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    November Presentation

    I live in Indiana and have a November 22 presentation. I would love to be able to take in an observation hive or something similar for this presentation. I do not have a current or permanent...
  2. Re: Feed or No-Feed - That is the question

    I would agree with J.Lee. Do you know if you have a queen or brood? If you only saw one frame of honey, that could be due impart to the lack of bees from being queenless. Also have you treated for...
  3. Re: Weak hive... 5 over 5 nuc for wintering option?

    A couple things to note. I believe "they" say it takes 7 pounds of honey to make one pound of wax. So depending on how much you have fed them, they may be doing just fine with the amount of feed...
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    Re: Sugar Souce

    I go to ALDI too. I pay $1.59 for 4lbs or $0.3975 a pound (tax not included). Shop around different ALDI's too. There is one that is about 20 miles away and sells their 4 pound bags for $1.89. No...
  5. Re: I probably shouldn't tell this......

    Ok... I was out feeding my hives in the backyard the other day. Well it was hot and all I had on was a pair of exercising (baggy basketball type) shorts and a tee shirt. I was going about my business...
  6. Re: Treated for mites, tons of queen cells

    OP- Id just try to buy a new queen at this late stage in the game.
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    Re: source for sheet metal for top?

    If you are only wanting to do one hive or use heavy metal, I have used round duct work. I have used the round ducts that are galvanized (silver ones that are non painted) and would be 8 inches in...
  8. Re: Should I feed my first year hive syrup? Pros/cons

    Bees dead due to startvation = :cry:

    Bees alive in spring due to feeding = :thumbsup:
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    Re: Why did you start up beekeeping?

    Became interested in gardening and sourcing more of our food from our own land. Wanted a small orchard of about a dozen trees, and a large patch of ground for growing different vegetables. Bout this...
  10. Re: FDA Finds Monsanto’s Weed Killer In U.S. Honey

    +1 Agree.
  11. Re: Device to sweep of bees - interesting

    Thinking out loud about this... Couldn't you use air in the same manner as a Dyson hand dryer to remove bees as well? Obviously not has forcefully as those dryers are.
  12. Re: What actually works to convince Newbees to treat mites ?

    No offense JW but you live in a land of a high number of anti vaccers when it comes to their children. If people are ignorant enought not to vaccinate their children, no amount of convincing will...
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    Re: 2:1 syrup question


    I make 3:2 ish syrup. I have a two gallon bucket I fill with very hot water. I then pour that into a 5 gallon bucket. I add 6 - 4 LB bags in and mix with a paint stirrer with my drill. By...
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    Re: Taboo?

    In reply to the OP...

    Yes I think you have pointed an interesting topic. The water, nectar, pollen sources all have a great potential to contaminated by their environment. There are some people...
  15. Re: Sap Beetles - should i be concerned?

    Unfortunately I don't have much advice. Typically they aren't an issues with my hives and only see 3-4 in/on a hive. I use top feeders and that is where they congregate. Like most bugs, a strong hive...
  16. Re: Need help diagnosing massive bee death

    Were there eggs?
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    Re: Beekeepers vs. Beekeepers

    Agree with Dave Burrup and twgun1

    Large scale vs small scale.

    I think one additional thing that often polarizes groups is the costs involved (twgun1 touched on this with about getting a...
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    Re: Bayer buys Monsanto

    Are you an actual farmer?

    I say this because you are saying the bees are pollinating your corn... Huhhh... Might read up on how corn pollination actually works. Do bees work the tassels of the...
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    Re: Foundationless

    This is a very good thread! Enjoying the read of a good peer debate on the issue.

    J.Lee - Have you tested your beeswax for chemical residue? I would gladly stake my life on it that you do have...
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    5 Frame Nuc Quilt Boxes

    5 Frame Nuc Quilt Boxes - Anyone use em or ever build em? Trying to overwinter a few nucs and wondered if there is merit or benefit for them. My thinking is there is a lot of potential benefit to use...
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    Re: Should I extract bees now?

    Too late in the season to really be fooling with getting the bees out. You won't have great success getting them prepped for winter. They would have a better chance with their own hive that they...
  22. Re: First honey bee sting...a right of passage?

    I was doing an OAV treatment a few days ago at 2am before I left for work. A couple of my hives do not like me shoving something in their hive what so ever! I was wearing shorts and got about half...
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    Re: Honey super

    Hello Jhousek3 and welcome to the forum!

    I am someone who usually could care less about somebodies use of grammar. However, I'd suggest putting some periods in your posts so it easier for everyone...
  24. Re: Zika spray kills millions of bees

    The other thing with Zika... Its gonna spread not only from mosquito to mosquito but also by the movement of humans. While amping up spraying efforts to kill more mosquitos might be an effective...
  25. Re: Zika spray kills millions of bees

    Geez... I would be so mad!

    I wonder if these type of issues will change where or how migratory operations over winter?

    Not only are there serious health issues with Zika, spraying insecticide...
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