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    Re: Whats your favorite race of bee????

    When replacing queens, for whatever the reason (age related, splits, nucs) I purchase Russian or Carniolan to assist the genetics of the areas Drone pool. I also like local mutts and hopefully the R...
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    Re: UltraBee vs. AP23 vs. Homemade

    In winter months, I feed Lauri's recipe and feed inside the hive. I have used both named substitute products and both work well. Price dependant.

    In late winter (daytime temps above 50), I...
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    Re: Are Russians Worth It?

    Your Pure queen has produced hundreds of drones for your collection areas over two or three years. Since the drones carry the genetics of the desired colony, it certainly helps with breeding better...
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    Re: When to Harvest Honey?

    Depends on what you have blooming and making nectar in your area. Your area being within 3 miles of your hives. If nothing is blooming, leave honey on your hives. After the spring nectar flow and...
  5. Re: Will keeping bees this spring kill me (before I finish my allergy shots?)

    If you intend to be a beekeeper, you will get stung. It's best to plan for getting stung ahead of the oncoming situation.
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    Re: Are Russians Worth It?

    In my experience, Pure Russians are great honey bees. PURE being the difference. 100% Russian genetics are docile and easy to work, small winter clusters (won't eat winter stores by Christmas and...
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    Re: Wax Moths & using BT (did not work)

    XenTari BT aizawai works well...BTa
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    Re: Can you make a living with Bees

    If your plan is to make a small fortune in the beekeeping business, begin with a large one...
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    Re: Wax Moths & using BT (did not work)

    I understand your frustrations, I too had a similar problem with BTa. BTa has a shelf life of about two years. Many of the online suppliers sell the product that is expired or very near it's...
  10. Re: Will installing a robbing screen force reorientation?

    Use the robbing screen the night, after dark, prior to the move. Close up all exits. After the move, leave the screen in place for at least 24 more hours. All exits remain closed. Then open the...
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    Re: New Queen, NO brood, plenty of honey and pollen

    Sounds like a honey bound situation to me. During heavy nectar flow bees will fill up the broodnest and the queen has no cells to lay eggs. Without beekeeper intervention, the hive will be lost. ...
  12. Thread: Washing gear

    by Geno

    Re: Washing gear

    Eating a banana prior to working bees will cause them to be defensive. Senior beeks tell me the banana scent and the bees fear pheromone are similar.
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    Re: How can I help my bees fight wax moths?

    Wax moth infestation is evidence of an extremely weak or failing hive.

    Inspect for disease or parasite that is weakening the hive. Treat appropriately.

    Xentari will treat wax for future use.
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    Re: Has social media helped to drive sales?

    Any social media, FB, Instagram, etc, has features that will have positive impact. Proceed with caution, for every positive you must guard for a negative response. When dealing with people unknown...
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    Re: Lost my bees to the cold

    Cold does not kill honeybees. Damp or moisture inside the hive during cold weather does. Venting the warm moist air from the hive is very important.

    Drawn comb is beekeepers gold. Do whatever...
  16. Re: Two arrested in Sioux City total destruction of apiary and business.

    Understood. Parent are supposed to provide the guidance and consequences. My favorite example, I came home drinking at age 16. I learned how to mow a lawn, in early January, with 4 inches of snow,...
  17. Re: Two arrested in Sioux City total destruction of apiary and business.

    We need to remember, behavior is based upon perceived consequences. Some families today do not apply the correct consequences to poor behaviors. That's the root cause of this type of activity.
  18. Re: Anyone done mite washes using the "Varroa Easy Check" by Veto Pharma?

    I have used one, another expensive beekeeping widget. The normal alcohol wash provides the same results.

    Find your queen first, get sample from another frame of brood. Test more often than...
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    Sticky: Re: treating vs. not treating for mites: opinion thread

    Treat them to keep them healthy. Way to many examples of mites vectoring virus that leads to colony collapse.
  20. Re: Slatted Shim? Anyone use one? Anyone sell such a thing?

    The slatted rack is used on the bottom of the hive bodies to control air flow and reduce congestion during peak months. I have never seen the slatted rack design used on the top of the hives. ...
  21. Re: "165 million acres of farmland to be sprayed with bee killing pesticide...."

    No...but their adult choice has adult consequences.
  22. Re: "165 million acres of farmland to be sprayed with bee killing pesticide...."

    The EPA was put into play to force energy prices higher, make some of the early advocates millionaires and force coal business into bankruptcy....looks like the govt has once again been successful,...
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    Sweet Clover and Buckwheat

    In zone 6, how much honey should be expected out of 20 hives with 10 acres of each title subject? Also have 100's of acres of woodland near this apairy.

    Thanks in advance and Happy New Year!
  24. Thread: Merry Christmas!

    by Geno

    Re: Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas to all the beekeepers and beekeeping suppliers.
  25. Re: "165 million acres of farmland to be sprayed with bee killing pesticide...."

    Agree with the concept of we are what we eat. Agree with growing your own food supply. Agree with killing and eating what you have fed so that you know what your eating. Sound much like the 60s to...
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