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  1. Re: Adding wax to Rite Cell waxed foundation

    Check out this video by David Burns. He is a certified master beekeeper...
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    Re: attach trap to tree

    Here is a link to the best method I have seen...

    Jason does a great job explaining how he hangs his traps.
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    Re: Why did some of my honey crystallize?

    You are welcome. Glad it was of use for you.
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    Re: Why did some of my honey crystallize?

    I am not sure that this PDF will answer your questions but it is excellent on explaining honey crystallization...

    I have had...
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    Re: Northern Illinois Slower This year?

    I am in northern Missouri and I am finding the same circumstances. I put about 2 pulled foundation supers on most hives this year and then added a box of just foundation. I think I have had one or...
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    Re: Ebay extractors under $200?

    I bought a cheep one off Amazon and sent it back after using it one time. It was hand crank and was not worth the money in my opinion. I know some people on here think they are worth it but it was...
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    Re: Hi from St. Louis, MO

    Start here to find a local club...

    There are several in the St. Louis area.

    Good luck.
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    Re: Incubator and humidity

    That is great information Oldtimer. Thanks for taking the time to reply!
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    Re: Bees Cleaning Extractor...

    Do not put the extractor near any hives. It could lead to robbing after the extractor is clean.

    I have had the bees clean buckets and the extractor in the past and it always kills a lot of bees...
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    Re: Question on black locust

    This is an interesting question. I am in a rural area and my property has many black locust trees. I thought the black locust flow was short in my area this year (less than a week) and the honey...
  11. Re: Making Mason Jar feeders with a .22lr. Where can we purchase the brass inserts?h

    Here is a link to Randy Oliver's site that shows some pictures and information on the feeder. Scroll down to see the information...
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    Re: Moving swarm from deep nuc to mediums

    If it was me and I wanted them on medium frames going forward I would go ahead and take the small chance that they would abscond. Just be aware that there is that small chance. I run all most all...
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    Re: Moving swarm from deep nuc to mediums

    If you just put them on new foundation you are not loosing much time if you move them soon. The longer you wait the more drawn comb you have lost.

    I suppose there is always a chance they could...
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    Re: Basic question about smokers

    Here is a link to a post about how to clean a smoker. It is the only blog type post I can remember coming across about how to clean a smoker. I have never done it this way. I just remember seeing...
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    Re: Requeening with Caged Queen

    New queens can be mated or virgin. It depends upon what you buy. The push in cage will only work if the queen is mated prior to you getting her.
  16. Re: Is it possible to attach queen cages to the plastic JZ BZ queen cups?

    I asked a similar but not exactly the same question earlier this year. Here is a link to that thread. The thread contains a link to a couple of other threads that were interesting and I think...
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    Re: SHB and extraction, same day.

    You can extract honey from supers that you pull the same day or even the next day in my area. However do not leave the capping laying around. You will have SHB larvae hatching in those if they are...
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    Re: raising hives a foot or so

    Some bees will be slightly disorientated at the start but they will find their way back fairly quickly. It should not be a set back that will harm the bees at all.
  19. Re: How do I get bees to attach comb to sides and bottom of wooden frames ?

    I have tried this method also but not had as good of luck with it all the time. I have heard that it works well for others but for some reason I have not had as good results. It is easy for me to...
  20. Re: How do I get bees to attach comb to sides and bottom of wooden frames ?

    I scrap a little brace comb off and put it between the comb and the place I want it attached. The bees will usually take the hint and attach the comb around the brace comb. You might have to do this...
  21. Re: Foundationless - 100% Drone Comb - Bush Method

    Alternate them with the brood frames. The bees will pull straight comb on the foundationless frames then. I always put new foundationless frames between frames of brood when possible.
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    Re: Any easy way to dry honey

    It would be just like hanging a towel to dry in the bathroom. The moisture from the honey will evaporate. Tim is helping to process by creating an air flow through the honey and lowering the humidity...
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    Re: Simple Harmony Farms uncapper First Test

    Thanks for the review. I would also like to see the video when you get it posted.

    Were there very many cappings in the honey after extracting? How would it compare to using a hot knife?
  24. Re: Foundationless - 100% Drone Comb - Bush Method

    That is not surprising at all. If there is no other drone comb in the hive they will usually pull drone comb on foundation less if given the chance.
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    Re: Entrance Reducer...

    That is an interesting idea. I have not heard that used. Being you are from Canada, I assume you are not running screen bottom boards. Is my assumption correct? I wonder how that idea would work in...
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