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  1. Re: Any vibrating uncapping knife plans??

    what's the difference between and electric fillet knife and an electric carving knife? This is what I'm talking about. running a frame over a knife if you have any dips your still going to have...
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    Re: Tim Ives ?

    very active on fb still TF and still has monster hives
  3. Re: Out of about a 4lbs swarm only about 100-150 bees remain?

    yip the 150 or so bees that were remaining were forragers that returned after the colony jumped ship. I too always give a swarm a frame of brood, one helps me lock them in and 2 if they happen to be...
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    Re: Traveling with a Nuc

    I just throw em in the trailblazer with a screened hole on top and crank the ac drive a couple back to IL from MS about 11 hrs sprayed the screen with water whenever we stopped for gas. Being in the...
  5. Re: Any vibrating uncapping knife plans??

    Electric filled knife works great
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    Re: Queen problems. Can't figure it out

    Often times an unmated drone layer is t much bigger than a worker just like virgins are hard to spot which makes sense because they are a virgin... Much different than a poorly mated queen that...
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    Re: Oav with insect fogger

    You guys are missing the science behind it, doesn't matter how hot the device is OA won't go past its boiling point unless it's pressurized just like if you boil a pot of water with an accetlyne...
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    Re: Queen problems. Can't figure it out

    Half of my early splits resulted in drone laying queens and the bad part is they seem perfectly content so you gotta find her. What I've done in the past is move colony to the side place empty box...
  9. Re: Did a bad, bad thing! Any advice on treating leather bee gloves after water expos

    my leather gloves are like bricks everytime I put them on just from sweat from the previous inspection, they loosen right up after a few min of being worn.
  10. Re: How can you tell when bees are bringing in nectar?

    ha ha thanks.
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    Re: Help me find ONE package of bees please

    Central IL is a little far for a swarm call from Central Alabama dont you think?.
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    Re: Do new queens grow?

    Not only will she increase in size once laying but she can deflate in a matter of minutes if stressed so she is able to fly better
  13. Re: How long does a queen have to get mated?

    Yup typically 3 weeks max ...... This may be the only question you can get 10 beekeepers to agree on lol
  14. Re: swarm moved into my 10 frame deep hive

    who's theory is this? swarms will move right into a deadout with active colonies 18 in on either side of it.
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    Re: Bee bee trees

    well the rains came and now my tree which has survived 2 winters now looks to be dying this was the last of the original ones I purchased. My cutting are still leaving out so hopefully they will...
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    Re: Problem with vacuumed bees (sticky)

    if it sounds like your sucking up M&M's way to much suction :lpf:
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    Re: Laying workers in NEW queenless hive

    maybe you got a good supplier :lpf:
  18. Re: hives split - queen vendor not coming through - what to do now?

    Take a frame of eggs replace the frame with drawn comb will set you back exactly 1 day if you can't afford that, you got bigger problems than you realize
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    Re: 2 swarms into one trap?

    Mass orientation flights happens right after peak heat of the day
  20. Re: This was going to be the year I was going to give up........

    With time, you will get it and when you do its full steam ahead. I can with greater than 90 reliability know by then end of August which colonies will succumb to winter if I don't intervien
  21. Re: where do bees not caught with a swarm go?

    If it's from one of your hives and you got the queen they will eventually beg their way in somewhere are you sure you got the queen
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    Re: Not drawing comb on plastic foundations

    Slow cooker and roller is great for when you are doing a bunch of them, but here is a great way to do small quantities and field repairs right in the hive if you get spots that they are not drawing...
  23. Thread: Mile Rule

    by Harley Craig

    Re: Mile Rule

    I just put them were ever and cover the entrance with a pine branch they all reorient to the new location
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    Re: Normal to see a break in brood/laying?

    If it's a double and a small cluster like previously mentioned she will only lay what they can cover reduce the size of the box and it will help them grow more rapidly
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    Re: new queen vs laying worker sign

    You can have a new queen And LWS fooled me more than once
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