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  1. Re: A journey of bee-catching, and wasp/hornet killing - Dan's Rosie Bee Service blog

    I appologise, really havent had time recently, and even when I did, it was late at night...

    Our bees were doing fine, all the way up to january. Then, one by one all the way to march they died...
  2. Re: How much honey can I expect now that a neighbor planted 500 acres of clover?

    Well, move em closer to the field, and hope they are growing it for seeds!!!! :D
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    Hive dwindling - did they swarm?

    One of the two hives to make it this past winter, seems to be on its last leg. The frames i checked about 1 1/2 weeks ago, covered with bees, most with brood, (totalling about 12 frames, 8 in the...
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    Re: New Nuc -three swarms so far

    Its quite possible these three swarms - or at least some of them - are not from your hive. Has the homeowner actually seen them emerge from your hive?

    anyway, i would absolutely not worry, if your...
  5. 2nd swarm in 3 years to move in on their own!

    In this area is where i have always stored all our beekeeping equipment, now a second swarm, the first coming here in 2015, has landed.
    here is a link to a video recording it:

  6. A journey of bee-catching, and wasp/hornet killing - Dan's Rosie Bee Service blog

    For the past 2 full bee-seasons (May-ish through October) and 1 half season before, we have been removing swarms of honeybees, a few cut-out's, and many a wasp/hornet nest for people.
    Now, I intend...
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    Re: One swarm or two?

    OK, Went out to the two hives, had them separated, one had a queen (i saw her), the other did not(there were only about 2 frames of bees in the smaller half, wasn't much to look through).

    I ended...
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    Re: Well that experiment didn't work

    Strange test, but still a good idea.

    The method I used last year, was to shake a couple frames of bees, plus the frame the queen was on with Her Majesty, and place that in origional hive location....
  9. Re: Holy schnikies. 3 1/2 quarts in 4 hours?!

    Wow! I have had hives take 2 quarts in an afternoon, but those are some hungry bees!
  10. Re: Left dead hive in beeyard - suddenly bees galore!

    First year, had a pile of boxes out in the yard, one day they just moved right in! Next year split it 6 ways
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    One swarm or two?

    We picked up this swsrm today, but called another beekeeper, he said it probably was one swarm, but we seperated it just in case. Wanted to know what some other beekeepers think!
  12. Re: Moving one hive three miles - technique?

    JBrawn, good for you!

    Here's how we do it:
    use a ratchet strap going over the whole thing, duck tape the entrance at night, (using screen would be better...) load them in the back of a pickup,...
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    Re: Winter losses hitting hard this winter.

    the fact of OAV being harmful to the queen is almost a given because any treatment for mites is harmful to bees in some form because bees and these mites are both invertebrates, right?

    it just...
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    Winter losses hitting hard this winter.

    Last fall we had 10 hives and 4 nuc's, now all but 3 of them are gone. We had a pretty mild winter here, through the early part temps hit the "sweet spot" of 40 degrees F, all had adequit stores,...
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    Re: Goals for 2017 - What are yours?

    Me, the experience with foundationless Cole was a bad one. Frames just seem to get a lot of drone comb, more than half on a quite a few frames as well as many are off center, and really don't work...
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    Re: Goals for 2017 - What are yours?

    Neighbor beekeeper bought a pallet load from dadant, gonna get in on his deal!
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    Re: Goals for 2017 - What are yours?

    My goals in the past are very widespread, and I have learned a lot from mistakes in it.

    The goals i have this year may be tainted by the fact that many of my hives have died.

    My goals for 2017...
  18. Re: minimum nuc requirememnts(make as many as possible)

    That would be the definition of a mating nuc.

    Follow the correct procedures of course, like having drone producing hives in the area, not just trusting what's "out there". Define frames, Deep or...
  19. Re: What kind of bees does Don Fat bee man have?

    didn't know bees could be used as vhs tapes LOL! :D

    Don seems to have good bees, but this is a pretty plain point: if these bees are treated, and you did not treat them, then yes, most reports of...
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    Re: Making Extreme Spilts with 2 Frame Nucs

    Just gonna say up front, this is MHO, and I didn't read all the posts.

    Starting with 20 hives, and using 5 for increase? What's your death rate? The rest aren't going out for coffee and doughnuts,...
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    Re: Cheapest way to get more bees

    *deep breath* OK, so skimmed a few posts and understand you are from southern MI, and you have / had last fall 3 hives, assuming deep frames and 2 10- frame overwinter size.

    1. Do not buy bees...
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    Re: Question / Poll - Nuc or Package?

    This is the first report i have ever heard of someone actually selling medium nucs, not to mention they died...

    New beekeepers who buy one or two nucs and receive as many "wonky" frames, i...
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    Re: Quilt Boxes - History

    There is a man near here who used them with his father 30-40 years ago, although they didn't call them quilt boxes, that's what they are.
  24. Re: Medium/deep conflict: comb production via nucs

    that is exactly what I was trying to say. it was not to step on anyone's feet and say these methods are untrue: just that not every detail usually cannot be replicated to work exactly the same way.
  25. Re: expanding your beeyards next spring - 10-20 hives or more?? or even MORE????

    ok, not talking about 100 nucs here... but 30 or so double deep hives would be great with selling 15 to 20 to pay for things, maybe keeping some nucs in 6 frame boxes.

    all the hives and nucs are...
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