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  1. Re: how to prep hive for winter with very little honey

    You need to feed 2to1 sugar syrup until they are up to weight.or they won't make it through winter.
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    Re: Late nuc?

    I live in tell city Indiana just south of you ,with a mated queen I wouldn't be afraid to make a nuc last of August the goldenrod is just now blooming so the fall flow in began witch will help.
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    Re: Early Start to Fall Bloom

    I am about 60 miles west of you .the goldenrod that's blooming now my bees don't use. its the one that blooms next that my bees love.also I have never seen them on ironweed.
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    Re: oxalic acid Question

    If you have two boxes then treat 2 boxes use 2 grams for two boxes.
  5. Re: Leaving two queen cells in a hive!

    Are you sure the swarm is from one of your hives.
    The reason why you destroy all but 2 queen cells is so the hive doesn't swarm out and leave you with no bees.
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    Re: Harvesting honey

    The bees don't want you to take any of their honey but you can take the frames as they are capped it won't hurt anything.
  7. Re: Swam and Supersedure at the same time?

    I would not leave all of the queen cells. get rid of all but two or three. if not they may swarm several time leaving you with no bees.
  8. Re: Swam and Supersedure at the same time?

    Swarm cells can be any where on the frame so they are all swarm cells .If they were supercedure cells there would only be a few in the middle of the frame. Sounds like they are trying to swarm.
  9. Re: Massive, colossal nuc failure. What are our options now?

    If they don't have laying queens in 10 days give them a frame of young larva an eggs they will make a queen.
  10. Re: Adding 2nd Brood box to Walk Away split

    You can check them in 10 days after you split .by then they should have caped queen cells.they know they are queenless as soon as you move the queen.
  11. Re: Adding 2nd Brood box to Walk Away split

    They wont swarm without a queen.i would add second brood box when first one has eight frames drawn out this is in a ten frame.
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    Re: queen

    If they swarmed then before they will accept the queen you bought they will need to be hopelessly queenless .They likely have a queen aready.what you should have done after they swarmed was to get...
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    Re: queen

    Queens need work bees to feed and take care of her it will die without and were did you catch a queen.
  14. Re: Weird mites/bugs in supercedure cell?

    Put the queen in the nuc box with the frame she's on and take another frame with bees on it put it in the nuc .those queen cells could be swarm cells .not all swarm cells are on the bottom they can...
  15. Re: Weird mites/bugs in supercedure cell?

    If this was me I would make a split with the queen and also get rid of all but two or three queen cells to make a new queen.
  16. Re: Will a swarm take over a weak hive?

    Yes they will I had one try to take over one of my hives but the hive was strong enough to fend off the swarm.
  17. Re: adding queen but top super full of honey

    You could extract the honey and put the empty frames back in the hive.but the bees will likely use the honey to raise New bees.
  18. Re: bought new queen, but queen cells present

    They won't accept a new queen unless they are hopelessly queenless. You need to destroy queen cells and then in 10 days go into hive and destroy cells again. If they have a way to make a queen they...
  19. Re: Help!! I know nothing, or just enough to get me into trouble

    You can get lemongrass oil at Walmart that's were I get mine
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    Re: Bees swarming

    Thanks then the swarm I just got must have came from somewhere else.
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    Bees swarming

    Just wondering if you move the queen with a split will the hive swarm anyways.
  22. Re: nuc placement and inspection

    I put my nucs all on the same stand together about 25 yards from my production hives in the same yard. But you need to watch for robbing I put robbing screens on all of my nucs.
  23. Re: Mhmmm what to do with these frames??

    The frames will be fine clean what you can and the bees will do the rest
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    Re: Ultra breeze jacket

    That's all I use
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    Re: How to move hives ten feet?

    I just moved two hives 15 feet I moved them at night and put cedar branches in front of hives they did fine just move everything from old location.
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