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  1. Re: Bees are omnivores and need the Amino Acids from microbes in bee bead.

    Perhaps we can cultivate strains to make superior patties. The surprise at bees being an omnivore is weird. They should have known that already.
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    Re: splits in the same yard

    Yup shake those nurse bees.
  3. Re: OAD dosage and unwise to do a dribble during a dearth?

    I recommend feeding syrup before and during your dribble period. If the bees are hard up on carbs they will try to consume some of the dribble if made with sugar syrup and it is rough on them.
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    Re: Apivar Dosage question

    One treatment is all it takes if properly done
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    Re: Source for equipment dipping.

    I did 50-50 and won't be doing anything different any time soon it works great. our tank isn't fancy but it can do 3 boxes and I am super happy with the results.
  6. Legal documents for beeyards.

    Hi all, I was trying to find what or where the best document(s) for beekeepers and land owners can use to cover everyone in case of damages. Thanks in advance.
  7. Re: You guys that raise Autumn queens: When do you graft?

    I prefer to have my end of season queens mating during our fall flow which is primarily September. They can be sold or utilized in our own apiary this late here in North middle Tennessee. If I want...
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    Re: Hello from California

    Welcome to the world of honeybees Susanna!
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    Re: Cat Urine

    For sure! Nasty! Cat poop and urine probably would kill mites I'd bet though
  10. Sticky: Re: treating vs. not treating for mites: opinion thread

    I agree with Oldtimer. We also have found that it takes a OAV treatment every 3-4 days for 3 weeks to make the mite populations drop down where they need to be. Very laborious on hundreds of colonies...
  11. Cheap pro sweet in Clarkson KY.

    Hi all, just got 3.5 tons of pro sweet from Kelleys/mannlake in Clarkson KY. The price is 38 cents a 100lb. Cheaper if you buy alot more. The folks at Kelleys like Jennifer, Paul, and Kathryn are...
  12. Re: Why did my bees die - summer edition

    Viruses or efb we never throw away the combs. Just let them air out for a while. AFB would be a different story but thankfully none of that has ever been here. I just sent in some comb and bee...
  13. Re: Why did my bees die - summer edition

    I truthfully cannot be certain with the pictures. When I see viruses I typically see multiple problems, uncapped purple-eyed stage brood, bald brood, EFB melted down larvae, chalkbrood, and sometimes...
  14. Re: Why did my bees die - summer edition

    Alot of nucs are made off of Almond bees so mite levels and viruses could easily be out of control. Especially if the keeper was feeding patties thru winter. Just in my season my strong hives can...
  15. Re: Why did my bees die - summer edition

    Right and if the colony is weak and the viruses have taken hold even if you killed the mites the colony would be extremely hard to fix. We don't even bother fixing them if we happen to see one. We do...
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    Re: DIY Honey bottling bucket.

    Here Kathleen is bottling honey with our homemade bottling bucket. Also a link to the cheap Jars (glass and plastic) in southern TN
  17. Re: Evodia Finally Blooms This Year

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    Re: DIY Honey bottling bucket.

    Ah hairdryer that makes sense. Good tip. Yeah, Kathleen loves hanging out with me and the honeybees so i am trying to soak it up before she grows up!
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    DIY Honey bottling bucket.

    Building a bottling bucket with my daughter Kathleen. Video is 3 minutes.
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    Re: Best Bee Smoker

    Big dadant
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    Re: Hello from James Bond

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    Re: Want More Honey

    Just because they are uncapped does not mean they are not ready. You would be surprised how often I test uncapped frames with a refractometer and they are plenty dried out. To get a bigger honeycrop...
  23. Re: How much honey to give your hive land sponsors

    I give mine 2 gallon in bottles. Good bee yards and nice folks to work with are important. Keep their place clean. I tell them if they run out to let me know and I will get them more. We stick 50...
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    Re: Simple Harmony Farms uncapper

    It works well on nice combs but so does everything else. Very quick. My wife doesn't like lack of wax gained from extracting. On soft thin celled combs used exclusively for honey it does a good job....
  25. Re: Odd Comb on Plastic Foundation

    Keys to good straight combs are, A well mated queen, a good flow or feed program, fresh wax foundation or nicely coated plastic foundations. After years of wiring wax foundation I grew to hate it...
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