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    Re: How do I relax w/bees?

    Do what you have to do to be comfortable with YOUR bees. There can be a world of difference in the temperament of different bees. What you are doing to the hives makes a big difference too in what...
  2. Re: Is it tougher and tougher to control mites with OAV?

    Below is an example of how results can be misleading. Not deliberately so, but there can often be incidental effects that could be seen to discount the basic premise. Note in the highlighted words...
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    Re: What are your hobbies?

    U Control! I was there! I remember getting one of those old cox .049 s warmed up and tuned, then topping off the fixed fuel tank so I could get a good long flight. I had practiced getting over dizzy...
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    Re: What are your hobbies?

    I have shelved it till this winter. Have the wings covered, control surfaces hinged and servos in. I bogged when I found 3/16 piano wire was a bit too springy for the landing gear. I have the 1/4" on...
  5. Re: Is it tougher and tougher to control mites with OAV?

    There are over one hundred pages of posts on NZ beekeeping forum discussing OA/ gly. The assumption seems to be that the glycerine provides a moist rather sticky mixture with the oxalic acid that is...
  6. Re: wax foundation falling apart in the extractor

    That would be a tangential extractor. The frames need three goes to do the job. First spin very gentle and expect to only extract about half of the outside wall of honey. (Too much spin will cause...
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    Re: Drones Blind Queens with Semen

    I think that the supporting experiment must have been done on a selected group of backward drones prone to mounting from the wrong end:rolleyes: Normally I cant envision much juice getting in the...
  8. Re: Germany to ban glyphosate to save insects, finally!

    No argument on the wastage. Typical supermarket item has an average of 1000 miles of transportation from production to consumption. Much of it arrives questionable and if not used smartly becomes...
  9. Re: Germany to ban glyphosate to save insects, finally!

    Yes, Juhani, it is well to be cautious with simplistic solutions to complex problems.

    As for making people work harder for their living that would be tough medicine to swallow. The public pushback...
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    Re: High mite load opinions

    She might just be a very prolific breeder and kept ahead of a terrific mite load. No thoughts to birth control or wintering population. Eat, drink and be merry! I fear you may be correct about the...
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    Re: OAV with honey supers/Fall Extraction Blues

    Nah, we wouldn't do any of those things! I use one vaporization as a mite counting device before I begin the OAV treatments.;)

    I think the label may be changed or become common knowledge that it...
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    Oh they will survive Canadian winters OK but I think they need closer attention to having them chock full in the fall. When you take the supers off they often scary light on stores! You have to stay...
  13. Re: Is it tougher and tougher to control mites with OAV?

    ,Snip> and lastly, the increased number of people now using OA - and perhaps expecting it to be a simplistic 'magic bullet' - could explain the higher number of 'reported failures', and so rather...
  14. Re: Is it tougher and tougher to control mites with OAV?

    Randy Oliver is doing an approved trial of the Oxalic acid / glycerin solution soaked into cellulose material an placed on brood nest frames. The product is approved and in use in Argentina and I...
  15. Re: Is it tougher and tougher to control mites with OAV?

    I used formic acid on pads for several years then switched to OA wand vaporization and last few years band heater external vaporizations. I had 5 or 6 years no winter losses with average 6 to 8...
  16. Re: Is it tougher and tougher to control mites with OAV?

    What kind of mite fall did you see in July? Has anything changed in the numbers of surrounding colonies. A 400 drop tells you the OA is working but also tells you that there is a heavy load under...
  17. Thread: In a Bind

    by crofter

    Re: In a Bind

    Just make sure there are no queen excluders left in the stack or Queenie could get abandoned below as bees move up.
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    Re: Formic pro hurting bees?

    I believe the instructions say dont feed while formic treatment is ongoing. Especially during first days, guard bees may not be protecting against robbing. Does someone have the instructions handy?
  19. Re: Queen present, multiple eggs per cell, what to do

    I had one incident that if I can reconstruct correctly where a queen became quite quickly drone laying. The workers commenced supercedure but if my interpretation correct, using unfertilised eggs....
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    Re: OAV with honey supers

    I agree with your words questioning the vision of individual bees selecting and carting out the microcrystals of OA. First time I have seen it written. I think that scenario is a bit more a parable...
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    Re: Queenless in september

    From the time frame I would be suspect about the viability of the apparent queen cells. Is the scattered capped brood drones? I am thinking onset of laying worker and cells may be started on their...
  22. Re: Winter Broodless Period for Northern Latitudes.

    What might be a correct time period for Italian habits bees will probably be way off for Carnis. Colony stores and population will skew things greatly too. It is perhaps a bit like the question, how...
  23. Re: How to return some unextracted frames to hive?

    The only problem here is if you want to be selective to feed the needy, not the greedy;) I have some colonies that would quickly lap up the findings but they dont need it. Then too there is sometimes...
  24. Re: How to return some unextracted frames to hive?

    I have found on occasion that the inner cover was needed. Even reduce the hole in inner cover to about 3/4" dia. Sometimes they insist on refilling them rather than haul it down. If you have spare...
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    Re: Easy OA treatments?

    Pry up one end of the stack of supers and slip a piece of sheet metal in that is a bit more than half the hive box, say about 12 inches. Let that end down on the sheet, then lift other end of stack...
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