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    Re: Global Warming

    There has been only 1 prediction from climate scientists that I've ever seen come true: "If the world keeps buying our BS, we'll be rolling in the money. But if they stop, we'll have to actually go...
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    "Naked Honey"?

    A friend called me this evening, told me someone was selling 'naked honey' along with some other varieties. He asked what was 'naked honey'.

    Well, I was stumped. Did some searching, and I have...
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    Re: Foundationless source?

    Coal Reaper,

    Any chance you have better pictures of his frames? The one picture he has at!/Unassembled-Frames-6-1-4/p/33392810/category=8604205 is just...
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    Re: Foundationless source?

    Thanks Murdock. Nice little company. But they have 'wedge top' frames (wax foundation), not foundationless frames. Decent prices, I might get some other things from there.

    BTW, for others, I...
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    Re: Foundationless source?

    I searched amazon. Do you have a link? I used several search terms, Foundationless frames bee, no foundation frame bee, wedge frame langstroth. Several different combination of key words. Note...
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    Foundationless source?

    I remember this discussion from early this year when ML bought out KelleyBee. KB dropped the foundationless Style F from their options. I stocked up with several cases, but other local BK friends...
  7. Re: Let's talk about your best Bee Vacuum Designs

    It depends on what your wanting to do. If you do one or two cutouts per year, just about anything will work. If you're doing a handful per year, then getting something a little better will be worth...
  8. Re: No bee vac at first made removal harder - but made save

    As do I, Charlie. I hope we can agree to disagree amicably. Neither of us want to argue against facts.

    And opinions/viewpoints are just that, one individual's perspective. I can say I like my...
  9. Re: No bee vac at first made removal harder - but made save

    Don't get me wrong, the bushkill design is a solid design and serves its purpose. But that doesn't mean it doesn't have weaknesses. Let me explain my comments better first regarding...
  10. Re: No bee vac at first made removal harder - but made save


    Nice work, that colony was quite a challenge. I should hire you as a sales rep for my cordless bee vacuum! This is Tony from The Everything Bee Vacuum (see me in the vendor list).

  11. Re: Moving swarm from deep nuc to mediums


    Why not take 3 medium frames from another hive that have some drawn comb, remove the middle 3 deep frames from this nuc, and put them in the middle here? They should finish out drawing the...
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    Marketing bee colonies

    With this wonderful Spring, I'm getting more colonies between splits and cutouts than I can fit on my ranch.

    So I've been thinking about ways to market my girls. Note that they're all...
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    Re: New Market for Beekeepers

    Hang on. Compared to people who will pay $100 to watch on their own TV in their own home 2 guys beat each other up for an hour, this makes perfect sense.

    I'm with Hive5, I love, Love, LOVE the...
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    Re: Will bees rob out old pollen?

    With plenty of natural & fresh pollen available I understand why they are ignore it. But if that same pollen were brought out in Jan/Feb (at least here in TX), I wonder if they'd be more interested?...
  15. Re: Doing first cut out from a house this weekend

    Congrats! A new hive is so much easier when there isn't a ton of brood/comb to deal with.

    Be sure to feed them, they have no reserves to work from. Sugar water, whatever % mixture is right this...
  16. Re: Doing first cut out from a house this weekend

    If you did the cutout this weekend, let us know how it went. Details, details... we love hearing these stories.
  17. Re: Doing first cut out from a house this weekend

    I've only got 2 recommendations.

    #1: drinking water, & practice first HOW to drink through your suit.
    #2: most importantly, take a MENTOR. Doing a cutout without watching one being done is a...
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    Re: hopeful question

    Typically, a hive will swarm because it is healthy and strong. If a hive has EFB/AFB/etc, I doubt it is strong enough to swarm. Now a few swarms may not be true 'swarms' but rather were...
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    Re: Bee vacuum hose recommendation

    That's almost like asking what's your shoe size... but let me give it a try.

    I've seen as little as 1" smooth hose. Smaller diameter gave greater flexibility. But this could clog very easily....
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    Re: Bee vacuum hose recommendation

    There are a few issues.

    First, the material itself. Most corregated hoses have a very micro-texture interior surface. Yes, rolling ridges, but when (not if) the bees hit it, it's like the...
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    Re: Cut out in old barn -- need advice

    I always recommend having a mentor on the first cutout or two. Things like making sure animals are kept safely away. Having the 'right' equipment. What to do when things fall apart. I agree with...
  22. Re: trap-to-deep move: can I add frames with foundation?

    I would move them into a 10-frame deep sooner than later.

    My reason is that if the queen starts laying, the brood area will go from the top of the bottom nuc frames to the bottom of the top nuc...
  23. Re: Odfrank has robbed me of my 2018 Bay Area swarm trap title!

    Nah, that's not a cookie sheet. It a tin foil hat to go with the russian conspiracy theory.
  24. Re: Tell me your TOP 3-recommendations after catching a swarm.

    3 steps...

    1. Do the snoopy dance and praise God.
    2. Scheme for when is my wife's next trip so I can order more equipment without her seeing the boxes.
    3. Give them 2 feeders, one sugar water,...
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    Re: Chinese swarm traps

    Speaking of Chinese, I think there is a chinese proverb that goes something like:

    For every complex problem there is a solution that is simple, cheap, and wrong.

    And another:

    The thrill of...
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