electrical box holes in drywall sheets. It had no...
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    Re: Bear Fence with Solar Charger Question

    For what it's worth, I've had my two systems setup since day one without ever using the load terminals. The batteries are connected to their controllers, the fence energizers are connected to their...
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