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  1. Re: finding efficiency with nuc sales; specifically transportation/boxes?

    Make the deposit higher,

    I used this model for years, but even with the deposit a large number of my boxes did not come back. While the deposit wasn't a bad trade off, i would rather get my boxes...
  2. Re: First Check After The Winter. Holy Cow!!!!!!!!

    Why wouldn't you use formic pro? as long as the daytime highs are above 50 you should be good? especially in a booming hive that probably keeps the whole have at a solid 90 no matter what. I thought...
  3. Re: EFB Pro-active treatments - Now or wait until later in the season?

    Unless you are going to an area prone to the ailment, or suspect a neighbor may have i would not prophylacticly treat for EFB. Especially since it's more of a stress induced ailment. If anything i...
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    Re: Making Deeps or Mediums for sale?

    I'm going to guess that 90% of commercially minded beekeepers keep primarily Deep brood chambers. Er go why most nucs on the market are of the Deep variety. I think for a sideliner producer it would...
  5. Re: Overwintered nuc - definition is vague - advice requested.

    I don't think there is any real regulation in the over wintered term. So know your beekeeper, if you trust them ask for their definition. And ask where they were overwintered. I've heard of places...
  6. Re: Do you need to rewax plastic foundation if you pressure wash the frames?

    Need to, No. But will get better drawing rate if you do.

    Melt the wax in a pot big enough to get a 6" paint roller into, then use roller to apply liberal amount of wax to the foundation. Need not...
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    Re: Formic and meat pad

    A little info from Ontario
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    Re: Early Spring in Southern NY

    Just be prepared to feed, feed, and feed again. Like Vance said once you start you can't stop until mother nature really kicks spring in, or you will have have damage to the hive. These warm snaps...
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    Re: 2020 Spring Nucs, FL and PA

    New year, new pricing.
    Any orders from here on forward will be at the following rates.
    001 to 019 $180
    020 to 049 $160
    050 to 099 $145
    100 to 199 $130
    200+ $125

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    Re: 2020 Spring Nucs, FL and PA

    All booked up for April, with a few hundred available in early May.

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    Re: Dumb Question

    with a 6 Way pallet.

    Steel/plastic Banding, or a rope/strap around the hive and pallet holds them all quite well,if the bees have not already had the chance to secure the boxes with wax/propolis....
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    Sticky: Re: Bulk honey prices and market outlook

    The USDA honey report is updated monthly, just save the address and check it every month for the updated report.

    I keep it as a shortcut on my desktop and reference it as needed.

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    Re: ELA WF Honey, Made in Delaware

    Down to 10 buckets of honey, all barrels sold.
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    Re: 2020 nucs for sale

    What is the queen heritage?
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    2020 Spring Nucs, FL and PA

    W. Fisher Bee Farm will be selling spring nucs in the Spring 2020 Season.

    Taking orders now, all nuc orders must have 10% down to be considered a firm order.

    First 3 weeks in April fully...
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    Re: Mites zapped by laser frame

    I talked with one of the men working on this project at the Empire state honey producers meeting over the past weekend. They have 2 prototypes in use right now to start gathering data. The...
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    Re: queen excluders

    We like the metal ones when we have the choice. Over the years there have been issues with supply and ended up with a few thousand plastic ones. The plastic ones are OK, but the edges that are...
  18. Thread: Frames

    by AstroZomBEE

    Re: Frames

    +1 to the Humble Abode Frames, When we assembled them ourselves we bought from there.

    We jumped to Mann Lake once they had the pre-assembled frames available at a good rate and supply

  19. Re: This is getting ridiculous (Varroa and OAV treatment)

    knowing your true saturation rate of mites is much better than just treating. Doing the alcohol washes give you a better insight on if and when you need to treat. If you have an extremely low mite...
  20. Re: This is getting ridiculous (Varroa and OAV treatment)

    Have you done any counts via alcohol wash? that will give you your best actual ratio.
    the 5-7 days is a bit on the outside edge for timing, we used this method too in the beginning of our use of ox...
  21. Re: Pro-sweet and fondant from Mann Lake: ripoff.

    You can't compare making mixing your own sugar water to pro sweet, there is way more to prosweet than just granulated sugar and water. Pro sweet has multiple sugar types and probably more solids in...
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    Re: Cook and Beals Wax melter

    This is a great melter, a little finicky, but you just need to learn it.
    It performs best with cappings out of a cook n beal spin float honey wax seperator.

    You can run run any cappings through...
  23. Supplemental bee feed, Candy board filling in Pennsylvania

    I am currently making my in house candy.

    I will fill your candy boards for $1.25. I do not sell my wooden ware. Providing feed service only into your equipment.

    I am making bee feed for my...
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    ELA WF Honey, Made in Delaware

    I have produce a small amount of excess honey from my pollination hives on the Delmarva peninsula this summer.

    I have some buckets and a couple barrels available.

    $3/lb in buckets, $2.50/lb in...
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    Re: getting ready for winter in PA

    As stated, number one, make sure mite counts are under control.

    Secondly, pick whatever size brood chamber you think they can fill with bees, ie , single, double, whatever they can fill with...
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