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    Re: That's what I like about the south

    I would agree with tech about our long season in the south makes keeping bees alive a little easier. Couple that with long continuous exposure to mites and you can select for resistant genetics...
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    Re: how much is 'too much' bee quick?

    I basically did 3 trapouts in a row. The person wanted the bees gone and that did the trick. I would activate the trap long enough to get what was essentially a "package", brought them back to my...
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    Re: how much is 'too much' bee quick?

    Look up Hogan trap out. You get the bees and don't rely on the fingers crossed traditional trapout method. A couple years ago i was able to make 3 hives out of 1 tree colony a coworker of mine wanted...
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    Re: How do you feed honey back to your bees?

    Ive never done it with a full frame but it is common practice to put wet frames on top of a hive for them to clean up after extraction. It you separate the hive with and inner cover then maybe and...
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    Re: Beekeeping is easy!

    Anyone have any tips? I know thread title may not have been the best to use for this.
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    Re: Open them up!

    The way i see it, if i leave the honey and they need it my bees live. 1 super of honey wont pay for a thriving colony. However, if they don't need it then it will still be there when i extract after...
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    Re: Slatted rack under hive body

    Squarepeg i totally undertand the uniformity thing, I am the same way. I want all my equipment to look the same, same configuration, color, etc. That being said, did you notice any real advantage to...
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    Re: Beekeeping is easy!

    I did forget to mention, I put 15 more queen cups from my nicot system into the cell builder after removing the other 3 cells. I have had some good luck with the nicot so I shouldnt have any problems...
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    Beekeeping is easy!

    When your hive tool is a pencil and you're a thousand miles from the apiary. :)

    So I'm wanting to ask about my plan w/ using a queen castle and banking some queens. A couple days ago i put in 3...
  10. Re: A compilation of some very nice, very fast, bee box jigs.

  11. Thread: Nicot 101

    by Jayoung21

    Re: Nicot 101

    One quick tip I'll add that i got from M. Bush. Put the cassette frame in the middle of the brood nest and let the bees draw out the empty space around the cassette. When there are eggs in that comb...
  12. Re: Idea for hivetop feeder. Incorporates multiple designs

    mathesonequip you make a good point about the burr comb. I remember getting quite a bit up inside the feeder if I left it on too long. That would be another advantage to the new design

    Crofter, I...
  13. Re: Idea for hivetop feeder. Incorporates multiple designs

    what do you mean by it doesn't look like it would stack? If you're talking about bee space, I would definitely make sure it was right. Like i said, the drawing was just super quick to kind of give an...
  14. Re: Idea for hivetop feeder. Incorporates multiple designs

    Got any ideas of disadvantages? There's a custom molding factory not far from my house and i just might see if they will make me one. I want to make sure it is as best designed as it can be though...
  15. Re: Idea for hivetop feeder. Incorporates multiple designs

    Here is just a quick and dirty sketchup to give you kind of a visual.

  16. Idea for hivetop feeder. Incorporates multiple designs

    So i was sitting here thinking (very dangerous :D)... In my decade of beekeeping I've used all kinds of different feeders. Most of us know the advantages/disadvantages of them all but in my days my...
  17. Re: Adding new frames with (plastic) foundation - when and where?

    Put an entire box of plastic foundation on at a time. I wouldnt mix and match with drawn comb. Like you think, they tend to keep drawing out comb that is there and will make it tough to do...
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    Re: Tennessee beeks

    Martin Tn here. I'll add henbit to the list.
  19. Re: Convert to Mediums Instead of Hive Body Swap?

    That should work with the caveat that the bottom deep is completely empty. If not, out of the 2 deeps of 20 frames you could probably find 10 that are empty and arrange accordingly. I converted to...
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    Bees from Lang to TBH

    So last fall i got a fairly nice TBH given to me. I've been keeping bees in langs for about a decade and figured i would try my hand at top bar. So my question is, can i take a queen and shake some...
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    Re: TBH doesn't work in warm climates

    Will you continue to go to the club? If so, maybe in a couple years of successfully keeping tbh you can have a field day at you apiary to show how it can be done.
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    Re: George W. Imirie's Pink Pages

    I consider Mr. Imirie my first beekeeping "mentor". I found his pink pages when i started beekeeping a decade ago. I can't say how many times I've read them all. The thing i love most about his...
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    Re: Increase from a package?

    Like most of the others have stated, it would be very risky to try to plan on splitting from a package in year 1. That's tough for an experienced beek much less someone who is just starting out....
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    Re: Best way to build up a lot of comb?

    I'll throw one out there... Build a some swarm traps that hold frames. Put out as many as logically possible and catch as many swarms as possible. Swarms build comb faster than any colony that...
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    Re: Canola polination

    I understand, i would just assume that the plants closer to the hives would get better pollination then on say, the other side of the field. Maybe he will be able to tell come harvest time. Hopefully...
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