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    Re: Brushy Mountain Closing?

    A great supplier is Miller Bee Supply in Wilkesboro, NC. Beverly Miller (the owner) is a wonderful person. I am sure they will absorb some of the business that BM left with them shutting down.
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    Re: OAV and ousted dead mites

    3 treatments at 5 days will not cover the full brood cycle for the winter bees, nor drones. Do at least 6 total treatments with OAV every 5 days. It's probably too late to use Formic Pro (2 strips 14...
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    Re: Need help with heavy mite load

    You can also drop Formic Pro on that treats through capped brood just pull any feeders off during the 10 days
  4. Re: Goldenrod in NC.......Lots of Bloom But No Nectar?

    My experience has been honey bees won't work the early blooming goldenrods and the shorter ones. They have been on the 5-6 foot goldenrod. We have Solidago canadensis (canadian) and Solidago rigida...
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    Re: 2-1 Sugar Syrup

    Easy to make it in bulk at 1 gallon at a time. Syrup will be more than a gallon but assume you start with 1 gallon of water. 16 cups in a gallon of water. So to have two to one bee feed, you need 32...
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    Re: Video Movie- "More Than Honey"

    You can view the movie on Netflix. It's pretty good, worth watching I'd say. They also have the other movie silence of the bees on netflix.
  7. Re: How much honey should I leave for my bees for winter?

    I'd leave it all for the bees, better to leave them too much than for them to starve over winter, especially if you live in a cold part of the country. Besides, come spring the bees will eat through...
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    Re: Goldenrod vs. Knotweed

    It can grow in USDA zones 4-8 usually. Not really a fun plant to have per se since you have to have gloves on, the plant has prickly stems and leaves, it can also be pretty invasive. You'll have to...
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    Re: Oxalix Acid with Screened Bottom Board

    Just make sure your sliding tray is in underneath the SBB and you should be fine. Have an old tshirt to block the entrance to keep vapors inside for 3 mins then on to the next hive.
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    Re: Cleaning combs for storage

    Just put the honey supers and frames that need cleaning out back on the hives, the bees will clean them up and you can remove in a day or 2 and store them for winter. Make sure the frames if there is...
  11. Re: First Year Hive with 4 Brood Frames in a 10 Frame Box by August

    Brood pattern looks pretty spotty. You could try requeening now, but it really looks like your population isn't high enough to sustain queen laying. Either the queen is bad or you just don't have...
  12. Re: Stupid question: how many beekeepers are scared of bees?

    Not scared of them, but have been stung in the face before its not very fun when they do that.
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    Re: North Carolina NewBee

    It's pretty fun. You are about 35-40 mins from me. Nice to see more NC people here. Welcome.
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    Re: Buckwheat and Sumac...

    Nice. Just know that the honey will be super dark. I had an acre of buckwheat and pulled 2 supers of buckwheat honey, dark like molasses. Good thing about buckwheat it reseeds itself.
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    Re: SHB populations low this year?/Controlling methods suggestions, please/

    I've seen a few SHB in both my hives. No damage yet but both are pretty strong hives. Have screened bottom with oil trap at the bottom lots are dead. Few running around on the inner cover, not...
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    Re: Fall flow predictions for south east

    Not sure if there will be a fall flow in NC this year. I let the bees build what they want to build. Got 2 supers on now, 1st is capped, 2nd they are still drawing comb but very slowly. Depends on a...
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    Re: Collecting cool apiary photos - care to add?

    That's amazing! What kind of lavender is it? Also sent you a PM would really appreciate any answers / help.
  18. Re: super slow motion educational bee film 2 mins long please watch

    That's great. Really nice to see it in slow motion.
  19. Re: Hey Newbees, who started this year, got a hive you want to brag on?

    Started 2 hives of Italians first week in April from 3 lb packages. They both have done well in 9 5/8'' 10 frame deeps, both have 2 honey supers on now. Each hive has one super fully capped. 2nd...
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    Re: My bees HATE platic frames and foundation!

    I use Pierco frames, my bees work fine with it. Pretty heavy nectar flow right now. Will experiment with other frames next year. If you can't get them to draw out comb try spraying the frames with...
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    Re: Are Bees about to swarm??

    Thanks. I did notice they were just fanning the hive at night. Pretty hot here been in the high 80s mid 90s since May with zero rain. I will try and do a split on one since it is jammed to capacity...
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    Are Bees about to swarm??

    First time I have ever had bees so I'm a bit curious as to why one of my hives at night usually between 7 and 8:30 when it gets dark always clusters outside the hive all on the landing board.
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