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    Re: Lyson Polystyrene Hives

    I'm putting my 2 hives together now. All of you who have replied, and hopefully are still active on this site, how are your hives doing? Do you recommend, against what they claim, to paint the inside...
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    Re: Cleaning old wax from plastic frames?

    Cold temps makes the wax brittle. Try that route.
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    Re: propolis tincture recipe

    Here are the notes I've written down in the past.
    Making Propolis Extract

    This sheet will explain a method for extracting propolis for use. Propolis extract is made by dissolving propolis...
  4. Re: Hive check today and then...does this look like a swarm or beard?

    Is it possible the queen fell out?
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    Re: Introducing queen cells to requeen

    I have. I've pulled the queens, closed the hives. Got the cells cut out, so a couple hours have passed. Then go back and add the cells. I would recommend taping the sides of the cells (duct,...
  6. Re: Honey Super Cell Fully Drawn Plastic Frame 4.9 mm.

    I bought 20 black frames four years ago. They never liked them in the deeps. I cut them to mediums. I leave them as a brood box, not honey supers. When a queen likes them they are perfect. But not...
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    Re: Rolled a queen

    I was putting a frame back down, wearing gloves this time, and heard a crunch. I had my usual, sorry - poor bee thought. The bees flocked to that spot and all over my gloves. I had to change gloves,...
  8. Re: Oh crap! I think I painted my queen's eyeball. Now what?

    As the others have said, it happens. I do have a friend whose pen "exploded" on the queen and she was hence called Smurfette. The bees kept her and she only had trouble when they swarmed this year....
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    Re: Moldy Super Box

    They must clean it to a sanitary level, but I put some rained on, then molded frames straight into a hive and though they did clean the cells and fill with nectar, I could still see the discoloration...
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    Re: new member from Missouri

    I read this on facebook:
    The Meramec Valley Beekeepers club is announcing the presentation of a Beginners Beekeeping class for 2016.

    The class will be held on January 30, 2016 at the Peace...
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    Re: new member from Missouri

    Yes, I'm in Dixon. The flooding did claim lives. Sad that folks can't resist the urge to try to drive thru it.
    We are an open club, no membership, no fees. Our meetings are like mini classes and we...
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    Re: new member from Missouri

    Hi! I have not been on this site in a very long time. If you are free on Sundays, we meet 4th Sunday starting this month, in Rolla. Info for time/date/place is on the website...
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    Re: Best time of day for split

    Stuffing the entrance with grass and letting them work their way out helps.
  14. Can introducing virgin queen into packed nuc cause a swarm?

    A question for the experienced: I made up 5 nucs last Tuesday. These two in question were jam packed full of bees when I let a virgin walking into their midst on Thursday. I have done this a dozen...
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    Re: propolis tincture recipe

    Last year, I made it like Bear Creek Steve said. Lay out the newspaper, it stains everything! I've tried drinking it straight and it's awful. If I add it to a shot of water, it is tolerable (and it...
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    Re: Difference between two hives question

    If it were my hives, I'd suspect the hive not bringing in pollen is dead and the bees going in and out are robbing it (no bees living in it, so there is nothing defensive at the entrance). Bees...
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    Re: CNN Inside Man: Bees 3/5/15

    I echo all your frustrations and disappointment with CNN! Yes, HF was in an accident, but after reporting it for hours and there was no change, air the program, please!
  18. Re: Question's on mod's to Bonterra Swing View DW8

    jbest, How are your bees doing now? Knowing now what you do, would you change anything?
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    Re: Best way to clean labels off glass Jars.

    Soak them in a big bucket of hot water with a little dish soap and more or less a 1/2 cup baking soda. I left mine a few days and most labels just fell right off. A couple bottles had a different...
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    Re: Frame question

    I started with this style frame too. I, too, do not like them. I ended up taking the slots from the venetian blinds (plastic) and cutting them so they fit down the slot and drop into position 1/4"...
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    Re: Grafting is easy!

    What I find to help identify the "right" age of larva is to look first for eggs, then expand to the cells around. When you get to the size larva that's easier to see, head back to the egg...
  22. Re: Virgin queen released into laying worker nuc...advice please

    Thank you all for advice. I poked the drone cells on 2 frames (they had the least) and saw a patch of eggs that looks "queen" laid. I will wait another day and do the other frame and also swap out a...
  23. Virgin queen released into laying worker nuc...advice please

    Hi! I've started my first year making queens. Small scale. I've done some grafting, helped out friends in need, done more grafting. So, my last batch has me a little puzzled. In this one nuc, I...
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    Queens not hatching

    This info generated from queen rearing calendar:

    Day # DOW Date Task/Status
    1 Tuesday 5/20 The egg is laid by the queen mother. -...
  25. Re: Will a small queen cell produce an inferior queen?

    Ok. That makes sense. I cut a hole clear thru the foundation and pressed the outer edges into the frame, which I had also pushed flat. Thanks!
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