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    Re: Single Frame OH - thoughts?

    I use the single frame Ob Hives for farmer's markets and the fall county fair. For an 8 hr venture, they should have no problem accepting the queen back, although I do tend to pick on smaller...
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    Re: Flow in Richmond VA??

    do they plant cotton anywhere near you? Here in Smithfield, they are pulling it in like mad.
  3. Thread: nuc

    by ruthiesbees

    Re: nuc

    $90 is the price of a package of bees in spring, so if you are not a newbee, but know how to take care of bees to get them through winter, I'd go for it. Here in coastal VA, I can usually get 5...
  4. Re: not new to bee stings, but I just had a real bad reaction

    I've been using live bee stings for years to help deal with osteoarthritis, so my body if very accustomed to the venom. However, a couple of years ago, I got a surprise sting above my right eye and...
  5. Thread: Hive smell

    by ruthiesbees

    Re: Hive smell

    Api-air is a real thing. Slovenian hives most popular for using it with but you can attach it to a Langstroth or topbar hive. I have one for my solid bottom topbar hive. The propolis is being...
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    Re: I just killed both my queens, am I crazy?

    I've had them successfully well-mated into Oct but I don't know if my percentage really improves over the summer percentage. I keep a queen castle going April to Oct and try and let my newly mated...
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    Re: I just killed both my queens, am I crazy?

    I never kill a good queen, I always move her over to a small nuc. By July 1, we have so many dragonflies and birds that I have only a 50% return rate on mating queens at that time. (In early...
  8. Re: Where can I buy brushy mountain bee supply items? Bee suit? Coffin hive?

    I have to ask what a coffin hive is. My topbar hives tend to look like little people coffins since I put chest handles on them and they have a gabled roof.
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    Re: Wax per pound via crush and strain

    It will depend on the length and depth of your bars and whether or not they are honey comb or brood comb bars. I recover less wax from brood bars that they fill with honey. From my 19" long (17"...
  10. Re: Queenless hive with supersedure cells - best approach at this point?

    bees will often attempt to make a queen supercedure cell with an egg from a laying worker. Not sure how long yours has been queenless, but these queen cells usually end up very long and don't make a...
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    Re: Splitting a Top-bar hive

    during the heavy nectar flow when my big hives fill up, I relieve some of the congesting in that hive by taking about 5 bars of the uncapped nectar and donating it to a smaller colony that I have...
  12. Thread: Epi-Pen

    by ruthiesbees

    Re: Epi-Pen

    All I had to do was tell my primary care physician that I was using bee venom for my arthritis, and he wrote the script without me asking (his wife is a beekeeper)
  13. Re: about 12 queen cells in one hive. Harvest some? or let them bee?

    I might call them emergency replacement cells if the queen was accidentally rolled or injured during your last inspection (like mine was). I was able to split my stack into 3 separate mating nucs as...
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    Re: Capping honey question

    I am finding that while some of mine are not all capped, the honey inside is still at 16%, so if they don't cap it in the next 2 weeks, I'm going to pull it and harvest it.
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    Re: Comb honey pollen cells

    some people will pay top dollar for bee bread. market it as such.
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    Re: Drone cells in the Treatment Free world

    I'm mostly topbar hives and all foundationless and don't use the standard treatments to take care of varroa in my hives. However, I think drones may have more duties in a hive than research has...
  17. Re: Graftless Queen Rearing in a topbar hive

    For the first couple of times you do this, I'd recommend moving an entire bar over with the capped queen cell and not just trying to move the cell by itself. (the cells are very delicate until the...
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    Re: Pollen preserved in honey

    you don't have to dehydrate it. Best nutrition is when it is kept frozen. I like to leave mine open in the freezer for 24 hrs then it goes in a Ziploc bag. It is shelf stable after that, but...
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    Re: Move queen or move queen cells??

    Is it possible that the "queenless" hive had recently swarmed and the queen you saw was a virgin? If the hive is fairly large in population, I'd move the frame of new queen cells to a small split,...
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    Re: Some misc Nicot chat ...

    I've used it in my topbar hives, but it is not my preferred way to get queen cells. I do like grafting into the brown cups and having the ability to put the roller cages over the ready to emerge...
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    Re: How to open OH after propolized:

    heating it should help soften the propolis up so you can remove the cover
  22. Re: Robbing from new split before new queen emerges

    how many bars of bees are in the hive that is being robbed? and how large is the entrance hole? Once the feeders are removed, that will help dramatically. Queenless nucs can get picked on for...
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    Re: Cut Comb Honey Michael Palmer Style

    getting bars of cut comb from a topbar hive with no foundation are pretty easy for me now.

    I've added a few frame hives this year and they just don't draw out foundationless comb like a topbar...
  24. Re: How to reintroduce bees from OH to original hive?

    They are probably just fine to put back in their original hive, but if you are overly worried, you can spray them down with scented sugar water or dust both with powdered sugar. Once they get done...
  25. Re: Diatomaceous Earth = zero beetles this year

    I've been using it for years now on the IPM board of my topbar hives that have screened bottoms. Very important that it be "bee-tight", but it's wonderful for killing the SHB adults and larvae, as...
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