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    Re: Swarms. Or queen mating flight

    They do swarm that small with a mated queen sometimes. I caught a swarm that size with my marked and mated queen mid to late October last year. The hive was booming, but hardly any went with the...
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    Re: Do Only Queens And LW Put Butt In Cells

    When bees try to groom themselves or do anything where they try to get their head up under themselves, their tip of their abdomen also curls up underneath them. I have seen it many times in my...
  3. Thread: Birds

    by ffrtsaxk

    Re: Birds

    If they eat a virgin queen going on a mating flight, it can be pretty serious. You can legally shoot European House Sparrows at least where I live. Check your state laws though. Another options...
  4. Re: Question in introducing activly laying queen into queenless hive

    I agree with JWPalmer and Little John. Follow their advice. If, however, you decide to risk losing a laying queen and do it your way any way, do NOT just put the queen in there even if the bees...
  5. Re: Betterbee Large Observation Hive - suitable for medium frames?

    I have overwintered them, but needed to modify it to do so. I removed the plexiglass from the entrance area and replaced it with screen so the cold air blowing in would be able to escape into the...
  6. Re: Betterbee Large Observation Hive - suitable for medium frames?

    I have one of their small observation hives. It looks like they are built the same way. Mine has slots cut in the uprights for the frames ears to slide into. So, you would need to disassemble it...
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    Re: Hives with 2 queens

    Bees do lots of things that aren't in the books. I watched something similar play out in my observation hive. The first virgin out killed the queen before the swarm could depart. Then that virgin...
  8. Thread: Bee Bee Trees

    by ffrtsaxk

    Re: Bee Bee Trees

    I bought some seeds online. It was obvious they hadn't been stratified when I opened the package because they were still in the seed pods. I followed the instructions for half and tried stratifying...
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    Re: Workers removing markings from queens

    I've watched it happen in my observation hive when they are trying to kill a new queen but end up accepting her. They balled her for 6 days. During that time they bit her and removed the paint.
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    Re: Too low moisture content?

    I never worry about it being too low in moisture. I extracted some last year that was 13.5% moisture and it is still liquid.
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    Re: Help! Bad at seeing eggs

    The cells would be dry. Anymore, I have to wear reading glasses or a pair of safety glasses with magnification on the bottom portion to be able to see eggs or get a clear picture of much of anything.
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    Re: Harvest Lane at Tractor Supply

    I bought some frames and a hive body for a swarm trap a couple of years ago. The frames were alright. The hive body was knotty, cracked, and had a really cheap paint job that should be considered...
  13. Re: Could you use screen to seperate nucs in a single box?

    You would need a double screen or they will fight through the screen. Ideally, you would also need to keep the queens at least 3 inches apart.
  14. Thread: HONEY SUPERS

    by ffrtsaxk


    If you leave them in, bees will be killed. So, it's just a choice you have to make on how many is too many to leave in.
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    Re: Double Eggs in hives

    Double and occasionally triple eggs in cells are typically laid by a queen. There are a number of different conditions that cause it. As long as she is not laying a whole lot of them like that and...
  16. Thread: Queen Issues

    by ffrtsaxk

    Re: Queen Issues

    What write up are referring to?
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    Re: How many honey extractions?

    It varies for me. I extract multiple times. When possible, I extract after the orchard blooms and then extract one or two more times in the Spring and once in the Fall. I like to keep the...
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    Re: Just another queen question....

    Yes, that's what I'd do.
  19. Re: Cloake board set up now with a virgin up top (maybe)

    Also, the virgins don't care about honey barriers. They will go anywhere and everywhere they can.
  20. Re: Cloake board set up now with a virgin up top (maybe)

    If you want the virgin out, shake them through a queen excluder box to find the virgin. If you want her to mate and start laying, just leave a top entrance for her on the opposite side as the other...
  21. Re: cover observation hives to keep out light?

    It sounds like the light triggered orientation flights which is normal. Covering it helps them maintain proper brood rearing temperature. If it is in a window getting direct sunlight, then you would...
  22. Re: why doesn't a hive with poor queen supercede?

    If it is a young queen, her pheromones can still be strong enough to override the supersedure instinct.
  23. Re: daytime temperatures for queens to take mating fllight

    I think there are too many variables for an exact answer that is always correct to the lowest temperature a queen will take a mating flight since the temperature at which bees fly varies depending on...
  24. Re: Loud, low-pitched stuttering buzz in hive

    The shaking signal that bees use to encourage each other to work doesn't typically make a sound that we can hear. The shaking and pushing of the queens doesn't make a noise we can hear either. They...
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    Re: Need help identifying this behavior

    Did it get overcast? This happens a lot when bees fly in the 50's. They come back to the hive and fall short of the landing board or slide off of it and then can't get their temperature up high...
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