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  1. Overwintered and 2019 five frame deep and medium nucs

    Currently selling the following:

    Five frame medium and deep overwintered 2018 Queen Nucs. $175 and $185

    Five frame medium and deep new 2019 Queen nucs $155 and $165

    No shipping available...
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    Hive weights and when to feed?

    First year beek with two hives. I am running with two deeps and two weeks ago I did my first harvest. When I put the supers on, the deeps were really heavy. The last time I picked the top deeps up...
  3. Re: Honey super storage and being treatment free?

    Thanks Michael! I have read your links, but unfortunately I read them after harvest. I do have them back on the hive getting cleaned up, I may just leave them until we get a frost. Thanks for your...
  4. Honey super storage and being treatment free?

    Hello all, I did my first harvest this past Saturday and I now have four supers that I have to store. I was planning on putting them in a deep freeze for twenty four hours and them bagging them up....
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    Re: Anyone else keepng a log book?

    I have been using it is a great site and you can log all kinds of info and add pics. I think there is a free version but I use the paid version which is seven bucks a month I...
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    Re: What is my next step?

    in your opinion what is the best way to monitor the mites. I have already done a couple sticky board test and it seems like my numbers were really low, three or four mites is all I found. I have...
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    Re: What is my next step?

    I forgot to mention that I plan on taking the screen bottom boards off and putting solid on, I just did not want to do that in the middle of summer and planned on waiting to do that this fall.
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    What is my next step?

    This spring I started out with two five frame nucs from a local beek, but I think my queens are from Florida though. Put them in a ten frame deep with a SBB on May 31. They have since been going to...
  9. Thread: N.W. Ohio

    by Hotburn76

    N.W. Ohio

    Hello all. Nice forum, looking forward to learning. Started out this year with two hives that came from 5 frame nucs locally. All seems to be well, just have to make it to spring.
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