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  1. Thread: Losses

    by chillardbee

    Re: Losses

    Well, it's been a while since I've been on here. I thought I'd come sleuthing through the commercial threads to see if anyone started a thread on losses after hearing of some very bad situations here...
  2. Scooby, what JWPalmer says here is bang on. I...

    Scooby, what JWPalmer says here is bang on.
    I just finished a oav session on my 240 hives with the provap which is a new purchase for me this year. It seems expensive but when I tally the total...
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    Re: Bees in 2018 (Good or Bad)

    Just something concerning Viruses. Your bees have them. Anyone who has bees has viruses in their bees. in fact you might have 2-4 viruses competing within your bees. This was found out during a study...
  4. Re: Beekeeping Business Planning - Can you make money in this business?

    500 hives for 50,000 bucks might get you the most basic of equipment. 2 boxes, a lid, and a bottom board maybe. But you will also need feeders, excluders, 2 to 3 supers for honey. also you need bees...
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    Re: How much to give land owners

    2-1 gallon pails would be fair depending on how much honey you make. for myself, I have 24 hives on all the yards I have and in bad years they get 2-14 pound pails or good years 2-45 pound pails. Bee...
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    Re: Did I induce a swarm?

    That sounds like an orientation flight. Young bees about 3 weeks old coming out to stretch there wings and learn their surroundings. They will be the next generation of foragers. Some orientation...
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    Re: Canadian wnter losses

    Hello everyone. It's been awhile since I've been on here or posted something.

    On January 16th was my first outing to check weights and put on sugar. At that point we had 9% loss.

    On March 4 we...
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    Re: Keep the smoker burning

    This was the very first material we used when we started keeping bees back in 87'. There was something about the smell of that burning twine that smelled like 'bee season'. we had about 10,000 bales...
  9. Re: Tips for aggressively stimulating brood rearing

    Unfortunately, with a population of what you're saying 'half a nuc of bees' or about 2 1/2 to 3 frames of bees. Your bees are limited to rearing a certian amount of brood that won't be exceding a...
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    Re: Keep the smoker burning

    It has less to do with how you light it and more to do with the material. I like burlap. after using the smoker I stuff grass in the nozzel to put it out. the blackened burlap is started easily with...
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    Re: Beekeeping, there's an app for that?

    That is a great tip, thanks. just up graded to a 5s and I want to keep it clean.
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    Re: Wintergren oil quesion ?

    I have often used extender patties for part of the control of TM. In the oil, I've mixed my blend of eo's Peppermint, eucalyptus, rosemary, and wintergreen and given the patties to the hives early...
  13. Re: How old were you when you stepped up to Commercial

    I got my first hive at 13 as a early 14th birthday present (87'). was to 110 by 17. up to 220+ by 19 with up and extreme downs since.
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    Re: What do the big boys do for mite treatment

    Oxalic acid works great but I've found that without other management of mites before the broodless period when it would be dribbled, the treatment comes too late. I like to hit the mites just as soon...
  15. Re: Opposite of feeding. Killing bees for honey production

    We're quite mild here but with lots of moisture/rain. I feed anything in the fall that needs weight, plenty of time to do the in the last half of August through september. they're pretty good at not...
  16. Re: Opposite of feeding. Killing bees for honey production

    I've been running mostly Carni's for the most part. I don't know if you'd call the clusters 'small'. at the end of the season they're still 2 full boxes of bees with good stores. I feel that they are...
  17. Re: question: proportion of US Beekeepers who.....

    I'm German, I'm stubborn, I don't pollinate, and I focus on honey (and stock). I'm not the only one, nice.
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    Re: Culling Brood Combs

    If you're breeding bees to sell and knocking hives down to 4 nucs and selling 3 and keeping one for yourself, why not? the frames kept back in your nucs can be sold in next years nucs and a continual...
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    Re: April splits

    So the weather man says JM, but who knows. The maples, dandilions, and wild cherries have done the job and we still have the blueberries for the next week or two and the raspberries are right around...
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    Re: Spring on the West Coast.

    I'm glad it's going good for you Jean-Marc. The spring has been good to those who've managed their hives well. I'll be making 400 nucs myself in the next week. It is my biggest endeaver to date and...
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    Re: Spring on the West Coast.

    That would be 4 years to work in canada and 4 years not. It is a new law going into effect for temporary foriegn workers besides other ones. Hopefully something can be worked out for JM to at least...
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    Re: Ring shank Nails or Staples?

    A couple of years ago I finally purchased a good nail gun in anticepation of the high volume of boxes I'll be building through the years. I use the 2 3/4" ringed and resin tipped nails (no glueing)...
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    Re: colony expansion?

    I was going to mention to google Mike Palmer since he's from Vermont too. I remember he mentioned something about how late the pollen starts rolling in and that he getts out there to unwrap his bees...
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    Re: Help!- Bee Mystery

    Sounds like a robbing episode has happened. I've noticed that after bees have robbed out a stack of supers, that there'll be dead bees and wax crumbs on the bottom. There must be an apairy near by or...
  25. Re: Feeding pollen patties to encourage early brood up in overwintered colonies

    I agree with this. The pollen at the end of the season is better stored in the comb. I trap pollen in late spring and early summer when there's a lot of it coming in. I trap a week at a time and...
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