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    Re: BetterComb Experience, Anyone?

    Fred just posted his latest video on the synthetic comb. He caught a swarm on Aug. 4 and put it in a hive with several frames of the synthetic comb. To this date he showed all stages of brood and it...
  2. Re: Bees killing themselves on Air Conditioner Unit

    Interesting theory hagane. I would just cover the fan with 1/8 inch hardware cloth. Cut it the size of the unit and secure the four corners with bricks.
  3. Bees killing themselves on Air Conditioner Unit

    I have two hives on a rooftop. The hives are located about 40ft from an A/C unit. In the past two days, the bees are flying around the blower fan and killing themselves. In large numbers. The bees...
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    Re: New Beek Need Advise

    No de-rail at all DTD350. You ask all great questions! I guess we are all worried about the best way to hopefully get our hives through the Winter??
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    New Beek Need Advise

    First year Beek. Installed 2 Nucs into 8 frame deeps here on the New Jersey Shore on May 4. One of my colonies will have 2 medium honey supers completely filled with capped honey by next weekend. So...
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    OAV Treatment with new Queen?

    I just re-queened this hive this past Thursday June 6. The hive (8 frame deep) was installed from a Nuc on May 4. The queen was accepted and I am waiting for her to start laying. At this point the...
  7. Installing a new Queen with some questions?

    I have a Queenless hive. Itís an eight frame deep. 6 frames are full of capped honey, nectar, and bee bread. The other 2 frames are mostly drawn out plastic foundation. There are no eggs, larva, or...
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    Re: Water Source for Roof Top Hives

    Well I just thought after several weeks with some days topping 85 degrees I would see some action on the water pails?? But maybe they do not require water at the moment??

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    Water Source for Roof Top Hives

    On my 2 roof top hives I filled a five gallon bucket with water and made a circular foam insert covered with a tee shirt as a water source. I placed the bucket about 20 ft on the right side in front...
  10. Re: New Beekeeper. Single Brood Box or Double?

    I am in Monmouth County about 3 miles from ocean. I have a concrete block on the covers. About 30 pounds a piece. The roof that they are on is surrounded by a 3 foot wall. Pretty well protected by...
  11. New Beekeeper. Single Brood Box or Double?

    I am a newbee. Installed 2 Nucs into 2
    8 frame deeps on May 4. The hives are on a roof top at the Jersey Shore. I’m getting close to adding a second box. The colonies are doing fine. I do not care...
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