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  1. Re: Bees bringing in lots of pollen (?); what plant(s) could it be?

    Maples are definitely budding and some blooms are happening in the Charlottesville area. We have also had reports of green pollen in Amherst County, VA. Should be an interesting swarm season!
  2. HOLIDAY20 coupon for 20% OFF* now through December 31, 2019!

    Use HOLIDAY20 to receive 20% OFF* your online orders now through the end of 2019! Free shipping applies to most orders over $200!!

    *Offer excludes package bees, nucs, classes, and gift card...
  3. Re: 2019 package bee prices very high with major suppliers, why?

    Awesome, thank you for replying.
  4. Re: 2019 package bee prices very high with major suppliers, why?

    Hi JW, I would put us in the middle of the market for supply stores with a storefront to support - we are neither the highest or the lowest in Virginia. We definitely will never match a club price...
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    Re: Mann Lake RiteCell Foundation

    Sounds like you received ML's new foundation offering of Perma-Dent foundation that a lot of commercial beekeepers use for weight purposes. Check out page 29 in your 2019 catalog or search FN-405 on...
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    PAINTED 10 Frame Hive Kits & Components

    We now have PAINTED 10 Frame hive kits and components to make this spring that much easier! Our FREE SHIPPING on internet orders over $200 definitely applies to these. Visit our website and be ready...
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    FREE SHIPPING over $200

    We offer FREE SHIPPING* on internet orders over $200 to anywhere in the continental U.S. A few exclusions do apply that are standard and in-line with other suppliers. We ship in one to two business...
  8. Any Former Brushy Mtn employee need remote work?

    Hi, we are a small bee supply company in central Virginia and looking to hire one or two former Brushy Mountain employees to focus on sales from now through our busy season in 2019. We are willing to...
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    There’s lots of other large and small dealers...

    There’s lots of other large and small dealers throughout the southeast and mid-Atlantic. Some even have brick and mortar storefronts and offer free shipping at certain thresholds , too. We’ll all be...
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    Re: Disappointed with UPS shipping

    Agreed. If the SHIPPER did not drop the package off prior to the driver's pickup time, then it is on your shipper, not UPS. Find that key piece of information out first.
  11. Re: Beekeeping consulting / advice / questions businesses?

    Do you have a local club? Or at least one located regionally? Just ensure you know where the person is keeping their bees and that they know where you are (but it doesn't mean they will understand...
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    Loose Queen in Package rate?

    What would be an acceptable rate of loose (possibly virgin) Queens being shook into packages?

    I have seen it from 0% to 1.5% with bulk package orders. Usually noted by absconding bees while...
  13. Re: Now that small hive beetles are a problem . . .

    What about ground cover to prevent the SHB larva from being able to borrow? I am in central VA where SHB typically doesn't cause a strong hive to leave when space is managed properly though I have...
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    Re: Queen availability in December?

    Thanks, Dave. I just called them and you are right. I am letting my buddy deal with it now. Most of our colonies here stopped raising brood a few weeks ago though I didn't question his last...
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    Queen availability in December?

    One of my friends just called and said he found his marked queen on the ground in front of the hive dead. Anyone know who might have queens this time of year?
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    Re: Ugh.. probably killed my queen...

    One of my friends just found his marked queen on the ground in front of the hive...dead. Anyone know a year round queen supplier? I am assuming they will be out of CA. Thanks.
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