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  1. Re: What size water heater to use for cowen uncapper

    With the Silver Queen uncapper we used a 40 gallon WH but a smaller one would work, just set the elements on max temperature. 6 gallon might be too small. You can use a small recirculating pump...
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    Re: Queens emerging early...

    That's exactly the reason people use Royal jelly or yogurt to prime the cells-it makes transferring the larva much easier as they just slide off the needle into the jelly.
  3. Re: The Joys of Urban Beekeeping - Vandalism in San Francisco

    Right Mel!!!! Sure they will!
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    Re: How Much Is Your Apiary Worth$?

    Sometimes I consider PAYING someone to take the dang things!
  5. Re: Here's a crazy idea to save on foundation cost?!?

    Mrnewbee; you can use foundationless frames and extract them. However, you need some foundation to get them started right or you'll spend all your time correcting wonky combs. Try alternating...
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    Re: Amateur question about drone cells

    Bees are going to build drone comb wherever they think they need it. You can scrape off all you want and go back a few days later and they'll have it all rebuilt. You can use it for a varroa...
  7. Re: HELP!!! Grafting problem! What did I do wrong?

    Get back on the horse and ride.
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    Re: getting enough nurse bees into swarm box

    Where do nurse bees work? Feeding open brood, right? So shake bees off frames of open brood and you'll get mostly nurse bees! So simple a caveman can do it!
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    Re: Swarm Box as Cell Finisher?

    It works perfectly as a finisher. Make sure they have plenty of honey and pollen; scratch open some honey if you're not feeding.
  10. Re: Splitting w/ Swarm Cells...will they still swarm

    Not all queen cells live to emerge. If you cut them down to one cell and that virgin dies in the cell you're in trouble. Give them a few cells and let the bees determine the outcome.
  11. Re: Queens climbs back into cell and dies, why?

    Suicide bombers!
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    Re: Caught a swarm okay to close them in?

    If you have other hives give them a frame of open brood. They generally will not leave brood.
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    Re: do bees eat royal jelly from queen cells

    They'll sometimes start q-cells and then tear them down again. Normal. Russians are extremely prolific q-cell builders and seem to enjoy building them and tearing them down again, often dozens of...
  14. Re: new beekeeper, new hive from nuc. queen cells. worried... what to do now?

    I'm with Jeff also. Not crowded at all, although they'll be a booming hive when all that brood emerges. Probably a supersedure and the bees know what they need so just leave them alone for awhile and...
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    Re: How high do you fill a 5 gallon pail?

    LOL. The volume of a gallon of water is the same as the volume of a gallon of honey. The weights differ; water is about 8.3 lbs, honey is about 12 lbs. Use a gallon milk jug or a gallon iced tea...
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    Re: Queen going above full honey supers

    Whether there's brood up there or not the bees are still going to do the same amount of foraging. You don't lose honey production due to brood in the honey supers. Just combine all the frames with...
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    Re: What is going on with this hive??

    First of all, the swarm usually leaves when at least some of the queen cells have been capped and many times you'll have cells ready to emerge when the swarm leaves. So you could have a new queen in...
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    Re: Fighting or something else?

    The guard bees are handling the situation just fine. If there was a problem you'd have 100s of bees trying to get in. Bees "probe" each other all the time looking for a weak defense. Don't close them...
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    Re: My bee dilemma...

    There aren't enough bees there to raise brood even if the queen is laying. Kill the queen and shake the bees out in front of your other hive. They'll join your stronger hive.
  20. Re: Direct introduction of queen - Seeking your thoughts on my plan.

    Agree with Roland. Plus, with all the available eggs and young larva they will most likely make a new queen. A direct introduction to an established hive will result in a dead queen about 90% of the...
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    Re: Royal Jelly question

    Royal Jelly production is simple! When I started working in the business in the 50's my boss produced RJ as a side business to his commercial operation and had numerous customers; we didn't have to...
  22. Thread: New Split

    by fish_stix

    Re: New Split

    A week in the new location is plenty of time. Close off the entrance after dark, put them in your vehicle and move them; don't need to wait until next day.
  23. Re: Introducing Queen Cells - Advice on Best Practices?

    We do all our splits and requeening with cells. Nothing remarkable about it. We use the JZsBZs cell protectors (orange ones) and simply hang the cell between 2 frames of brood. There is also a...
  24. Re: Terrence Ingram - 11 Hives Destroyed by the IDofA

    sqkcrk; I have been inspected and found to have AFB, but it's been 15-20 years ago. In FL the inspector marks the hive "AFB" in large, red, spray painted letters, plus the date. The beekeeper is...
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    Re: emerging queens

    You are correct! When you see bald cells better get them in a mating nuc soon or you won't like the results! :D
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