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  1. Re: Cold Virus 'Cures'. What works for you?

    Honey is a very good source of medicine. It is very natural that would make one's body healthy. I do take propolis.
  2. Re: Another recipe for making propoplis salve or lip balm

    Wow, bees are indeed so very helpful and super healthy. I would love to try that recipe :thumbsup:
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    Re: Things I WON'T get done this year

    I won't be able to visit my family in the US this summer because of Corona :(
  4. Re: Cold Virus 'Cures'. What works for you?

    First thing in the morning, gargle with warm water with salt. Have a cup of hot coffee or warm milk for breakfast and in between honey and lemon.
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    Re: New to bees

    I have experienced of an actual beekeeping. It is not a simple thing to keep them and harvest honey. But you can see how amazing these insects are.
  6. Re: online business plan with shipping fees

    i guess you can check a sample cost analysis in the internet.
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    Re: Global Warming

    Everyone is experiencing the effect of Global Waming and a few public servants doesnt even care. We can already see and feel the ripple effect of Global Warming.
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