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  1. Re: How long a brood break is sufficient to break mite cycle

    You two guys are touching on some very important things about brood breaks that many folks miss.
    1. Not many mites are "dying of old age" during a brood break. Data indicates they live through 3-8...
  2. Re: Quality Queen Cells with Small Nuc as Cell Starter?

    One clarification to what msl said about selection for VSH in the pol-line bees.
    They started by crossing the VSH bees (as measured by the percentage of reproducing varroa mother mites - the Harbo...
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    Re: Queen laying patern

    What you see is normal, the open areas are where bees have emerged. The queen should be re-laying in those areas. The pictures of solid frames of brood often seen are where the queen is filling empty...
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    Re: Virginia queen breeders

    I raise VSH Queens in Powhatan.
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    Re: mixing different foundation cell sizes

    What JW said +1
    There are a bunch of choices, some work over time, some don't have supporting data (make a statistical difference).
    They keep getting recycled because they are "feel good" things...
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    Re: Selling five frame Nucs.

    One thing to check is your state inspection requirements. Some states don't have inspection requirements for hives that are yours but may require inspection if you are selling bees, queens, or bees...
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    Re: Laying Worker(s) and Queen Cells

    What Oldtimer said +1
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    Re: New Nuc swarming our of hive

    The queen "in a queen box" may be part of the issue. A nuc is (hopefully) five frames of bees, brood in all stages, with resources.
    In short, a functioning mini colony including the queen that has...
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    Re: Queen excluder on the bottom

    A Queens thorax is what is to large to fit through the excluder, it is pretty hard and does not get smaller in prep for swarming. Her abdomen does but it is flexible anyway since she has to fit it...
  10. Re: Can pictures of a sticky board tell you anything useful?

    Resolution in the forum is not good, Google photos is better but still not great, mostly normal trash, a few mites.
    Learn to do an alcohol wash, sticky boards can be a visual indicator but are not...
  11. Re: Possible recommended OA vaporizer dosage changes

    This last post #46 probably should be in the for sale area.
    Also not all wands are useless.
    Some are much better than others, often you get what you pay for.

    Method and application control is...
  12. Re: Simple Harmony Farms Uncapper product Review

    Your link shows 30 search results, which one were you trying to suggest?
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    Re: ProNuc as Swarm Trap?

    Volume is too small.
  14. Re: I requeened the meanest queen in the yard

    Maybe you should requeen it before her drones spread genes around in your area.
  15. Sticky: Re: ATTN: New beekeepers with screened bottom boards

    Vaporizing through the bottom screen can cause a lot of the crystals to plate out on the screen and not make it into the hive. The screen metal acts as a heat sink, the vapors cool and the...
  16. Thread: Forest bees

    by John Davis

    Re: Forest bees

    Ants also carry off mites from drop count boards, another reason why mite counts are not an accurate way to judge mite infestation in a colony.
    Gard star under the hives will help a lot with...
  17. Re: Any alternatives to Kelley F style foundationless frames?

    Take any wedge top frame, turn the wedge sideways to be the comb guide.
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    Re: How to make feeding less of a chore?

    Keep it simple.
    2:1 usually needs "extra" heat to get all the sugar to dissolve and it will sometimes precipitate out over time.
    Try what Mike Palmer suggests.
    Put sugar in a container, note the...
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    Re: Questions Concerning Candy

    Since we don't know what YouTube videos you followed we don't know if you are making some type of cooked syrup/fondant or sugar brick.
    Fondant production is temperature critical just like making...
  20. Re: backyard beek trying to raise splits/swarm cells?

    I would suggest that you start simply and slowly.
    Start with a "artificial swarm" by making a small split of the old queen and three frames of brood with stores with plenty of bees because the...
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    Re: Shipping queens - room for improvement

    Anybody have access to the two articles linked above without paying 35-40 dollars?
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    Re: Queens and cleansing flights?

    Her attendants clean her
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    Re: Storing built out frames

    Btk (Dipel, thuricide, etc) also works on moth larvae.
    Bti is for mosquitoes.
    None of the three (Bta included) are labeled for use on bees, comb or wax moths.
  24. Re: How long after pollen starts before queen starts laying?

    What Jim said.
    They use pollen stored in the hive and are raising brood before pollen starts coming in in the spring.
  25. Re: Varroa Mitigation Entrance using Nail Brushes

    Regular sugar dusting is a feel good but ineffective and labor intensive tactic. See study by Jamie Ellis at the University of Florida.
    Drone brood culling does help slow down the mite increase but...
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