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  1. Re: Need a home for four healthy hives--New Jersey

    sent you a PM
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    Re: Giving queens names

    yep! virgin, laying, dead. sometimes they get nicknames like breeder or drone mother.
  3. Re: Formic Pro or no? What's the best treatment?

    at the beginning absolutely! that fades through seven days and when you remove the strips its back to business as usual. it is a fumigant that really irritates them, even causes several hundred to...
  4. Re: Formic Pro or no? What's the best treatment?

    for me its formic in spring when i start seeing drone brood. that way if there is a queen issue, she can easily be replaced. only ever had a queen die once, 90* summer emergency treatment. then i...
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    Re: What to Plant in 1/4 Acre

    another vote for buckwheat. most other things will be blooming when nectar-a-plenty in the bee forage world. you can time the buckwheat such that it will be blooming during your dearth. if you...
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    Re: Split Timing

    lay off the feed! pollen is copious! nectar is coming in NOW! get supers on NOW! i had 2 swarm already!
  7. Re: Will lack of early morning sun negatively affect an apiary?

    my home apiary misses out on the first 3 hours of light each day due to being on the north side of the mountain. last year i started branching out and setting up apiaries that get early sun. ...
  8. Re: Any alternatives to Kelley F style foundationless frames?

    forest hill woodworking has them. they assemble real nice. Comb Guide Top/ Solid Bottom.!/Unassembled-Frames-9-1-8/p/33392782/category=8604205
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    Re: How to make feeding less of a chore?

    mix up 2-1 and cut it when you go to use it. or just feed 2-1. some of us are lucky and have a mann lake within driving distance.
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    Re: All Drawn Comb with New Package Bees?

    might as well just start them in a nuc box then. or on 6 drawn frames and add more as needed. they should be able to cover 10 drawn frames though. add second box 3 weeks after installing package.
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    Re: All Drawn Comb with New Package Bees?

    a package can cover ten drawn frames well enough. but you have an opportunity to get more frames drawn if you need them. consider placing queen cage between two drawn frames in middle of box and...
  12. Re: Let's just be honest: This spring is historically early.

    well the bees certainly are early. i had a hive swarm yesterday. big swarm from a strong single. should have given them more room earlier, but i could never believe a swarm this early. yesterday...
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    Re: Starting all natural frames

    i used to think foundationless frames were the way i wanted to move forward. now i use them mostly in drone mother hives and to make a few nucs for people who insist foundationless. some tips that...
  14. Re: Let's just be honest: This spring is historically early.

    while winter in MD/NJ and most of PA is certainly over for this year, it depends on how you look at. last year winter was 'long' and cold, right?
    lets look at growing degree days for my location in...
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    Re: Got DRONES?

    you will also need temps above 68* for mating flights, which will be almost 3 weeks after you split. if it is just one hive, why not check every week until you see swarm cells and then split with...
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    Re: Varroa in drone brood

    thats really your only option with the supers on. the reason i save it for a spring treatment. use it again and follow up with something else when you pull your supers.
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    Re: Making Deeps or Mediums for sale?

    5 frame mediums dont work. gotta be 8+ frames.
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    Re: Varroa in drone brood

    thats too many mites for this time of year. remember where 1 goes in a cell on average 4 come out. if you have frames that are all drawn comb, removing those and freezing wouldnt hurt. i suspect...
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    Re: Upstate New York pollen coming in??????

  20. Re: 4/4/4 overwintering nucs...?best way to overwinter bees

    yeah its more about keeping a colony fresh and in a state of wanting to continue to build. young queens certainly help. and low mite loads is imperative for thriving colonies that want to grow. ...
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    Re: Making Deeps or Mediums for sale?

    i thought people would jump on medium depth nucs. most that i see still prefer deep.
  22. Re: First Check After The Winter. Holy Cow!!!!!!!!

    why are you in a rush to treat? did you do a mite wash? in an effort to rotate treatments as you should, if you do apivar now and need a treatment come summertime then your options will be...
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    Re: Medium Boxes Installing Packaged Bees

    the will fill out one whole medium faster than they will fill out half of two mediums. less space for a new colony to manage. clear as mud?
  24. Re: Formic Pro Treatment while raising a queen

    first, you want nurse bees to be making queen cells. they are the ones that produce royal jelly best. adjust to leave old queen with foragers. advise to leave one frame of open brood with them to...
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    Re: Cracking Hives The Easy Way

    why you turn comments off?
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