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  1. Re: Transporting a couple of bees for Apitherapy question

    My gram used to do this for a few of the older ladies in the church. She would have a toilet paper tube in a mason jar that was wet down as well as a good drizzle of honey. She would put it up to a...
  2. Re: Need some experienced input on a queenless situation

    I would see what they do with the frame of eggs you gave them. I suspect that there is probably queens in their they just haven't started laying yet. Especially if there was after swarms with the...
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    Re: HELP! Very Lethargic Package

    Cancel your ordered queen!!! You need to calm down the manipulations. These are new hives trying to get established. Let them grow. Once they get at least a couple deeps drawn out you could think...
  4. Re: Cooling of interior by frequent inspection - every 5 days?

    They will be fine. Do you have multiple hives? I would limit my every 5 days to only one hive. The knowledge you will get from this is worth more than whatever small setback it might cause the colony...
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    Re: Can 2019 Nosema infect 2020 Hive?

    Varroa alone could cause all the symptoms you just explained in a crashing hive. Without that test you will honestly never know. Just keep an eye out and maybe send in a couple samples throughout the...
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    Re: Package re-queening question

    Shake the whole hive through a queen excluder stapled to the bottom of an empty deep hive body. The queen will be the only one who can't make it through. If no queen exists try putting the queen cage...
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    Re: Package re-queening question

    I think something very important is being ignored with all these "put her in a nuc and wait till sunday to see if they draw cells". This is a PACKAGE!! These bees are OLD! They need a queen ASAP and...
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    Re: Hive Split Too Soon?

    You may or may not have enough bees in there to make a "decent" queen. If however you do end up with a laying queen you may need to supplement them with a frame or 2 of emerging brood to boost their...
  9. Re: Why haven't more beekeepers been inspired by The Sustainable Apiary

    One MAJOR thing to keep in mind with M.P. is he is an established beekeeper with a supply of DRAWN COMBS. Not to mention location can play a role we are blessed flow wise in Vt. You will struggle...
  10. Re: Does size of queen limit size of daughters?

    I think the problem with small queens ( one of them anyways) is not that they can't be "good" but about how quickly they run out of steam. Pretty sure queen size depends on several factors such as...
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    Re: Loose Queen in package always Virgin?

    Is the caged queen already dead?
  12. Re: Securing (especially tall) hives for wind - here’s how we did it

    Nice setup I might have to try this. Last fall I had a 4 story nuc setup fall over in a high wind. Should have had it braced better. Live and learn.
  13. Re: Someone destroyed my Nuc box and probably killed a hive

    Look for the nearest a-hole, I own the whole world neighbor.
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    Re: New package swarmed

    I would feed them heavily and keep them sealed in for a couple days. Other option is if you have a queen excluder put it on the bottom of the brood box between it and the bottom board. That will seal...
  15. Re: Will the coronavirus negatively affect the beekeeping industry?

    That mentality is the UNDERLYING ISSUE!!! You were always "on your own" or better put "responsible for your own well being". If you're relying on gov to save you just remember these are the people...
  16. Re: Will the coronavirus negatively affect the beekeeping industry?

    Did they die? Let me take a swing in the dark and guess NO. Therefore i don't know what you're trying to get at. That doesn't affect what i said. I didn't say it was impossible for the younger to...
  17. Re: Will the coronavirus negatively affect the beekeeping industry?

    Most bee sales are done by now so I doubt people will be stuck with packages and nucs they can't sell. The reaction to this virus has been worse than the underlying virus itself. Maybe if everyone...
  18. Re: Will the coronavirus negatively affect the beekeeping industry?

    It will only affect what we stupidly allow it to. Let me ask you what seems more intelligent. Option a we close down the whole economy and force perfectly healthy people who have a zero chance of...
  19. Thread: Drone comb

    by vtbeeguy

    Re: Drone comb

    Give them somewhere to lay drones and in my experience you find less between the boxes in burr comb. A couple frames shouldn't hurt anything. Maybe yank them out at some point when laid up fully and...
  20. Re: Bee-L member requesting Beekeepers donate their extra N95 Masks - DON'T DO IT!!!!

    I live life dangerously I OAV without a mask (i'm careful however I don't recommend doing it that way). I also could give a crap less about this Wuhan flu bs. The reaction to the virus is worse than...
  21. Re: Varroa Mitigation Entrance using Nail Brushes

    This idea as with the Bee Gym and others are ignoring several things about the mites and how they act that make these methods worthless. Mites aren't just riding along on top or even the bottom of...
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    Re: wet and gooey beebread?

    Def doesn't wash out. I had a similar experience where a couple pollen combs from a deadout were all moldy. Only thing to do was to scrape the comb and pollen from the bad spots. The bees will fix...
  23. Re: Update on poisoned hive- Help Needed- Please

    You need to either find the queen in the big hive and take her and a frame or 2 of bees and brood to a nuc box (make them think they swarmed) or leave it alone and let them swarm themselves. Problem...
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    Re: Hive Set Up for Package Bees

    As you have already got half a dozen suggestions on configurations so why not throw my $.02 as well. I would do very similar to what JW suggested. Only thing I would do different is 2 or 3 frames of...
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    Re: Caution about opening hives in winter?

    It's a misunderstanding imo. What they were telling her is "don't open up your hives and pull frames out during winter unless it hits around 60. She took it as being "don't open the hive at all...
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