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    Re: material thickness on supers

    In Ontario 7/8ths is the norm, just went out on a 4C day and they were all still kicking. I experimented with wrapped vs unwrapped, SBB and solid bottom board. So far it really hasn't shown any...
  2. Re: How to Get Started at Treatment Free Beekeeping from a Newbie, to a Newbie

    We can only get pf100s (deeps) no mediums. Even that was a pain to track down.
  3. Re: How to Get Started at Treatment Free Beekeeping from a Newbie, to a Newbie

    Well Ideally I would follow Michael Bushes method, but its more of a dialectic on how it never works out that way. I cant do small cell AND mediums for example due to availability of MannLake Frames....
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    Re: Bees Unable to Get Airborne

    Something ive heard is that the system pesticides happens a little differently north of the border. Instead of "ccd", alot of the time you will find confused bees who cannot fly, and die close the...
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    Re: fishing line???

    If I remember correctly from Dons videos, (fatbeeman) He uses fishing line so he can cut out queen cells easily without running into wires. Also probably because its cost effective.
  6. Re: Help needed, PF 100 Mann Lake, shipping to Serbia

    PF-205 is a case of 30 4.9 cell unwaxed deep frames. I got some recently and was confused by that code as well.
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    Re: PH120 foundation

    Those look great! You are giving me ideas! I was wondering if you could post a pic of them drawn out. I am too impatient to see what it looks like when 5.4 bees draw 4.9 cells. I could just wait a...
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    Re: Canadian sugar prices.

    Just a thought, if you know any restaurant/bakery owners/employees they could probably get it in for you.
  9. Re: How do some guys go without any kind of protective gear what so ever?

    First year beek here. The guy who I bought my bees off inspired alot of confidence in me not wearing any PPE (a cigarette in your mouth helps). Anyway I inspect my bees probably more then I should...
  10. Re: How to Get Started at Treatment Free Beekeeping from a Newbie, to a Newbie

    Thanks, its kind of a rough draft sorta thing, was just wondering what peoples impressions were.
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    Re: Going Treatment Free - step 1

    I second that, start a new thread.
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    Re: Small Cell Foundation

    You can find many answers on the treatment free forum about this. I have had to do similar manipulations but for different reasons. You do not want to break up the broodnest, but the queen will be...
  13. How to Get Started at Treatment Free Beekeeping from a Newbie, to a Newbie

    Just a little write up I am working on figured it might be of some use:

    Let’s face it, the allure of treatment free beekeeping and being in tune with nature was just too much to bare. You wanted...
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    Warping Plastic Frames

    Hey folks, just melting a bunch of wax and rolling it onto my new pf-100's. I was wondering if anyone else has noticed how the frames warp slightly due to the hot wax and what you do to prevent this....
  15. Re: What's the biggest mistake (s) you made starting out?

    LOL a bow drill seems like quite the commitment, but I do like the jumper cable idea!
  16. Re: What's the biggest mistake (s) you made starting out?

    [QUOTE=Michael Bush;959524]I've had almost 40 years to make mistakes.... too many to count or remember...

    Finding you don't have a lighter to light the smoker after you drove 40 miles to get to...
  17. Re: What's the biggest mistake (s) you made starting out?

    Assuming beekeeping equipment was like anything else and I could order it off the internet and have it shipped to Canada!

    Also up until now, no mistakes... just "learning experiences" that "build...
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    Re: Bumblebee attacks Honeybee

    I believe JRG13 was probably correct with the Robber Fly, they look alot like bumblebees. Also saw a green crab spider ambush bees (thankfully not mine) inside of a flower... the insect world is both...
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    Bumblebee attacks Honeybee

    Yesterday out at the yard, I watched a bumblebee snatch one of my bees! Has anyone else ever seen this behavior?
  20. Re: Looking for advice on a plan of attack (regression).

    Yeah I thought about that... I lent out my table saw and they dickered it, too strapped for cash for tool purchases.
  21. Re: Looking for advice on a plan of attack (regression).

    Well another wrench in the plans, after telling me they had small cell medium frames, and driving there... turns out they only sell them in deeps. So I have 60 4.9mm deep frames, now im scratching my...
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    Re: Extracting honey from top bar hive comb

    Mmm most people crush and strain, they use a 5 gallon bucket with holes in it, put a mesh paint strainer in that to filter out wax, etc. That goes on top of another 5 gallon bucket with a honey gate....
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    Re: Afri-frame - anyone using it?

    Looks as though the company is looking for investors to market a cheap affordable plastic frame for developing countries. Basically its a foundationless narrow frame (1 1/4 inches, or 32mm). If you...
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    Re: New beek wanting to go foundationless...

    I stuck a medium foundationless into the deep broodnest, it is getting filled out just fine, might go out and take a pic, maybe measure it as well. It is possible, just takes time, some head...
  25. Re: Looking for advice on a plan of attack (regression).

    Also, thats to Woodstock Ontario which is about 2 hours southwest of Barrie. Anyone know of some Mann Lake dealers in Ontario that would carry this stuff?
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