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  1. Re: Will glue survive 250 degree wax dipping temps?

    Noticed on your You Tube video you had wood glue out in your shed. There are minimum temperature for using Titebond glues that are around fifty degrees, I, II, and III are slightly different. This...
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    Re: Black Friday Sales

    Haven't seen anything from Mann Lake about a black friday sale. Anyone know if they are having one this year?
  3. Re: A series of interviews from commercial beekeepers

    I looked at their web site. That is some expensive honey!! Maybe that is why they can afford to keep everything so clean.
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    Re: Prolific Propolisers W/Photo

    I didn't take a picture, but I used apiguard in a couple hives this year and when I went to take it out the entire little tin was completely covered in propolis. Couldn't even tell if they carried...
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    Re: Urgent Varroa Mite Question

    How long was the sticky board in the hive? Looks like it may have been in there for awhile. Looks like the apivar was doing its job of killing the mites. The mistake you may have made was installing...
  6. Re: Too late to add frame of eggs to queenless colony in MD?

    Yes, it's too late to try to make a new queen. Need to be 100 percent sure the hive is queen less though. It's common for queens to shut down egg laying at this time and not all queens are equal. The...
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    Re: Global Warming

    IT is not my aim to attack anyone. Live your life however you want, buy whatever you want, I don't care. But here I log on to bee source and find someone calling people such as myself slow and in...
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    Re: Global Warming

    Wow grins, what hypocrisy. You claim that we are in a mass extinction and everyone needs to wake up to this fact. Then we find out you have been burning wood and then claim that you will use what...
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    Re: Global Warming

    Mass extinction, Now you are just being ridiculous. Its one thing to want to improve the environment and live in a world as clean as possible, but believing such hyperbole will never advance the...
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    Re: Global Warming

    From someone who has been hit by too many fence post. First science has been wrong many times in the past. Even in beekeeping, every researcher said Varro mites feed on the bees hemolymph. Well what...
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    Re: Formic Pro deadouts

    What do you mean by "dusted about 25 of my 100 colonies with formic pro". Formic Pro comes in a pad. Please help me understand your comment.
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    Re: Beginner Question (Emergency...maybe?)

    I highly doubt the hive was swarming, but even if it was,what was the purpose of running out to the hive and tearing it apart. How were you planning on stoping the swarming from happening? Your hive...
  13. Re: best way to apply Bt-k to frames (that could have moth-maggot potential)?

    Just found out a company called "Do your" will start carrying Xentari-Aizawai. Should be on the web site in a few days. 32.79 for one pound bag with free shipping. They will also carry a five...
  14. Re: formic pro/MAQS cause the shotgun pattern?

    Have used MAQS/formicpro in the past and sometimes the queen has stopped laying for a week or so, but I've never noticed a shotgun pattern after treatment. Hard on queens means that the treatment...
  15. Re: Basswood trees start blooming in northern Illinois

    Just starting here in NW PA. also.
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    Re: Free beehives for Virginians

    The article says the number of beehives in VA. is down 50%. Is this really true. Figured with all the new save the bees people and flow hive promotions that the numbers would be increasing.
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    Re: Ceracel Hive Top Feeder: My review.

    thirty + for a feeder, too expensive for me.
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    Re: Black Foundation For Honey Supers

    It's a little harder to tell the color or type of honey with the black foundation. It all looks like dark.
  19. Re: Beek attire - Wish I knew before yesterday...

    I wear a headband also because of sweat running down on my glasses. Nothing fancy, just a cotton rag rolled up to form a bandana.
  20. Re: Queen rearing idea: graft, wait until jellied, remove, and then regraft.

    Read one time and I don't remember where, that when a graft pre-primed with royal jelly was put in a observation hive the bees immediately removed the royal jelly and replaced it with new RJ. I have...
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    Re: The perils of giving advice

    I used to race motocross with some success and this lead to some of my friends and co-workers to want to ride themselves. I always gave the same advice before they spent the first dime on the sport....
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    Re: tulip poplar nectar

    Look up to the top of the tree also. The bees that I see on tulip popular seem to like the flowers near the top of the tree.
  23. Re: Video of robbing, and my attempt to stop it.

    I agree with the other posters, no robbing going on here. relax.
  24. Re: How is that Global Warming thing working out for you?

    Moved to north Texas in 1992 and never saw a snowflake for ten years, then it snowed every year for the next twelve. The Bradford pear tree's would bloom between the first of Feb. and valentine's day...
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    Re: Custom Labels

    If you have a local community college nearby with a graphic design department try going there and have the students design your label as a school project. They usually also have a print shop that can...
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