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  1. Re: Turning a Neglected Pasture into a Bee Yard?

    I don't know if animals would be safe around africanized hives, and I don't want to spray anything that could do permanent damage to the area...
  2. Turning a Neglected Pasture into a Bee Yard?

    Hello Beesource Community!

    I live in Suriname, South America, and recently came into possession of about 1 hectare of pasture.

    I'd like to start keeping bees in on that property but it's...
  3. Keeping European bees in Africanized Bee territory?

    I would love to start keeping bees, but I live in Suriname, South America which is home to the Africanized honeybee.
    Is it even possible for me to keep European bees under these conditions? I would...
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    Re: Salt Fat Acid Heat

    I saw that show and read about those Mayan beekeepers. It's fascinating stuff and the way they build their hives is so different from European bees!
    I live in South America and I hope to start...
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    Re: Greetings from Suriname!

    It's definitely hot all year round here! I'm hoping to start with some of the local sting-less bees but the differences in how they build their hives are going to be a challenge... They build their...
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    Greetings from Suriname!

    Hi everyone!

    I'm a poultry farmer by trade, and a hobbyist gardener. I'm very passionate about bees and would love to start keeping a few hives and maybe even start a small business selling honey...
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