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    Re: Mite Treatment Cost Comparison Thread

    I do OAV with an immersion heater. They are <$9. Some come with an outlet plug. I made a bowl with aluminum foil. Treatments are bad, but they should help me get treatment free.
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    vinegar sugar recipe

    I will feed my bees 2:1 sugar/water. I was thinking of adding vinegar (5%, from a grocery store) to improve the pH. Does it matter if it is white or apple cider vinegar? Assuming the ingredients have...
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    Re: Foundationless source?

    Kelley foundationless had tolerance problems. I should have used Mann Lake wedge tops with popsicle sticks. Popsicle sticks have the proper grain orientation and are usually birch (2x as hard as...
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    Sticky: Re: Hive design, what type?

    What are the bees looking for? Langs on pallets look more combustible, and they might like the familiar smoker shape.
    Other reasons I chose Langs:
    - can be broken into boxes
    - easy for 1 person...
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    Re: Failed OAV treatments?

    I am new to OAV, so don't trust this:
    Vent any entrance farthest from the heater more. If you vaporize from the bottom, plug the bottom completely, and vent the top a bit. Make sure you see the fog...
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    Re: Is fall treatment for varroa obligatory?

    I'm using OAV. I might do another 5x round (day 0,2,7,12,17) in the fall. I did one round ending 7/19. Ian Steppler ("a Canadian Beekeeper’s Blog") treats in September. Being more south, I might...
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    Re: Treating to Become Treatment Free

    Thanks for advice. I won't steel the honey. I thought Italians ate more. The colonies are about equal strength. They filled 27 frames 2 weeks ago, so I added boxes, and moved 1 brood frame up in each...
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    Re: Why Treatment Free.

    I hope to be treatment free once I get a proper queen to breed from. Its sustainable. The hive ecology might affect other insects and my garden.

    I'm trying to get a data job, and I'm supposed to...
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    Re: Treating to Become Treatment Free

    I have not overwintered yet. Swarms and packages have died in previous years. Typically the population goes from high to 0 in < 1 week in the fall.

    I am using strong treatments (oxalic acid...
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    Treating to Become Treatment Free

    Share your experiences and advice on using treatments to become treatment free (TF).
  11. Re: OAD dosage and unwise to do a dribble during a dearth?

    There are many things I don't understand about the dribble. Why would it include sugar? What is the advantage of it over vaporization?
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    Re: Swarm Trapping questions

    I have used 30-40 L traps and 15^2 cm entrances. Both wood and cardboard worked. Cardboard is great for weight and disposal. I have not been lucky with swarms/effort. I have used 1-4 drops lemongrass...
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    Re: Best Oxalic Acid Vaporizer

    50463I have been using an immersion heater with an aluminum foil bowl. It's $5-9. There's a 12v version. Its not the best. I have a strategy to be treatment free in 3 years.
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    Re: Double nuc, a nod to Mike Palmer

    alternative: standard Lang queen castle boxes with standard frames, and slots to divide by 2, 3, or 4
  15. Sticky: Re: GregV's Alternative way to keep (have?) bees.

    I have a new garden on small city land. I could trade plants. Its mostly raspberry, potato, sunchoke, asparagus, then there are small single plants (like saskatoon) that I should clone next year.
  16. Sticky: Re: treating vs. not treating for mites: opinion thread

    I am trying to be TF (treatment free). I am using treatments so that I can place an early order for TF queens, and have hives to put them in next year. TF bees are hard to buy. Swarms are rare. They...
  17. Sticky: Re: GregV's Alternative way to keep (have?) bees.

    It is a Langstroth deep with a permanent divider attached to the long sides. The divider has frame rests. The frames are nearly half length. Mobile dividers are often feeders. They usually split the...
  18. Sticky: Re: GregV's Alternative way to keep (have?) bees.

    I met Troy Hall. He's TF and from mid NH. He had 300 large honey hives. He also has a mating yard with small hives. He overwinters mininucs. He said he looses 50% of the big hives and less of the...
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    Re: How to develop a treatment free apiary?

    I have tried and failed at TF. I have met many people at 2 bee clubs. They all failed at TF, even in towns with low pesticides.
    My new strategy:

    My beliefs:

    Treatments: They should be...
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    Re: Queen Cage acceptance ????

    Print a push in cage for a high value queen.
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    Re: Oxalic acid vaporizer

    I saw some deformed wings. I am going to start treatments tonight (day 0). I will treat on days 0, 2, 7, and 12. msl's link puts the dose at 1 to 3 g. All my hives have 3 mediums.

    Not counting...
  22. Re: How to do a Direct Introduction of a Laying Queen

    Putting the queen castle frames in the new hive worked for me. I don't think I waited. To make the old hive queenless, you could divide it with a cardboard sheet. The top or bottom would be queenless.
  23. moldable or chewable entrance reducers

    I'm a beginner. Determining entrance size and reducing top entrances is difficult.

    There are many great devices for reducing bottom entrances. Top entrances have many advantages, but seem more...
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    Re: Oxalic acid vaporizer

    It might be time to treat, so any other info would help.
  25. Re: Bee Safe Japanese Beetle Tx for flowering plants?

    a barrier for when they climb up tree trunks, nematodes
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