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    Re: 8 frame equipment

    I agree, I have some 13 3/4 covers from Dadant that do not fit my Mann lake boxes.
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    Re: OAV overdose?

    For a few years now after removing my honey supers in mid August I begin oav about every five days or so depending on weather and my other responsibilities and continue until the end of October and...
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    Re: queen excluders

    I use metal and clean them with a hive tool I have never tried plastic.

    I think next year I will try the blow torch.
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    Re: Urgent Varroa Mite Question

    Well I more or less agree with Arnie but I would treat every 4 days from now until the wearher prevents it regardless of the drop count or until I got zero drops.
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    Re: When Should I Wrap My Hives??

    Well my bees are in Michigan I wrapped my first year and had moisture issues. I have not wrapped since and have not lost a hive over winter. I do use foam under the top cover on some and quilt boards...
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    Re: Lithium chloride as miticide

    I donít think the OP claimed he was a scientist simply a beekeeper sharing an experience that he thought others might find interesting.
  7. Re: What Pollen Are They Gathering Now In NE?

    If you google pollen color chart there several listed.
  8. Re: What Pollen Are They Gathering Now In NE?

    Try you can get a local report.
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    Re: Weighing Beehives-Winter Weight

    My hive stand configuration does not allow me to use the type of scale MP uses but I do weigh my hives and have for the last five years. I use a digital game scale to weigh front and back then add...
  10. Re: I think today my bees swarmed today. Now confused!

    As rwlaw suggested the first thing you need to do is check for swarm cells. If you find capped cells than there is a good chance they swarmed. Look for the queen if you can not find her then you need...
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    Re: Why use a Flume "board"?

    Commercial fume boards also are made to be warmed by the sun and hasten the evaporation of the fumigate. I use them because they work well.
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    Re: What else should I do?

    I think JWP gave you good advice. Buy two mated queens and split your hive while you still have time. If you still have a queen which appears unlikely the queens will sort things out.
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    Re: Straining honey

    Great tip. Thank you.
  14. Re: How long to freeze frames from a laying worker hive?

    I use two days minimum, I not only want to kill the brood but also wax moth and beetle eggs or larva. When laying worker hives dwindle they are not able to protect the hive as well.
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    Re: Laying Worker?

    I shake the bees off the frames and freeze them before returning them to a hive.
  16. Re: Using a Quiet Box (instead of a frame rest) and hives drapes - makes a difference

    I agree. I made my box extra deep so as not to damage queen cells.
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    Re: Reverse queen splits

    The op asked in the opening post whether or not he should tear down capped queen cells or not some of us believe keeping them is the best choice. I think LJ agrees.
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    Re: Reverse queen splits

    I would use the swarm cells they give you a minimum of tens days head start and that equals a lot of bees. Besides they usually make good queens.
  19. Re: Do smokers spit out embers that can cause fires?

    I put a wad of wet burlap on top of my fuel as a filter.
  20. Re: Alcohol Wash vs. Counting Drone Larve

    I don’t know the answer to your question but am intrigued, later this spring I think I will do both checks at the same time and see what I get. My guess would be that the drone count should be higher...
  21. Re: Taking queen cells from one hive to another

    MB gave the advice you requested but if it were me I would try to purchase a queen.

    Try this phone number, it is for a North Carolina queen breeder, (252) 813-4726.
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    Re: Which way to go for jacket sizing?

    Why not just get a vail and use a seperate jacket that you know fits. There are many different vail configurations to choose from and you can vary your garments to suit the weather.
  23. Re: any records (max days) for a swarm to hang out?

    I had a swarm that left the hive in mid August, clustered at the top of a 30 foot spruce, drew comb on the branch and stayed until the weather killed them in November.
  24. Re: Are there vaporized Oxalic acid failures?

    I may be wrong but I assumed that the OP is a hobbist like myself with only a few hives to manage. With only a limited number of colonies to treat I do not find OAV unmanageable and for the five...
  25. Re: Are there vaporized Oxalic acid failures?

    I check and count mites before August to determine which of my hives control mites best, those I split from if I do splits but from August on I just treat. I want healthy winter bees and I expect...
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