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    Re: Catching and Marking Queens

    Some tips on using the one handed queen catcher. Open the gate all the way and hold the queen catcher so the face is parallel to the comb. Instead of scoping the queen in, just set the queen...
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    Re: Catching and Marking Queens

    I wait until they are laying and I transfer them out of the mating nuc. Richard Noel has a video where he is marking them as soon as they emerge in the incubator and he says its never been a problem...
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    Re: Catching and Marking Queens

    Sometimes I catch them by hand, sometimes I use the one handed queen catcher. I think it is much easier to mark them by hand, however in the one handed catcher I can set her aside safe and sound...
  4. Re: Top-bar hive flipped over by the wind! (January 8th, Wake Forest, NC)

    Are you sure it was the wind and not vandals? That hive looks like it should have some weight to it. It was sitting some 10" or so from the cinder blocks. The lid was still oriented properly, also...
  5. Re: How long can a colony stay alive without fresh air?

    I don't know how long it will take, but carbon dioxide build up will be what kills the bees, not lack of oxygen. Long before they run out of O2 they will have lethal levels of CO2. The question is...
  6. Re: Video - long hives inside the buildling - warm way setup.

    Same. The Youtube app on my TV is the main thing I watch now. My attention span is about seven, maybe eight minutes tops, so Youtube was made for me.
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    Re: beekeeping within city limits

    Look into what your state laws are regarding beekeeping first. The state laws can offer guidelines for local regulations.

    A few states (mine is one) have a state law that counties,...
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    Re: Keeping bees out of a swimming pool

    The neighbor's pool is 200' (60m) from my hive. I tried buckets and various water sources at about 100' (30m) distance. What finally worked was to get a Walmart kiddie wading pool the same blue...
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    Re: Screws or staples for advantech nucs?

    Glue, pre-drill and countersink, and screw. If you have a stapler then a couple of staples will help align things while you pre-drill and screw, but I wouldn't run out and buy one just for that. ...
  10. I have enough colonies. I suck at grafting. I...

    I have enough colonies. I suck at grafting. I want to improve my queen grafting success rate from 20% to better than 50%. I also plan to build more mating nucs so I can handle a higher success rate....
  11. Re: Hi from California (originally from Norway)

    I recommend you start with two hives. If start up costs are a concern then try and catch a swarm for your second. Cornell University's Dr. Tom Seeley has a good paper about trapping swarms.

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    Re: Buckets or Jars?

    See if one of the local breweries would like to take it off your hands. They'll prefer to buy it in the buckets. Problem solved + sold.
  13. Anybody use sunflower beehive entrance reducers? Good? Junk?

    Looking to hear experience with these before I order. They are only in 8 frame size, but I run 8 frame.
  14. Re: Advice for sealing concrete floor extraction room

    If you DIY you can do that for about $1 per square foot. You can spread the work and expense out over a couple of months.
  15. Re: How you winter in 300x300 setup - a beauty.

    Those look to be just like a Warre except the box height. I judge the comb to be about 80mm x 260mm. Do you know the actual frame size?
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    Re: Low cost bee box construction

    I have used 2x12s for deeps and 2x10s for mediums because it is sometimes cheaper than the 1x lumber, but I have a bandsaw and planer to mill them to 3/4". But the least expensive is to use...
  17. Re: It was the best of times, it was the worst of times- wisdom and folly from 2019

    Out of respect. Beekeeper mistake. She deserved a memorial.

    All of my queens go into a small vial of alcohol. The alcohol will absorb her pheremones. I use it for swarm lure. Even...
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    Re: Whats your definition of feral bees?

    If they don't come when I whistle and call "here girl" then they are feral. Where they live or how often I disturb their living quarters isn't really a factor.
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    Re: Mouse invades hive. Watch it happen!

    That's what I do. I shoot a few brad nails into the entrance reducer, then nip them off flush.
  20. It appears that Mann Lake Cyber Monday has been extended. You haven't missed yet.

    I thought I missed it. But when I went there I see that it has been extended until the 4th.
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    Re: Community Apiary

    I think a community apiary is a good idea but it will require some ground rules and you should definitely consult your county apiary inspector about that. The very last thing you want in a community...
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    Re: Maximum Crop & Earthquake Proof Hive Stand

    What that thing needs is a hive cavity inside that head and neck. Bee breathing dragon.
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    Re: best way to 2:1 feed in-hive?

    Instead of giving up the frames to fit a frame feeder I'll put three double wide frame feeders in a super and put it on. They'll empty all three is as many days. I got two Ceracel hive top...
  24. Thread: Cover Foil

    by JConnolly

    Re: Cover Foil

    I appears that in most cases where I've seen the plastic covers being used the hive top is very well insulated. I've seen that some beekeepers Europe are using flexible clear perspex covers. I...
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    Re: The right number of hives to keep it fun

    My grandfather was a commercial beekeeper and I learned under his tutorship what it took to do this as a profession, so I became and engineer and this is strictly a hobby, I intentionally work at...
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