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  1. Re: why do my bees become ever more gentle?

    I’m one that believes that genetics aside, when bees have less stress they are more gentle. Stress comes from nutrition, threat from predation, being queenright, having a flow, having a good...
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    Sticky: Re: Want Swarm Prevention? Try the OSBN Method

    As far as the states and my limited time doing this- 6a 3rd year, very late last frost date. 29 F at night just a few days ago, compared to last rainy year April when we had better planting weather...
  3. Re: More brood taking orientation flight video

    Just the new kids figuring things out. Just a healthy hive doing their orientation flight as you suspected. Love it when the drones pile out at around 2 and the beat of their wings gets really loud.
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    Re: 18 month plan - is it realistic?

    You already have something going well if you over wintered your first colony. There is a study that says mathematically 5 is the minimal number for a sustainable apiary. I have 5 and love the...
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    Re: Bees not expanding to new frames

    Sage advice already given. A great video I would recommend is called Comb Building on YouTube from University of Guelph.
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    Re: Tool bucket replacement ideas

    Boy what a great question. I’m super fussy about my setup around my hives. Right now carrying my smoker along with a quiet box loaded with cover cloths and frames. It has magnets on the outside to...
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    Re: Beekeeping Suit and Veil

    You’ll hear a lot of recommendations for Ultrabreeze. After getting stung in the forearm one too many times from wrist bands without velcro I ordered a jacket from Ultrabreeze. It’s weird how you...
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    Re: Harvest Lane at Tractor Supply

    That was my starter set. Okay, but not great quality. After my first hive I went on to primarily buy from Mannlake. The Chicken Chick uses their equipment in her bee yard.
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    Re: Help! Bad at seeing eggs

    Not a dumb question at all. It’s the reason I wear my readers during an inspection. Also turning your back towards the sun helps.
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    Re: Caught my first swarm

    So glad you were able to retrieve them before the soaking rain. Holy smokes they really covered that tree! Honey, pollen, open brood and drawn comb are all high value. Best of luck to you.
  11. Re: Removing capped frames to control colony size?

    FWIW- As only a 2nd year at the time I got a nuc of what I believe were Russians. My first experience was opening up the little flying plug from their nuc (in prep for moving them into their...
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    Sticky: Re: Today in the Apiary

    Really enjoy your science posts Robert. My hives came out strong in early spring but went on pause the last two weeks because it was consistently cold with fewer flying days. I started feeding 1:1...
  13. Re: Can you run an 8 frame hive with a single brood box?

    8 will even work depending on the configuration. I overwintered a mid August swarm in a 4 over 4 resource hive in 6a. No room for error though. They must have at least 3 frames of honey overhead,...
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    Re: Acorn Frames

    Same here. No response to emails. You can order Acorn from Amazon too. Suboptimal solution because its a little more expensive but in a pinch it might get you by. Mannlake’s RiteCell is behind in...
  15. Feed off, feed on, insulation off, insulation on- it's cold

    6A- High desert Oregon- elevation 3182. Grand solar minimum, yes I know. How is everyone else dealing with the cold? April looked mostly normal but May has been consistently cold. Gardening has...
  16. Re: Overnight temps in the 40s and using vented bottom boards..

    I use a screened bottom board over a solid bottom board all year. Under the screen is a slot for my inspection board. So I'm not using it as ventilation per se but more as a tool to look at hive...
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    Re: Combine hives or make two queen system

    I would strongly suggest checking out Support/Resource hives (Michael Palmer type design- two queen system). Dadant has a great one that's already assembled. Since your weak hives may not have...
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    Re: Is Mann Lake operational right now?

    FWIW- Covid19 has incented me to get all of my equipment and feed ordered months in advance. MannLake has always been very responsive but they are a good week behind their normal schedule. Love...
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    Re: Increase low hive population

    I would set them over the top of a strong colony, in between the boxes add newspaper and a queen excluder and allow the strong colony below to boost the population of the colony above them. After a...
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    Re: What do you feed your bees?

    Winter/Early Spring
    Regular sugar or bakers sugar (same thing just finer) wetted down in winter to create a slurry, early spring before they can take liquid and when it's too cold. Spritzing it in...
  21. Re: Why haven't more beekeepers been inspired by The Sustainable Apiary

    I have. Inspired me to overwinter 5. Read a report that a minimum of 5 has the best mathematical chance of overwintering successfully. Super happy to get 100% this year. Time for a new set of...
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    Re: OSBN - Opening the Sides of the Brood Nest

    Hey Matt- Can this system be adapted using a single brood box with a super over using a queen excluder to keep the queen in the lower box? What I'm doing instead is to take a brood frame out and...
  23. Re: What do you guys finish your hives with?

    PolyWhey Exterior Wood Stain in Caspian Clear from Vermont Natural Coatings. The same one that VinoFarm uses on YouTube. Expensive but natural organic finish made from whey. I use it on raised...
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    Re: Caution about opening hives in winter?

    2nd year 6a. All 5 hives over wintered. Never went into the brood nest after October. Opened the top to pour extra sugar in at least 2X per month. Used vivaldi type board where you can see...
  25. Re: how much sugar solution to give a new package?

    One of the best video's to date on feeding a new colony can be found on YouTube from the University of Guelph. They recommend feeding enough to build out comb in all of the frames in the brood box. ...
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