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  1. Re: What race of queen is this? What does an Afracanized queen look like?

    The bigger question with respect to if bees are Africanized or not is not just about the queen, but what kind of drones did she mate with. Africanized drones have a big effect on temperament. And...
  2. Re: 2, 3, 5, or 35 What are the least practical to get out of buying bees every year?

    I hope you mean unplanned combining. These are the end of season combinations of a nuc that was holding an old queen as a backup and to make brood bombs, recombining my cell starter, or combining...
  3. Re: 2, 3, 5, or 35 What are the least practical to get out of buying bees every year?

    IMO sustainability begins at six hives, a working mite management program, gear to make three to four nucs as needed, a swarm trap or two. Mating nucs are helpful but not required for...
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    Re: Warre Hive in Dallas TX Area

    In the state of Texas you are required to have movable come in a beehive. (source). That means that you must use a modified Warre, one that uses frames. That is actually good news. Frames will...
  5. Re: Single or Double Brood Box for beginners in all Season climates? (Mid West)

    No, it is a bad idea for a beginner.

    You'll get better information if you can furnish better information. We have no idea where you are, nor even a clue about your agricultural zone.

  6. Re: Any reason to actually use "box joints" other than aesthetics?

    A rabbet joint is entirely dependent on the glue and fasteners in all directions. It provides mechanical alignment of the boards perpendicular to the cut direction but not parallel to it. The joint...
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    Re: why do my bees become ever more gentle?

    A month ago we had a very early season heat. It was hot and nothing had started blooming yet. Bees were bumping even at 100 feet, even around the corner of the house. Yesterday I could have...
  8. Re: Setting out deep frames of honey so bees put it in medium supers?

    I'm assuming the reason you want it in the supers is because you'd like to extract it at some point anyways. All of that sounds like more work, more hassle, and more being sticky than just...
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    Re: Shellac and bees

    That is a beautiful location for an apiary. I am jealous.
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    Re: I think I really screwed up.

    About wing clipping. Paul Kelly at UoG has a lot of resources. If they accidentally clip a virgin they can super easily correct the problem. For the small beekeeper I suggest you do a split...
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    Re: Swarm returns

    When a swarm aborts then most likely the queen wasn't quite ready to fly and wasn't able to take off. They'll run her around and try again in a couple of days. I had an aborted swarm earlier this...
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    Re: Shellac and bees

    We can talk about whether a particular clear finish is indoor or outdoor and debate that until the bees come in for night, but that doesn't change the fact that any clear film finish, even ones that...
  13. Re: Why is a Langstroth # body the width that it is?

    The extra space aids you in removing frames without rolling (and killing) bees and more especially queens since they are taller.

    We can get all hug up about details like why are railroad tracks 4...
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    The plastic foundation has no wax on it.

    The plastic foundation has no wax on it.
  15. Just use pocket screws to attach a 1/2” divider...

    Just use pocket screws to attach a 1/2” divider and attach a 3/4” wide top strip to fill the frame rest and give a wide enough surface to support the second story mics. A groove cuts through the...
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    Re: Varroa shaker

    I stumbled across this one that is cheap and easy to make.
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    Re: Foundation-less frames

    If you want to return the frame to a medium box then it has to go.
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    Re: Does dong a bunch of walk away Nuc splits count as queen rearing?

    Absinte, don't just rely on the bait hives. Get your name out there for swarm removal. Get on and on and on any local lists you can find and on...
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    Re: Hive Location (Backs to metal shed)

    You can work a hive from the side (I prefer to) and so I think its fine. You do need enough space on all sides that you can safely lift, pivot, and set down a box without wrenching any muscles. ...
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    Re: Foundation-less frames

    They actually don't have to be glued into the groove. I dip one side of the stick in the wax pot to coat it and set it aside to let it harden while I dip one side of all the other sticks. Then I go...
  21. Re: Can you run an 8 frame hive with a single brood box?

    I have huge respect for Paul and love his videos, but Paul's climate is a lot colder than mine. The warmer climate means bees are more active here in the winter yet its way too cold for forage,...
  22. Re: Got viciously attacked today when observering hive

    So are mice, skunks, and grizzly bears.
  23. Re: Could you use screen to seperate nucs in a single box?

    Wood has an r value of less than 1 per inch. A solid divider is not going to stop any significant heat transfer, they'll share the heat just fine across it just as well as a screen without the risk...
  24. Re: Does dong a bunch of walk away Nuc splits count as queen rearing?

    Given how big of a difference it made the time I made my first packed cell starter verses my only sort of packed starters before that, I'm skeptical that a two frame split is capable of raising an...
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    Re: Caught Swarm - Nuc or Full box?

    That's a really good point. Do both. Put together a second story nuc box by tomorrow then do that, because you'll always need another nuc box anyways, its not wasted effort. If you had one now you...
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