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  1. Re: Question on late season splits in southern Michigan

    Also found this article from the early 90s using the googler today too and thought it was interesting.

    More of a case for overwintering...
  2. Question on late season splits in southern Michigan

    After reading this article about late season splits
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    Re: Serious allergy scare during hive inspection

    He ok once the EMTs took care of the situation. He is a man in his sixties who has been stung numerous times in the past but this time was probably one too many at a time.

    These bees were a...
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    Serious allergy scare during hive inspection

    Had quite the scare today while doing a spring inspection. My mentor came by to help me check out the hive since being over wintered and get a feel for the state of things. She brought along a...
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    Publications on nucs

    I've recently watched the talk given by Michael Palmer on overwintering nucs for the purpose of sustaining one's own apiary. I'm curious if there are any books on the subject or more generally...
  6. Not enough spring management/Hive now out of control

    Hey everyone,

    First post ever:

    I have been doing a ton of reading on beekeeping and want to start in earnest next spring. In the meantime, the brewery that I work at keeps 2 hives that the...
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