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    Re: Horizontal Longstroth Beehive

    From what I've seen, most long langs have solid plywood bottoms regardless of screens or not. I am putting in a #8 screen and a tray to monitor mite droppings. However, like a typical lang hive,...
  2. Re: Photos of my partial sheet of foundation in deep frames -experiment

    Lauri, thank you very much for this thread. Very interesting and helpful. I'm a newbie, so please excuse the questions, but can you please clarify, in the brood, do you use 5 2/3 frames or is that...
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    Re: Plans For Swarm Trap?

    I too use strictly mediums. The 3 inch shim idea is intriguing. Just to clarify, do you continue to use medium frames or do you buy deep frames for the trap? If you use mediums do you wind up with...
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