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    Re: Greetings from Northern CA

    Welcome gritter, I'm just SE of you.
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    Re: Honey Harvest Tips/Timing

    What I do is, I take out an empty medium to my hives. I pop open a hive, take one frame out at a time, put it into the empty medium box. I remove the now empty super that is on the hive, put on the...
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    Re: Did I kill my Queen? NNOOOOO!

    Yup, when I got my queen marking thingy, I practice every year on drones first. Sorry for your loss, I know how frustrating it can be. I've been lucky so far. I'm usually so nervous when I attempt...
  4. Re: How to return some unextracted frames to hive?

    I've done what ericweller has suggested. I just hated to see the comb get all torn to bits, but it works.
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    Re: What are they doing???

    Sorry, BF Hornets, were the 'they', was in a hurry. Yes, BF Hornets can have huge nests.
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    Re: What are they doing???

    Those are Bald Faced Hornets, they eat yellow jackets. We have them here, and I watched with interest as one had a fight with a yellow jacket, then proceeded to eat it. Was really neat to watch. ...
  7. Re: NOT being built like a linebacker helps sometimes

    Thanks Pat, I really enjoy watching your videos, thanks for sharing!
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    Re: Ok to use battery in jeep for OAV?

    I do the same with my car, drive right up to the front of the hives, attach jumper cables, have to do that because of fencing between hives and car, then attach OAV thingy to cables and off we go. I...
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    Re: What kind of bee is this?

    Like Elmer said, it does sort of look like a fly. Where I am located we have Carpenter Bees that are all black. I did a search on line for black bees, got this image of a carpenter bee. 50995
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    Re: Are these Ground Bees or Wasps?

    first two photos are honey bees, on the flowers, the last one is a yellow jacket. If the yellow jacket nest is in a place that is not going to cause problems, leave it alone. If it's underfoot,...
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    Re: Hornet Nest

  12. Re: I dropped my queen outside my hive in the grass

    When I first started, went to inspect a hive, lifted off the top cover, then the inner cover. Gosh, Wonder why all those bees are clustered on the inner cover?? Whoops! the inner cover slipped out...
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    Re: Mango Honey?

    Interesting, keep us posted.
  14. Re: Not sure how to manage these hives, photos included

    What a mess. I'd scrape off all that wax and honey, that is sitting on the top of those frames. No bottom bar, that seems strange, but I still consider myself a newbee, so maybe it's just something...
  15. Re: Taking off supers. Were do all those bees go?

    What I do is, I put an empty super under the bee escape board. I worry about the same thing, where will all the, seemingly overpopulation, bees will fit.
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    Re: Stuff in the honey; what to do

    Yes, use Paint strainers, or micron filters for 5 gallon buckets. First year I crushed and used a paint mixer, but I strained with one of those 400 micron filters that fit into a 5 gallon bucket. ...
  17. Re: Parts for Dadant Junior Bench extractor

    Thank you WTS and odfrank! I've the manual, and know which part numbers I need. Thanks for the phone number odfrank, I'll call them directly in the morning. Yes I agree WTS, all the Dadant...
  18. Parts for Dadant Junior Bench extractor

    Has anyone ordered parts for the above extractor?? It's Sunday, August 4th. I was going to extract, brought the equipment into the house, started to set up, and.............................. I...
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    Re: Hello from CA

    Welcome SaltyDitchDr, North, South or Central?? I'm way up North.
  20. Re: Quit hatin' on my old, trashy trap cones..lololol

    Thanks Pat, great video, and education. I was wondering if the queen would come out, along with everyone else in a trap out. Now I know it doesn't always happen. Thanks again for sharing!
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    Re: Not enough honey stored; what to do?

    I'm giving my hives Dadant Winter Patties, I neglected to make Lauri's sugar bricks this year. Usually I make Lauri's bricks and give each hive enough to cover about 3/4 of the frames. This year I...
  22. Re: Sweet Success! 1st time collecting honey.

    Always fun to extract and see all that honey. Interesting how the honey varies from year to year too. Last year my honey was dark, this year it is all light.
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    Re: can't believe it.. honey!

    Thanks for the video, but how deep do you go when you 'peel' off the cappings. I did scratch them off, first year I'd used a cappings scratcher and not a knife. I'm filtering the honey as it comes...
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    Re: Took a chainsaw to these bees!!!

    Sorry, but I'm too much of a novice to give you an informed opinion. I've NEVER collected an open swarm, let alone a cut out. I think you did the right thing, at least from the video it looks like...
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    Re: Took a chainsaw to these bees!!!

    That is a VERY COOL video, thanks so much for sharing.
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