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    Re: First Trap-out Questions

    Winter shouldn’t be an issuer then, you don’t have a location in your handle. Hard to confirm if they are honey bees or not. I would confirm that first;) If so, I would cutout them out on the spot &...
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    Re: First Trap-out Questions

    Yes, that is what a trap out is or can just be used as starters as written in the Hogan Bee Trap document. Where are you located? Is winter not a factor. Got any pictures? Personally, without eggs,...
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    Re: Help. Need my Bees to move on

    I appreciate that the beek is coming out to help you, but why is he/she waiting days to pick up a swarm? A lot can happen in those days (i.e.. they do find a crack or crevice in your house to move...
  4. Re: Two untreated hives in my bee yard

    I have never understood the logic of learning how to keep bees on T, then learning how to keep them off. Why not just start learning the basics with TF stock, if that’s how you want to raise...
  5. Re: Two untreated hives in my bee yard

    I wonder how that will end up for his TF inspirations:D
  6. Re: Two untreated hives in my bee yard

    MillerPutnam, I assume since you didn’t answer the question if the bees originated from a TF line, they didn’t. So, since you are his mentor, you should mentor him into realizing how bad of an ideal...
  7. Re: Two untreated hives in my bee yard

    Did you not know he wasn't going to treat them before agreeing to house them? Are the bees from a TF line?, if not, why is he not treating them? Mites will spread both ways. It may be a short...
  8. Re: How much honey could one expect from one hive? Spring

    Time to move your operation to Australia:D
  9. Re: When Should I Wrap My Hives??

    Perhaps, the better question is what is your mentors Winter survival rate? vs local long time beeks? Perhaps follow the advice of those who have the better Winter survival rate:scratch: Which of...
  10. Re: Florida bee keepers. what kind of bee?

    Don’t know what a decorative out cropping is. Why so many dead inside? Chewing through dry wall, doesn’t sound right, but anything is possible;)
  11. Re: When Should I Wrap My Hives??

    How long has he been your mentor? Obviously he wraps ALL of his hives? As a mentor myself, one of the things that will make me draw back my time and effort is the beek not following the advice I gave...
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    Re: Bee's Gone

    Protect it from wax moths, so there are no surprises later:eek:
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    Re: Front Range roller coaster - 2019

    What month was that? The first one Seems like an awful amount of real-estate, depending on the when & health;)
  14. Re: I need to move my hives. When is best?

    No they wouldn’t get lost because as FarmerDave wrote, they will automatically reorient after being stuck in for a few days. There is a small risk of moving when cold & clustered, if it is a rough or...
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    Re: Why so many bees still?

    I wouldn't. Why do they have to fit in one deep? They can winter in two, are their any supers above? What's in the frames of the top deep?
  16. Re: Entrance reducer was pulled out of hive

    Never had it happen, but I would be putting a metal mouse guard on to solve the problem, and some tack strips to deter whatever it was from coming back for free meals.
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    Re: Late season issues...

    I don't know about your neck of the woods, but in mine, inspections are just about over and most queens have stopped laying or are only laying small patches. Hives being queen less is not the only...
  18. Re: This is getting ridiculous (Varroa and OAV treatment)

    Because the count will never go down without a starting point:scratch: So you know how many mites are actually dropping pre & post (if the treatment was effective)? So no one can blame someone else,...
  19. Re: This is getting ridiculous (Varroa and OAV treatment)

    Agreed, and most beekeepers who treat or who are TF, doesn't just watch a hive get robbed & definitely doesn't let it go to the brink of death or getting robbed out:scratch:
  20. Re: Confusing in treatment free vs mis-treating bees

    Don't all beekeepers get another hive or propagate from their survivors, should a hive die:scratch: I have to go now because I am a day late on my scheduled prophylactic treatments :D And no, I...
  21. Re: Honey-b-gone for hive removal

    I Doubt that it will work, and trap out & quickly should not be used in the same sentence:D
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    Re: What are they doing???

    Perhaps.., sap or other insects to eat:scratch:
  23. Re: Feeding with Deep Boxes in the Northwest

    There’s always logic;) But what if the bottom deep is not empty of stores or brood? Why not just take less honey, if feeding sugar water is a concern?
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    Re: Foul Brood Disaster?

    "Last treated last fall with 3 bouts of OA vapor." For treated bees this is an eternity:eek:
  25. Re: Undrawn super between honeybound brood boxes?

    I don't know if it was a mistake or not, father time will let you know:D, but if your brood boxes were 90 percent capped honey, they back filled the broods nest=why they swarmed, and may swarm again....
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