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  1. Re: Too much bottom bee space - how much of a problem?

    it's not a problem at all. Just gives the extra bees space to congregate. You might get some burr comb, but it's doubtful.
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    Re: Virginia queen breeders

    I'm far from being a queen "breeder", but I do raise queens off my treatment free stock in Smithfield. I work in Hampton just off I-64.
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    Re: New member KTBH

    Hi Mike!

    Just so everyone doesn't freak out, Tina Sebestyen wrote in the May 2020 Bee Culture Magazine about placing the Lang frames upside down.
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    Re: Horizontal hive management question

    This is the double wide Long Lang that JW was referring to. It has 17 deep brood frames in the bottom box and the ability to have 2 side by side 8 frame honey supers stacked as tall as you want...
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    Re: crush and strain methods

    I harvest one or two combs at a time. I use more of a slice and drain method to get the majority of the liquid honey to drip down through cookie sheets and then I mash up the remaining pieces and...
  6. Re: Help me decide which format of horizontal to do

    The bottom dark blue box is the depth of deep framess, but not necessarily tradition frames. I have some medium frames in there with no bottom rail so they extend the comb as far as they can, the...
  7. Re: Assuming Top Bar is not the worst thing in the world, what are the actual p & c?

    It's a different type of beekeeping. If you are only in it for the maximum honey crop, go with something you can super, put frames in, and spin with an extractor.

    Many of the people I mentor are...
  8. Re: cover observation hives to keep out light?

    When I had mine at the garden center where I work, when the hive first gets installed, we keep the sides covered for about 3 days as the bees get used to where the entrance is at. After that, they...
  9. Re: Help me decide which format of horizontal to do

    Depending on your reasoning for abandoning deep Langstroth boxes (age, injury, just not fun anymore) you might consider the "double wide" horizontal that I run for honey production. I can't lift...
  10. Re: Help me decide which format of horizontal to do

    grouping these two together was a mistake, in my opinion. I find them to function a bit differently, but many Lang beekeepers seem to think horizontal with frames and topbar hives sans frames are...
  11. Re: Allergic after 6 years of beekeeping. HELP

    Many people have been able to take it back up after immunotherapy, allergy shots of bee venom to get your body used to the sting.
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    Re: Swarm cell location in a top bar hive

    you will find them along the edge of the comb, not just on the bottom.


  13. Re: How Fast will Package Build Comb in Top Bar

    Once things warm up a bit, they should be drawing 3-4 combs per week. Right now, they probably only have a small paddle under the festoon of bees.
  14. Re: What race of queen is this? What does an Afracanized queen look like?

    I have several queens in my apiary that look like that. I call them my tiger stripe queens. I intentionally don't run "Italian bees" because I don't want to have to feed them over the summer dearth...
  15. Thread: Epi-Pen

    by ruthiesbees

    Re: Epi-Pen

    It has helped. A sting or two on my knee will keep it good for about 3 weeks. I also use the topical Venex cream that Michael Simics out of Canada produces.
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    Re: Thinking About Long Langstroth

    I am enjoying my "double-side" Long Lang for honey production (I run mostly topbar hives). The bottom box is a custom made one that fits 17 deep frames. It was designed to allow 2-eight frame...
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    Re: Beekeeping educators stepping up

    I've made available on Youtube the 12 part training class on Grafting Queens for the Backyard Beekeeper taught by Dr Sean Kenny, from Jan 2019. He is a contributor here on Beesource and is a great...
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    Re: How much is too much drone brood?

    I run mostly topbar hives here in Virginia. Since I do not use foundation, it is not uncommon for the bees to have a lot of drone comb in my hives, which I am OK with since I raise queens. If you...
  19. Re: Round Observation Hive with topbar combs

    hocdkeyfan, if I were adding a package of bees to an empty cylindrical hive as this, I'd be very concerned about brood comb. But the way this one will work is that the 8 bars will be drawn out in a...
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    Re: How often to re-bate swarm trap

    Try some Swarm Commander. It is expensive, but very effective (and don't spill it in your car or you won't be able to keep the windows down without bees coming inside)
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    Re: Cluster Temperature Probe

    I use this one from It has a flexible wire to allow me to place it where the queen is at (and hopefully the brood chamber stays for the winter). I don't always link them up to...
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    Re: Nursery cage

    They were sold out when I looked 2 weeks ago, but I guess they got more in. Currently showing 3 avail. Keep in mind, I haven't tried it yet, so can't say how well the plastic holds together.
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    Re: Nursery cage

    Each little compartment houses a queen, similar to the individual blocks that the OP showed. You would never take all the covers off at one time. The grid on the other side does not allow nurse...
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    Re: Dark colony of bees (Carniolan?)

    my Buckfast queens have some dark workers like this, as do my Caucasian queens. (Both lines are from New River Honey Bees and were mated there in WV.)
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    Re: Nursery cage

    I bought this contraption off ebay this year for banking queens. It fits a deep Lang and I think it holds something like 35-40 queens.


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