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    Re: Hive removal from garden. No experience!

    Bal; I am enjoying your reports of progress. You may not realize how lucky you are to find this ferial colony to transfer on your very first contact with honey bees and they seam to be a very...
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    Re: Hive removal from garden. No experience!

    Bal, can you cut the ivy with pruning loppers (long handle cutters) pushed under the box propping the box up ward as you go ?
    I would place some large stable material over the ivy next to the box to...
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    Removal sealant

    I need to seal the area between the base of the hardware trap out cone and the irregular surface of a ceramic glazed 8 gal. container that cannot be damaged .
    I was thinking of using water soluble...
  4. Re: Bees are so agreesive and stinging through suit why?

    To huntingken111;

    When you remove your honey supers on heavily populated hive, provide dry super combs if you have them for the large population to cluster on. They may be removed in later weeks...
  5. Re: I Extracted Honey; What should I do with my frames?

    After a major extraction I place a single wet super above an escape or inter cover board on top of a working hive. The rim of the escape board is painted blue and contrasts immediately with the white...
  6. Re: What do you use for your tools at the bee yard?

    I have found a metal 5 gal. bucket with a movable sheet metal divider, hot plugged smoker on one side resting on a frame grip and all my tools and some fuel and any thing burnable on the other side....
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    Re: Wax Melter Advice

    I might suggest building a solar melter, first. But I see that you are a bit north in latitude from where I operate.
    My melter holds 6 deep frames and or a 5lb bucket of dry cappings. I wash the...
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    Re: water source

    35 years ago I tried a drip water delivery from a galvanized 55 gal. drumb for 15 hives. The drumb was dry in 7 days. It would have lasted longer if the battery operated water valve timer had been...
  9. Re: Adjustable head band of woven mesh sun helmet

    Yes Rader that is the type of hat but it is not the hat that I have.
    My hat has a total of 17 eyelets. Four of them have hooks to hold down the top of the veil to the crown of the hat. Four other...
  10. Adjustable head band of woven mesh sun helmet

    For over 40 years I have used the Excelsior Veil with the woven open mesh sun helmet.
    I have seen several types of materials used for the adjustable head band.
    Leather, paper, fabric and plastic....
  11. Re: Cut out last Friday, August 16, 2013 with pics.

    Andrew, at first I was alarmed at seeing that beautifull tree being felled just for bees, insted of a trap out.
    Then I saw the cavity and realized the tree was compromised by the cavity and it could...
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    Re: Ant barriers...seeking advice

    I found used motor oil in cans with legs of hive stand siting in the cans a poor anti ant device as I would accidently kick the cans and get oil on boots and pants.
    Grease on legs of stands work...
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    Re: Gloves Make The Difference!

    Try bringing the stung area as close to heat for as long as you can stand.
    The pain will subdue.
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    Re: metal ad on frame rails

    I have used the double bend galvanized metal rabbit that needs a 7/8" deep cut in the end of the box on all my boxes over the years, and like them.
    I use four 15ga. 3/4" nails nailed on the...
  15. Thread: Wax Moth

    by Walt McBride

    Re: Wax Moth

    I have used the BT and it works 99.99 pct. It is great.
    The COMB must be empty and dry. It is sprayed on the empty comb and let dry.
    Because of that procedure, brood comb with honey, pollen and...
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    Re: Thoughts on Perma Comb anybody

    The inventor of Perma Comb, Dr. Herbert Drapkin had asked me to sample his plastic comb from time to time, as we were members of the same bee association.
    His concept of plastic comb has merit if...
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    Re: Kelley Vibrating Knife

    The day the above video was made was a cool day as you can see I had my jacket on. The honey was cold so the cut was a little slow and I was jacking the frame back and forth more than normal. When it...
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    Re: Lye for sterilization

    1 lb. calcium hydroxide (lye) to 10 gal. water. Lye always added to the cold water.
    Frames to be striped of old adhearing wax from solar melter or comb removed from frame are boiled for about 5...
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    Re: Kelley vibrating knife

    Adrian, When I frabricated my 5' uncap tray I fabracated a perforated tray to set in side, elevated slightly above the bottom to drain the acumulated cappings. The tray is aprox. 24" long 18" wide. I...
  20. Transfering small amount of 70 deg. honey

    Has anyone used any of the polyproproplene rotary hand pumps that are available to transfer, say 5 gal. at a time of honey from a 55. gal drum to reduce the drum weight to make the drum lighter to...
  21. Re: How do I clean honey combs that have old crystalized honey in them?

    Uncap the comb. Soak frame in water for several hours. Shake out frame on lawn, flush with clear water, shake and let dry.
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    Re: Dadant's(Fresno) service

    For us that have to drive 2-3 hours to the Dadant branch in Fresno I might suggest calling and ask for the Branch Manager, Jef Yeramian to take and verify the order in advance of your arival.
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    Re: How to use Bee Quick/Bee Go?

    Twall, I thought I had come up with with the simplest, LOL
    Yours is one better with the black paint.

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    Re: Water for bees in an Arid Climate

    Bees need water even when it is cool. Current day temp. aprox. 60 -68 deg. in Los Angeles area now.

    At this time bees are going for water quite a bit. As I understand it it is used in the make up...
  25. Re: Alternative to pine needles as smoker fuel

    I have used corn cobs for smoker fuel, nice scent like someone popping corn.

    Read same information as bad for bees. Did not see any evidence of hurting bees.

    Stopped using cobbs when I ran...
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