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  1. Re: Classic Books and must-have authors in Beekeeping

    A few years ago, a guy in Pennsylvania listed over 700 beekeeping books for sale on Ebay. He had a VERY extensive collection. I had agreed to buy the books when his daughter contacted me to say...
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    Re: Cold storage of bees

    Brother Adam - along with another beekeeper - put hives in heavy insulated cases for winter and compared performance vs unpacked hives. The unpacked hives got a few winter flights when the weather...
  3. Re: Any reason to actually use "box joints" other than aesthetics?

    I purchased 500 board feet of rough cut cypress lumber for $.85 per board foot and stickered it in my greenhouse so it would dry smooth and fast. Now when I need a few boards, I pull out what I need...
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    Re: Dadant depth frames

    I got the excluders from Propolis-etc in Canada. They were WAY too expensive due to shipping costs. IMO, use Lang excluders and make wood frames.

    Propolis sells frames ready made and maybe cheap...
  5. Re: Possible recommended OA vaporizer dosage changes

    I'm interpreting this to mean that OAV under his conditions is not effective at the specified doses. Change the climate, change the timing, change the size hive and the results would likely be very...
  6. Re: Securing (especially tall) hives for wind - here’s how we did it

    One of the advantages of a square hive is the extra stability. I calculated it as taking 42% stronger wind to tilt a hive over. Tornado force wind would still toss them around, but ordinary wind...
  7. Re: Bunch of Bees Scenting and Grooming on the Side of My Shed, what the...?

    Warm place in the sun to bees is like a trip to the beach for us. Catch a few rays, listen to the ocean, you get the picture?
  8. Re: Do corn fields offer much good pollen for our bees?

    Soybean is a variable producer of nectar and pollen. Some varieties produce heavily while others don't. This is often location specific with rich fertile soil more likely to grow soybeans that...
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    Re: African genetics

    One of the early observations is that there is a cline for genetics of africanized bees such that percentage declines in higher rainfall and/or colder winter areas. Texas tends to have fairly high...
  10. Sticky: Re: Beekeeping using Square Dadant hives, treatment free since 2005

    Today was my first major time to go through the bees and put supers on. Please keep in mind that I have very few early nectar sources in this area other than fruit bloom. The bees were mostly low...
  11. Re: Albert Zook Amish woodware builder questions

    I don't know for sure if this is correct, but was told it is 92 Hudson Road, Lawrenceburg. He bought 60 acres. If you can't find him, his father Moze Zook lives at 72 Nutt Lane, Lawrenceburg.
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    Re: A sign of the times

    The threat of Covid19 is real. At this time, some U.S. hospitals are overwhelmed with patients. The best option for beating it is to self-isolate. This requires food and water and yes, some tp. ...
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    Re: Layens Frame Extractor

    You will either have to build your own or order one from Europe where Layens is more popular.
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    Re: Building vs. Buying

    There are lots of good answers in this thread. Each of us has to decide based on a common set of questions.

    1. Do you have a good area to do woodworking?

    2. Do you already have the required...
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    Re: Cracking Hives The Easy Way

    Yes, good ideas keep getting invented again and again. I came up with an idea for swarm control several years ago. Turned out it had been written about and debated thoroughly in the late 1800's.
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    Re: Cracking Hives The Easy Way

    Genetics plays a part in construction of bridge and brace comb. Hive management plays a part as a crowded hive late in the flow will burr everything up. Langstroth dimensions are also at fault with...
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    Re: Building vs. Buying

    I can source rough cut cypress from Moze Zook for less than $1 per board foot. I plane it smooth and build special pieces of bee equipment such as Killion bottom boards. I can also purchase...
  18. Sticky: Re: Beekeeping using Square Dadant hives, treatment free since 2005

    It has begun. Spring that is. I drove to Birmingham yesterday and saw numerous pear and plum trees either partially or fully in bloom.

    I finally got my 1993 S10 pickup truck running and now have...
  19. Re: Bees bringing in lots of pollen (?); what plant(s) could it be?

    30 years ago, I expected first pollen about February 15th. Over the last 10 years, that has moved back to January 25th. Any way you slice it, we are about 3 weeks earlier with the season. Funny...
  20. Re: Bees bringing in lots of pollen (?); what plant(s) could it be?

    American Willow often blooms this early.
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    Re: Wintertime bee removal

    If you have a box of honey to give them, the odds of survival is near 100%. I did a January cutout a few years ago for a colony that was broodless and moved them into a shallow super full of honey. ...
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    Sticky: Re: squarepeg 2015-2019 treatment free experience

    So true.
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    Re: Lowest observed foraging temperature

    As others noted, bees will forage down to about 35F and I have seen them doing so a few times. It is always in bright sunshine with little or no wind.

    This behavior is well documented with some...
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    Re: Should I go with Saskatraz packages

    Sue Cobey.
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    Re: A VERY hot hive - what next?

    BeeWeaver's queens are hard to replace. The bees tend to reject any queen that smell's too different. I recommend using precautions if you have to replace one. This includes using a push in cage...
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