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  1. Re: Smartphone app that listens to bees to tell you what health issues they have

    If that's the case then app should be free / open source.

    They are shooting themselves in the foot by pay-walling data collection efforts. Let's be honest - only a small fraction of beekeepers use...
  2. Thread: b-box

    by hypsin

    Re: b-box

    As of right now - 429 fools for a grand total of $278K. Each hive is about $1,100 ($700 on sale or $1,300 for two). B-Box took a good look at FlowHive(TM) and said "Hold my beer, watch this!".
  3. Re: Smartphone app that listens to bees to tell you what health issues they have

    Take off, nuke it from orbit... It's the only way to be sure.

    But ya, that's was my concern too - knee jerk reaction. I mean, what do you trust more - your eyes and experience or a high-tech AI...
  4. Re: Crowdfunded Smart hive for helping bees, beekeepers, and bee researchers

    Sounds like you are targeting backyard-two-hive-keepers. But those folks have already spent their hobby budget on Flow hive and now have a pissed off spouse who won't let them buy any more...
  5. Re: Smartphone app that listens to bees to tell you what health issues they have

    I hope this app is plastered with "No Liability" warnings because it is just a matter of time before a newbie burns down half a dozen hives because app told him he has AFB. It would indeed be...
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    Accidentally caught a swarm...

    So, I was moving hive equipment between home and two other yards and had an empty deadout sit on my front porch for a day or so. Well, apparently a local swarm took interest and moved right in.
  7. Re: 2019 package bee prices very high with major suppliers, why?

    Sometimes you just need extra bees at the last moment, not necessarily for yourself, and don't want to tap into your production hives and risk jeopardizing spring honey crop.
  8. Re: Can a computer count and/or distinguish bees?

    That was going to be my follow up question as well. I mean, one could build pretty charts with bee traffic data but all that's going to do is confirm spring build-up and summer dearth.

  9. Re: Can a computer count and/or distinguish bees?

    You will basically have to train a image-recognition neural network as to what a bee looks like and then feed live video, one frame at a time, through the model to determine how many bees are in the...
  10. Re: Really bad honeybee vs. round up news [glyphosate]. Can this article be trusted?

    Is that a fact or an opinion? Is it a fact that RoundUp is required to feed ALL 7 billion people or an exaggeration of truth? I hear Europe does just fine after banning several Bayer products. Also,...
  11. Re: Really bad honeybee vs. round up news [glyphosate]. Can this article be trusted?

    This has been widely known for at least a DECADE, nothing new here.

    Exposure to sublethal doses of pesticides and systemics does not kill individual bees, but impacts colony health as a whole...
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    Re: Flow Hives (again)

    No, I do not have first hand experience with Flow system but I don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that bottle rocket isn't going to get me to the moon.

    I know you may not want to...
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    Re: Flow Hives (again)

    Just googled wasabi's kickstarter, **** near died laughing. It is cool though, just can't see myself maintaining 100 of them.

    Don't get me wrong - I do see entertainment value in flow/honeycomb...
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    Re: Last year's crystallized honey - now what?

    Call it 2017 vintage honey with fully developed flavors and firm texture and charge premium.
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    Re: sugar water vs. honey?

    My mutts dry vs wet cap honey based on their mood that month because [reasons]. Some breeds "may" appear to cap differently based on contents but isolated coincidence does not necessarily mean...
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    Re: Low Life Sign Thief

    That is what I do as well. For $60 you can get several stencils made (for different colors) and just spray paint your own signs or tag hives/covers/fences heh.

    It does not look as good up close as...
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    Re: Honey Viscousity

    I have a fear that this might be the case. I just wanted to confirm that syrup-spiked honey would have a thinner consistency. Taste is a bit off too = "burn-your-throat" sweet.
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    Honey Viscousity

    I wonder if anyone knows what can potentially affect honey viscosity. Couple of my friends are "honey connoisseurs" and have noticed that some of the honey they buy is watery and not as thick when...
  19. Thread: Honey Jars

    by hypsin

    Re: Honey Jars

    I second Fillmore, very reasonable pricing and fast shipping. They also have some hex/wide jars if you want to get creative.
  20. Re: queen not out of cage after 3 days; should I panic?

    At this point - direct release her. Bees should be used to her by now and risk of being rejected is low. Keeping her in the cage will only make matters worse.

    I would not wait 14 or even 7 days to...
  21. Re: Texas Laws regarding being forced to remove backyard hives

    Any chance of sweetening up your neighbor with some honey? If not, start thinking about moving your hives.

    I am sure you can find some folks with a bit of acreage up north in...
  22. Re: Is there a way to kill wax moth eggs/cocoons other than freezing?

    Fire ants can clean out wax moth eggs/larva for you. Spread your equipment around some ant mounds and stir 'em up a bit. Then your bees can clean out webs and cocoons next year.

    Might work, might...
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    Re: Something natural to fight against Varroa?

    +1 to this. Only other alternative is to keep fumigating your hives with [Insert Flavor of the Month] oil/acid/powder.
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    Re: Is a SBB needed?

    Those seem to be the most efficient, cheapest and simplest ideas heh.

    I have moved to all solid boards, migratory covers and top entrances on supers. Makes no difference to bees in 100F+ Texas...
  25. Re: Why would I be told that an inhouse queen is a bad idea?

    My best hive ever was led by a 4th generation mutt. None of my splits/daughters from that hive are any more hot or defensive than other commercial queen. And I am in a AHB zone.

    Re-queening can be...
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