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  1. Sticky: Re: CCD/Neonicotinoid Data (Studies, Articles, Links)

    Chronic within-hive video recordings detect altered nursing behaviour and retarded larval development of neonicotinoid treated honey bees

    Risk evaluations for agricultural chemicals are...
  2. Sticky: Re: CCD/Neonicotinoid Data (Studies, Articles, Links)

    Effects of a Neonicotinoid Insecticide on the Growth of Honey Bee Gut Microbes
  3. Sticky: Re: CCD/Neonicotinoid Data (Studies, Articles, Links)

    Pesticide–Virus Interactions in Honey Bees: Challenges and Opportunities for Understanding Drivers of Bee Declines


    Honey bees are key agricultural pollinators, but beekeepers...
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    Re: Increase low hive population

    It makes no sense harming (weakening) strong colonies for an already dead hive.
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    Re: What do you feed your bees?

    I just take the opportunity to point all the good beekeepers to a book, that is a bible when it comes to feeding bees: or ...
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    Re: Increase low hive population

    Take your losses.

    My idea of good beekeeping: strengthen the strong. Weaken the weak. (Which mostly means: cull them.)
  7. Re: Another mite resistant bee breeding project

    Bees are superorganisms.

    But bees are not invincible, immortal superheroes. They are living creatures and as prone to die out as all the other life species are. More than 99 percent of all species...
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    Re: Global Warming

    Never underestimate life.
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    Re: COVID-19 Infection in Beekeepers

    Beekeepers and beekeepers are two different groups. The one group takes bee stings. The other wear bee suits+veils+gloves and are very shy of stings. It is bee venom, that seem to work against...
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    Re: Global Warming

    Become familiar with the Gaia Theory.


    Sun and it's effects in...
  12. Sticky: Re: CCD/Neonicotinoid Data (Studies, Articles, Links)

    Honey bee (Apis mellifera) gut microbiota promotes host endogenous detoxification capability via regulation of P450 gene expression in the digestive tract

    There is growing number of...
  13. Re: Another mite resistant bee breeding project

    And this preprint:

    Mondet, F.; Beaurepaire, A.; McAfee, A.; Locke, B.; Alaux, C.; Blanchard, S.; Danka, B.; Le Conte, Y. Honey Bee Survival Mechanisms Against the Parasite Varroa destructor: A...
  14. Re: Another mite resistant bee breeding project

    Oh, there are some more...

    […] Here, we studied the specifics of the seasonal variation of female V. destructor mites, obtained from honey bees, by the morphological characters...
  15. Sticky: Re: Hive designs and their advantages and disadvantages

    Running cold way front to back. My entrances are not fully open. Never pays to let them fully open.
  16. Re: Another mite resistant bee breeding project

    The survival of the Gotland population was likely to be at least partly genetically determined. Indeed, colonies originating in Gotland that were translocated to Germany still showed lower colony...
  17. Re: Another mite resistant bee breeding project

    For example:

    Richard Odemer, Reproductive capacity of varroa destructor in four different honey bee subspecies, Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences, Volume 27, Issue 1, January 2020, Pages...
  18. Re: Why haven't more beekeepers been inspired by The Sustainable Apiary

    The same question would apply to the writings and lectures of Brother Adam. And before him: Ferdinand Gerstung. Quite some quotes that are said to be from Brother Adam actually stem from Gerstung....
  19. Sticky: Re: Alternative way to keep (have?) bees.

    An active hive is not a "line". It is a colony. That's it. A line is something you worked on for 20 years of selection. At least if you understand bee genetics.
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    Re: whats being done about hive theft?

    Here in Germany it happens regularly to hobbyist beekeepers. I neither understand those thieves' mindset.
  21. Re: Will the coronavirus negatively affect the beekeeping industry?

    Some things we already experience here in Germany:

    - the lockdown hinders migration of bees. Although there are exceptions and permissions, in some cases the districts are not allowing to let the...
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    Re: Latest in Darwinian Beekeeping

    Social benefits require a community: the influence of colony size on behavioral immunity in honey bees

    Emergent properties of eusocial insect colonies (e.g., nest architecture and...
  23. Shipping queens - room for improvement

    Effect of shipping boxes, attendant bees, and temperature on honey bee queen sperm quality (Apis mellifera)

    The fertility and fecundity of the queen are vital to the success of a honey...
  24. Sticky: Re: CCD/Neonicotinoid Data (Studies, Articles, Links)

    A Review of Sub-lethal Neonicotinoid Insecticides Exposure and Effects on Pollinators

    Purpose of Review
    Beekeepers around the world have been reporting the ongoing weakening of honeybee...
  25. Re: Single box management...loss of pollen?

    No pollen in the first super – IF you use a follower board to adapt the broodnest size to the queen's fertility.

    If you give to many combs for brood than the queen can lay eggs, you get pollen in...
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