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    Re: Best Laid Plans

    I would go for quality & type over region. Look at some reviews, & purchase ASAP, before you canít;)
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    Re: Cut Out Question From a Noob

    Very likely the queen would make her way to the box as long as she was able to, or you didn’t get her with the comb. Were you looking for her? JWPalmer, has a good point, did you look into the cells?...
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    Re: Cut Out Question From a Noob

    Interesting how everyone does it different:D I would never only save one comb of brood, only to put drawn frames in, or use an ice chest or bed sheet. However you go about it, if the comb is new &...
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    Re: Scouts or Residents?

    I vote with Elmer Fud, do you see pollen in any of there sacks going in?
  5. Re: Can I extract from a bear-toppled deadout

    Don’t worry Smokey will be back:D I have no ideal if they carry diseases that would effect the honey. What do the frames look like? What about any debris?
  6. Re: How to inspect with less protective gear

    Isn’t that kind of like, I’ll bring my smoker but don’t light it until I need it?:lpf:
  7. Re: How to inspect with less protective gear

    I am going to go with you have calm bees, until they are not:eek: Every hive has there own demeanor, but as that changes & more hives in a yard, bee aware:D
  8. Re: bee swarm in bucket. Can't transfer for 24 hours. Food, water...???

    Great news, you would have seen if they were not (overheated), due to them emptying there honey stomach on each other..
  9. Re: L:arge swarm hived - frame orieentation approach?

    I wouldn’t work backwards, & there is still plenty of time for them to draw comb for you if that is your goal?
  10. Re: bee swarm in bucket. Can't transfer for 24 hours. Food, water...???

    My only concern would be how full is the bucket? If it is more than half full of clustered bees, I would not wait until the end of another 80 degree day? Misting with water before you left would...
  11. Re: Swarm in a high chimney - suggestions for removal?

    Yes I have, but I have never came across one that was actually in the flue (due time I am sure). I have come across a chimney that did have a crack in the upper half of the flue, that gave the bees...
  12. Re: Swarm in a high chimney - suggestions for removal?

    First thing to consider, how do you/they know it has only been 48 hours unless they saw them move in? Even then, is it possible that they moved into an old colony? The longer they have been in, the...
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    Re: My first trap-out

    What happen to the ants? I hope you are getting well paid, this seems to be taking a lot of your time.
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    Re: barn cut out

    As you pointed out, they could be anywhere:D. If you can't rent or borrow a Flir (I also believe the Ipad has a download), Drill a hole and send in a borescope. Any temperature at or above 60 degrees...
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    Re: Fume board Split

    3-4 boxes to escape to? How many boxes are you running them out of? Sounds like a lot of time/work, & you would definitely need a fume board that has a solar top. I have never tried to run a queen &...
  16. Re: Front Range roller coaster - 2020

    That's surprising, pollen started coming in last weekend in my neck of the woods (at least four weeks later than last year), so it should happen for you this week, based upon the forecast.
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    Re: Bees Gone

    Believe it or not even treated bees die (mainly because of lack of treatment). When was the last time you saw the colony (alive & not robbers) flying prior? What did the pathology results show...
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    Re: Layens Frame Extractor has a three frame motorized one for 995, apparently ships for free in April. Crush and strain in the mean time?
  19. Re: They ran.....they ran so far away......couldn't get away.......

    Box break out:eek: This one proved to be more trouble than it was worth. Do you think you missed the queen in the shake down, or they just didnít like the digs? Looks like they said, we will not be...
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    Re: Bee Weaveer Queens

    No hype, their bees thrive without treatment, but some beeks still do treat them:scratch: Perhaps more importantly, as ruthiesbees pointed out they are not docile bees, so be ready for that. My...
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    Re: A Small Victory

    Here might lie your problem/perplextion. These packages have most likely been treated, & may not thrive without some kind of IPM or treatment.
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    Re: Possible computer virus threat

    :lpf: Ohhh nooo the varroa virus has entered your computer:D
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    Re: My first trap-out

    That’s great news, but how would that be possible?
  24. Re: Bees "bearding" in cold weather?

    An inspection? Nothing to do on the inside? First signs of overcrowding even though the shallow is there, since they are not using it? Perhaps they see it as there SHB jail:D
  25. Re: Moving from Georgia to Colorado Springs

    Welcome soon to CO! Good advice given so far.. The wind here can be brutal, so I keep a cinder block on top of all of my hives. Maybe you can put the boxes in the truck last to see if you have room,...
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